Newhalf JAV Movies at ZENRA

A phrase from a previous era, “newhalf” is what a transsexual (M→F) is known as in Japan. While there never has been a newhalf boom in JAV, there always have been studios pushing out movies starring beautiful actresses with a little bit extra between the legs.
Top Class Newhalf Lesbian Sexual Oil Massage Clinic

Jet-set Japanese wives discover a special massage clinic with a delightful menu that given the nature of whom provides it, cannot be considered cheating.

Reverse Newhalf Threesome Cosplay Fantasy Cock Cramps in Hell by Little Devils with Dicks

Clad in cosplay as maids from another dimension, we see two non-hormonal Japanese newhalfs doing what they do best: teasing masochistic men and anal sex.

Beatrix - I am a Lucky Girl (with a penis)

What is most interesting about this movie is if the gender was swapped, it would still make for a great JAV! Featuring an adorable newhalf on the receiving end.

December 16th, 2022

Perverted Step-Daughters Toxic Home Upbringing

Where the (second) most risky of activities intersect with domestic arousal featuring some great JAV star casting plus one special addition.

Newhalf Massage for Unsuspecting Customers Second Half

Lucky customers receiving extra special massages by Japanese newhalfs concluding with lots and lots of anal sex.

Newhalf Massage for Unsuspecting Customers First Half

Where we take two outgoing Japanese newhalf actresses and see how they perform as erotic masseuses.

Low Key Sexual Harassment at the Bathhouse

Camp! Huge groups! Variety! Harem for a Newhalf?! This one features darn near everything. A must-see for any JAV fan.

Sex with Newhalf While Jealous Girlfriend Watches Second Half

Would a girlfriend be OK watching her partner go all the way and then some with a newhalf? Would she be jealous? Or would she join in?

Sex with Newhalf While Jealous Girlfriend Watches First Half

One half cuckolding, one half...uh, newhalf? Real Japanese couples test fidelity in the most abnormal of ways.

Koko Kimino - Giving and Receiving with Newhalfs Second Half

Up-and-coming JAV newhalf Koko Kimono is the center of attention via NON.

Akari Yukino feat. Miyu Shiina - Giving and Receiving with Newhalfs First Half

JAV newhalf Akari Yukino stars in one of her final roles before retiring in this extremely well done NON release.

We Invade the Newhalf Onsen

POOL CLUB discovers the existence of a local onsen that has a once monthly pickup event for newhalfs and fans of them leading to some amazing orgies.

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