JAV Agency Rundown: Light Promotion

Published : March 26th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. Agencies are a pretty fundamental part of the JAV ecosphere that we don't really talk a lot about so I thought I'd start a series of posts going over them. We actually did an interview with a well known agency All Pro so if you want to read more about what agencies do you can go check it out. This is also the third post in my series so please check out the last one Life Promotion. That said, today I'm going to be talking about Light today, so buckle in and let's go see what's under the hood.


Aya Ueha is a fantastically busty Madonna debut from 2022. When she debuted those knockers were on full display and a huge driving force toward her. As she's progressed in her career she has done quite well for herself, consistently staying on Madonna and being a big part of their anniversary content. The simple truth is when you have a mature actress with tits this big and this full it's pretty rare. Sure, she's not on the wrong side of 40 or even 50+ like some are, but compared to Madonna's roster historically she's definitely in the upper bracket no doubt about it. If you've ever seen her tits in motion you'll know how full they are and how great they seem as a result. Take it from me, if you've never seen her you should give her a chance, and I would encourage you to check out my debut post of her or her scenes in the Madonna anniversary orgy videos.

Fumika Nakayama is another great busty actress, this time on the younger side. Pan did a first impressions post back in 2021 and he just released a spotlight article on her which is evidence of just how popular she is getting. I feel like these days we're seeing fewer and fewer actresses stick with one studio the whole time, especially a big name studio like Moodyz. Fumika being on their main roster for 4+ years now is a great sign for her and she's been consistently putting out solid content. What can we say, Pan and many others are suckers for a cute girl with big boobs and that's simply exactly what Fumika is. That trifecta of those two plus a booming career is all you need, and Light have a clear winner with Fumika.

I will admit that when I wrote about Jun Suehiro the first time I never anticipated that she would become this big of a star. I mean, how could you when she was a Madonna debut that got tossed aside quickly? Five releases, out of Madonna, and then a smattering of whatever she could get a chance in. That workhorse ethic really paid off though because last year she was literally everywhere. I mean sure, she had a fair number of mediocre releases last year but that's inevitable when you work as much as she did. What I noticed instead was all the fantastic opportunities she got including some stuff alongside some others at Light like Rima and Mizuki. It really sort of begs the question about what the agencies provide because it certainly feels like in Jun's case they not only saved her from being in the dumps but got her fantastic opportunities and turned her into a real star. Jun is still doing well these days and if you haven't jumped on the hype train now is the time to do it.

Mary Tachibana is one of those veterans that you never really realize has been around forever until you look. She's been silently in the background racking up performances until recently when things really started booming for her. She became part of the JAV girl group Black Diamond alongside some fan favourites in Ai Sayama and Anri Okita. Her JAV career has always screamed low tier take the job but recently she's gotten fantastic things alongside actresses like Akari Niimura, Yuri Oshikawa, Kyoko Maki, and Yui Hatano. Hell, for me the big thing that shows just how great her career has been lately is her appearance in Wanz Factory's 10 Minute series, which if you're anyone in the freelancing business you've worked for them. Sure, it might have taken her a decade to finally make that appearance, but it's great to she's finally blossomed into the actress she was always capable of being, and is definitely the core backbone of this roster.

If you haven't heard of Mina then chances are you're living under a rock. Either that or you don't like big booties, don't like dominant performers, or just don't read the blog. Pan and I have both wrote several pieces about her, from my debut review to Pan's spotlight to several reviews that have topped charts like this one. Mina to me strikes me as the true successor to Kurea Hasumi. While sure, she doesn't have the same ass shape as Kurea, basically everything else is the same. Fake tits? Check. Nice ass? Check. Dominant performer? Check. Freelancer? Check. Even for someone like myself who prefers way bigger and natural tits it's impossible to ignore Mina, sometimes the rest of them is just that good. You can just see the energy and quality there every time you watch her and there's a good reason she's having a great time in the industry.

Mitsuki Momota may be very new but if Moodyz has anything to say about that they'll keep telling you how incredible she is. Her debut covers are plastered with 100 million yen on them and it seems like they're selling her as a one in a million (or I guess hundred million) body. I can certainly see where they're coming from, she's certainly got some fantastic tits, and I know plenty of people who think she is great head to toe. Mitsuki seems like someone who does need a bit of time to get settled in the industry but Moodyz is a fantastic place to be. Even if they might not quite be keeping up with the likes of S1 or SOD or Madonna these days they're still one of the top studios in the industry and you can do no wrong being the new it girl there. We'll have to see if she can compete with Fumika Nakayama when she's gotten a bit of experience under her belt, but so far things look promising.

Mizuki is an actress who has hit it big lately. She's gone from someone flying a little under the radar to one of the biggest names in town. Obviously her standout characteristic is her ass which is easily among the best in town right now. There are plenty of asses out there that are great just like there are plenty of boobs, and honestly this post is a testament to both of those facts, but Mizuki is someone I think is uncontroversially in the top 10 asses right now. Like many before her on the list, Light did a fantastic job turning her into a star, getting her everywhere last year, so much so that Panking put her as the actress of the year! As Pan put it "she constantly delivered banger after banger all year", and he mentioned her performing has caught up to her ass. If you haven't been watching her now is as good a time as ever to go do exactly that.

Holy goddess of juicy did Momoka Kagura come out of nowhere last year. We were all sitting around thinking S1 had won when they got both Haru in September, Ren in October, and then they had a threepeat when Momoka showed up. Not only that but it's insane that Momoka is not only busty but has a meaty ass to boot. It's very rare to get someone that juicy and she definitely draws comparisons to a Shiori Tsukada in my books, which is just ridiculous. I'd be surprised if Momoka wasn't considerably older than the 24 she's purported to be but honestly, who cares, boobs! I mean seriously, those things are enormous, and her huge areola make them stand out even more (if that was even possible). Momoka's definitely got some stiff competition over at S1 these days but I don't doubt she can shine with very minimal effort.

Continuing with some more people on Moodyz's roster we've got Nozomi Ishihara. When she first debuted she was rather popular and honestly she's continued a lot of that. There aren't always a ton of short haired women in the industry and I feel like that is a nice selling point for her. Especially for Nozomi who has had her hair dyed various colours including blonde and a pinkish orange, she's added a lot of depth to herself in a rather uncommon way. Moodyz has had a lot of fun with her giving her opportunities to star in Hentai adaptations on their Mankitsu label that have done incredibly well. I know my early opinion about her wasn't all that great but she's come a long way since then, and I think it's high time people take a first or second look at her.

Rima debuted on SOD's Kimihore label back in 2021 and I thought, gee, another mediocre actress that nobody will care about in a year. Yup, I was absolutely wrong about that one. Like many others on the list Light has done a great job of getting her opportunities alongside her fellow agency actresses whether it's the veteran in Aoi Kururugi or an up and comer like Jun Suehiro. They definitely haven't restricted her though and she's had opportunities with plenty of great names like Ena Satsuki and Ichika Matsumoto. For me the mark of a top tier freelancer is whether they've done Wanz Factory's 10 Minute series and Rima did it about 2.5 years into her career. I spent all this time talking about her career that I skipped over just how beautiful she is. She's got F cup boobs that are shaped wonderfully on top of being very pretty with a slim figure. Simply put, Light knows they have a star in her and they're doing a great job of convincing everyone else.


Right about now is when Aoi Kururugi is set to retire so I might as well put her over in that column. It's technically slightly early but that's fine. Aoi should be no stranger to fans of JAV, she's been a wildly popular actress for the past seven years that she's been in the industry. She has had a very healthy catalogue over the years with plenty of great films both alongside newer actresses like Mitsuki Nagisa or longtime veterans like Yu Shinoda. Anyone who actually follows her would know just how close her relationship with Ichika Matsumoto is. I swear the two of them are in videos all the time and nothing will be more memorable than her video a year ago for S-Cute that co-starred Ichika. It's sad to see such a wonderful actress leave the industry but there's just so much fantastic content in the past from her to enjoy that I doubt you'll have a hard time finding something to watch.

I might be dating myself picking a name who debuted 10 years ago but when you have big tits who cares, especially in the golden age of JAV. Azumi in my mind was never quite at the top of the industry but was always this ever-present actress everyone still knew about alongside the likes of Mio Kayama, Honoka Orihara, or Sara Saijo. Don't let that taint your opinion of her though as she was pretty solid all around. She definitely had a good amount of solid opportunities, the one I'll personally never forget is her fucking Ai Uehara with a strapon. Azumi may not have had the most illustrious career out there but many of us watching JAV back in that time period have good memories of Azumi.

Sora Shiina has been a fan favourite for a long time. Dubbed "best boi" by friends of mine it's not hard to see why: she has the tomboy look down pat. That has always been a very polarizing look for her and many people just can't get into her. One of the things that made Sora very unique during her time was her sexual preferences outside of porn. As the saying gay for pay goes, Sora was straight for pay as she was a lesbian in real life. In my mind I'll always remember her for beating up Yu Kawakami after treating Nanako Tsukishima poorly on set (Sora and Nanako were dating at the time). I think the industry really played into both of those qualities from her quite well during her time. They'd frequently put her in lesbian videos or play up the tomboy quality she had, and when you saw her in more feminine things it would just add depth to her as an actress.

Uno is this obscure name that I reviewed a couple years back when she debuted for Madonna. She always struck me as this run of the mill MILF for a major studio. I mean sure, she had big tits, she was not bad to look at, had a decent ass too, but she was one of those one and done type actresses. By my count she has just eight releases in total and was honestly fairly unremarkable. That being said, for whatever reason you viewers keep loving her and reading my article non-stop. Sometimes a hot MILF is exactly that, impossible to forget. I don't blame people either, especially in a world where Madonna kept losing a lot of these types of actresses like Ai Kano (who just came back, by the way). Not every actress is going to be a hit in the industry and I hope to see fans tell the industry they're wrong more and more.

Future & Conclusion

Light has honestly been doing very well for themselves lately. To me they seem like an agency that actually is worth giving part of your salary to. I think a lot of people look at agencies as an industry standard and you should just pick one. For some actresses it probably doesn't matter, the likes of Momoka Kagura can just pick a major studio and stay there for ages, no need for an agency when you do a single video a month and you can rest on your laurels. For their freelancers though, well, the proof is in the pudding. So many of them have started out somewhat mediocre and then found themselves in the spotlight. I'll always go back to looking at the early careers of Jun or Mary and look at just how far they have come.

They've got themselves that 10 year veteran in Mary Tachibana who is honestly doing the best her career has ever been. They've also got themselves a ton of newer talent doing exceptionally well. Fumika and Mizuki in 2019, Mina and Rima in 2021, and the latest being Mitsuki and Momoka in 2023. That's really the telling part of a great agency, that they are able to consistently find new talent. There are way more agencies than I'll ever cover and some that find themselves with just a single good actress holding down the fort. Look at Anri's agency At Honeys, it has just four names to it, or Yua Mikami's a one person agency. Yua was absolutely one of the top actresses around but you won't ever convince me her agency was a top agency with just a single actress. If I compare Light to Yua's, well, it's just not a fair fight for Yua's.

In terms of what I think Light should be doing next I think the biggest thing is getting some of their exclusives a bit out of their shell. Their exclusives do well because they're working at major studios. It's hard for me to be as excited about Momoka Kagura's content compared to Rima or Mizuki freelancing. They did a fantastic job getting Aya into the mega Madonna videos we just saw but that's really the only non-solo stuff she has done in nearly two years compared to Nami Okimiya in less than half the time having twice as much non-solo. I really hope this pic from Momoka is a sigh of good things to come because like many S1 fans I desperately want to see her alongside Haru Minato.

Before I go I'd just like to remind everyone that I certainly didn't cover their entire roster. Like many top agencies it's too big to cover and there are plenty more names left to look at. Some of those names include Erika Ozaki, Rei Kuroshima, Yume Nishimiya, Riho Matsumoto, Marin Mita, Rie Miyagi, Hikaru Miyanishi, Yuka Murakami, and Tsubomi Mochizuki. If you're interested in seeing who all of those names are, check out their website. They even list all of their social media there! Until next time!

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I like Zenra a lot, one of the best if not the best sites in English devoted to JAV. Thank you for your work!

But Mina Kitana as a true successor to Kurea Hasumi?

"Fake tits? Check. Nice ass? Check. Dominant performer? Check. Freelancer? Check" – that description fits like 100 or more active prominent JAV actresses and an unknown amount of actresses involved in amateur movies.

Mitani Akari is still alive and active. She is her own self and I’m not trying to belittle her or denigrate her in any shape or form.
But so far no one has come closer to Kurea in terms of beautifully-athletic-sexy aesthetics than Mitani Akari.

Mitani has been and still is the closest in JAV to Kurea’s cowgirl. She is also actually more athletic than Kurea (kind of a shocking claim but it's true) - she is taller and has more of a Kurea Hasumi’s ass than Kurea herself (if that makes any sense)) - if one would try to simplify that claim – her butt looks a bit bigger)).

Mina Kitana is beautiful, absolutely no doubt about that, but she doesn’t look like a "successor to Kurea Hasumi" at all.

(Also, Sora Shiina’s exit from JAV… that’s just a sad sad story. Wishing her a smooth recovery)
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