New to Me Recommendation Edition - Aoi Kururugi

Published : July 4th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Aoi Kururugi

Birthday (Age at debut): 1998-03-20 (19 years old)

Height: 154cm

Measurements: B84 - W59 - H93

Cup Size: D Cup

Debuted: For Candy on 2017-05-01

Social Media: Twitter


Aoi is an actress I've known about for some time, and thanks to some stuff I do elsewhere someone I've skimmed some videos of, including this one. She's also someone I'm a bit surprised at in the sense that I'm surprised I never watched her earlier than this. I'm sure people would know why but I remember being interested when I was skimming and would have expected myself to watch her last time. At any rate, better late than never and here we are.


Facially Aoi was actually rather nice. It might be surprising coming from me saying someone who isn't 35 is hot but I liked her face. She came off in this realm of cute that wasn't overly pushed in that direction and was pretty reasonable to me. Maybe she also looked a bit more mature than I would have expected, because I certainly would have guessed her being older than she actually was in this video, and I do like a bit more mature. Regardless, she was nice.

Aoi's boobs on the other hand, not nearly as nice. For their size I suppose they were enjoyable, but honestly just not for me. I want to see them bounce and jiggle the way boobs that size simply don't. A size or two bigger we might be talking, but not at that size, unfortunately. I will say, she did have some perky nipples that I could enjoy, holy were they nice.

Aoi's ass though, now we're talking. That thing was meaty and juicy and hit in all the right places. It looked really nice in quite a number of positions and I found myself really enjoying it. Especially as the video put a lot of emphasis on it with the camera angles, yes please. Nothing but nice things for me to say about it and very reminiscent of those butts with a bit of baby fat on them.


Aoi was good at having little enthusiastic moments here and there. She'd look up and smile in a way I could totally get behind even if it was such a little thing.

I found myself just generally enjoying her demeanor, having a fun time and not getting too whiny. She knew what she was supposed to be doing and had fun with it.

Video Review

Aoi plays a bookworm who wants nothing more than to fool around with guys. When given the opportunity she's all over them, whispering dirty things in their ears and fucking them to her heart's content.

The video had a pretty simplistic plot that worked out surprisingly well. It didn't have to go super crazy and do much other than Aoi having "let me fuck you" vibes that really stood out. There was this narrative of her journaling about her travels and watching her masturbate at night because she couldn't contain how horny she was wound up being surprisingly nice at tying things together. Adding in things like Aoi partially clothed or in glasses also added depth on a visual scale to the video. I think what stood out was just everything in the video being pretty enjoyable, from the action to the production quality to Aoi herself as a performer. This type of video really does need the actress to show up and Aoi really had the right energy for this one.


Aoi has had a good career since she debuted. She's spent several years freelancing across a lot of major studios with a lot of major coworkers. Aoi was fortunate enough not to get stereotyped too hard, so she was able to work with actresses like Ichika Matsumoto or Yui Nagase all the way to more curvy women like Ruka Inaba and Kurea Hasumi, to more mature women like Hibiki Otsuki and Yu Shinoda. Yeah, she certainly worked more with the first couple than the others, but it was still pretty good to see that variety. Especially with her getting constant opportunities among big studios, there was just a ton of fun content the entire time.

These days she's at SCute as an exclusive riding out the remainder of her career. She's planning to retire in April 2024 so it's just counting the months for her.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

Despite her impending retirement Aoi was quite enjoyable. Boobs aside I found I enjoyed basically everything else about her. Had I started watching her three years ago, maybe things would be different, because I don't see myself diving head first into her. That being said, I do see myself watching her a bit more. She's still active for almost a year as of when I originally wrote this and there's a handful of content she has that looks good enough to watch.

This week I am doing seven reviews of actresses recommended to me irrespective of my opinion. Check back tomorrow to see the next actress I review and check back on Sunday to see my summary of the week!

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