Trust and Safety at ZENRA: how Ethics organisations influence our updates

All proper JAV movies on ZENRA are produced by Japanese adult video studios that submit their works to Ethics companies before they can be sold.

Ethics companies are established regulatory bodies that will perform the following checks before giving the movie their seal of approval:

  • Confirm all performers are 18 or older and provided full, informed consent for the shoot and its distribution.
  • Verify only approved model agencies with clean recruitment histories are utilized.
  • Ensure the movies do not violate any industry-wide content prohibitions.
  • Inspect mosaic application to ensure it covers all private areas in accordance to the industry’s interpretation of Japanese law.

We have chosen not to work with any Japan-based studio that does not submit their works for Ethics approval. While we believe in free speech and the ability to express oneself, safety for everyone on set, the studios, and ourselves is paramount. If you have any questions about how adult video is regulated in Japan, feel free to contact us or visit one of the sites below:

Japan Contents Review Center (IPPA/JCRC) - and

Visual Software Contents Industry Coop (VSIC) -

Japan Visual Produce Sell (JVPS) -

Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS) -

East Japan Contents Software (EJCS) -


Furthermore, we adhere to proper takedown practices in the case of a former actress or a studio partner reaching out to make such a request or if an end-user wishes to report content they may believe to be illegal. If we deem the request legitimate, the content in question is removed within several business days—considerably faster than the weeks it may take on other digital marketplaces. For more information about our takedown procedures please visit our Report Abuse / Takedown Request page.

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