(Updated May 30th, 2024)

What is PPV?

By popular demand, we have added pay-per-video (also known as VOD or video-on-demand) to ZENRA. In addition—and for some, a replacement--to our subscription plans, nearly all of our updates can be purchased individually for downloading and/or streaming.

Who is this designed for?

While we believe our subscriptions make the most sense for most users, there are certain types that may be better-suited for PPV:

  • Users who really only want a few certain movies.
  • Users on budgets.
  • Users who may first want to test the waters before subscribing.
  • Subscribers on plans that do not allow full downloading capabilities but still want to make periodic extra purchases yet do not want to upgrade to a 90-day plan for VIP access (exclusive download capability).

If none of these describe you, then our suggestion is to become a subscriber.

Are downloads DRM-free?

Yes! Watch however you want on whatever device you want. Studios have given us the green light for reasons that go beyond this FAQ. We do humbly ask that you keep content from our site for yourself and share it with nobody else and may take action against those who do.

What happens if a movie is removed?

Historically, this has rarely happened. Model delisting requests are actually very rare and we avoid licensing content that can be a compliance landmine. Nevertheless, in case a movie is removed from our site for these reasons or anything else, on-site access will also be suspended. Your locally stored copy--if you elected to download--will work so long as you don’t suffer a data failure, but the movie will not be accessible anymore on our site in any way.

Are there access limits?

Unlike our subscriptions which have a 10GB daily access limit, there are no access limits for PPV purchases. Do note we have alerts in place for unusual activity and may restrict or in some cases may ban users who appear to be abusing the site.

Can I just record the streams or try some stream capture software so I can save money?

Our User Agreement forbids this and any user caught may receive one warning before receiving a lifetime ban.  It’s very easy for us to tell. Don’t do it. Downloads cost slightly more because studios are paid slightly more from them. If you wish to support JAV, then support us by purchasing appropriately.

What does it cost?

PPV at ZENRA has simple pricing: generally most content is set at $7.95USD to stream and $12.95USD to download (including streaming) per update. At this time we do not plan to charge extra for newer releases, larger releases, etc.

Can I stream forever?

Yes, while other sites may sometimes offer 'rental' periods for streaming content, at this time we only plan to offer a flat fee for 'lifetime' streaming (not factoring in removals (see above) and potential foul play by a user (also see above)).

Can I download forever?

Unless a movie is removed from our site (rare, see above) or foul play is suspected (also see above), download links remain available indefinitely. Thus, if for some reason you lose your local copy, you can log back in and re-download at your convenience.

Do you offer discounts?

Periodically we may run sales and offer other ways to save money when buying multiple movies. Both usually will be done without announcements outside of our site so if you wish to stay adrift, the best way to find out is by visiting us regularly and paying attention to the banner that may sometimes appear at the top of the page.

Are movies available at the same time as they go up for subscribers?

Yes, in order to keep things simple, we do not make use of staggered release dates—something common on Japanese platforms that make use both of PPV and subscriptions. When a movie is published on ZENRA on our thrice a week schedule, it becomes available for subscribers and for PPV purchasing at the same time.

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