2023 Debut Review - Mitsuki Momota

Published : December 14th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Mitsuki Momota

Birthday (Age at debut): 2002-06-30 (21 years old)

Height: 166cm

Measurements: B100 - W57 - H89

Cup Size: J Cup

Debuted: For Moodyz on 2023-12-05

Social Media:


Mitsuki has been labeled a 100 million yen body JAV debut and to me that's kind of wild. An actress who is that nice? Wow. Of course, when I saw she had a slim figure and 100 J cup boobs you knew I had to watch her. You can't describe someone who compares to debut Julia and then have me not watch her. It was a bit unfortunate all we had was her debut film but the more I realize the physical qualities are more telling in debut actresses that made it pretty easy to check her out.


Facially I thought she was just okay. She looked quite youthful in a way that just typically isn't for me. She's listed as a 21 year old university student and I could totally believe it. She's got a round face, rosy cheeks, a decent smile, all things that I really don't care that much about. I wouldn't say she's bad but she's a bit uninspiring.

Mitsuki's tits were quite nice. I remain unconvinced they compete with the upper echelon of debuts from this year like what we've seen from S1 in the likes of Momoka Kagura, Miyu Kiyohara, and Haru Minato, but they're definitely extremely nice. They're big, they're shaped quite nicely, the areola is nice, the bounce and jiggle is nice - everything is nice. They also stand out quite a bit on her very slim frame. They're definitely a great pair any big booba fan like myself would be happy with.

Mitsuki's ass was decent. Some positions made it look kind of mediocre while other times it looked not half bad. It's not a top tier ass but I mean, I could see some potential from it. I think it excels as much as it does because of her slim frame and how big it looks relative to the rest of her.

Mitsuki's body was nice but not 100 million yen nice. I get it, she's tall (166cm) and slim, what more could you ask for? For me I felt like she came across a little scrawny. I mean sure, a nice body is a nice body, but a little bit of thiccness goes a long way. I might be in a minority here but gaining a few pounds would probably honestly do her some good to help round out her frame a little better. It's still a nice body but I think the way they hyped it up made me just a little disappointed when it wasn't a 10/10 body.


Mitsuki had that embarrassed performance down pat. For someone with as nice physical qualities as she had she came off very inexperienced, far more than most debuts do. I think this is the kind of thing a lot of Japanese dudes like and why they gravitate to debuts. I'm not so sure I liked her being this mediocre and I really felt like I wanted more out of her. When the sex starts to look quite awkward and unappealing as a result of them just starfishing it, that's when I have a problem, and it definitely felt that way. It certainly helped cut through some of the mediocre moaning she had because they kept going back to stuff like this, and even her somewhat pained expressions were undermined by it (in a good way).

Mitsuki really took that embarrassed look to a new level with how committed to it she was the entire time. It wasn't just during the action but during the foreplay or as sex started. Part of me wanted to like the dedication, which honestly felt pretty genuine, but again it's just so hard to enjoy when the action suffers as a result.

Mitsuki's paizuri was so-so. I felt like her boobs were well equipped to get the job done but she clearly had no experience. She took it very slow, didn't really press them together, didn't vary the technique much, and didn't maintain any eye contact during it. She was able to keep it between her tits but that alone isn't enough to impress, especially when your tits are a size where that's trivial to do.

Mitsuki also squirted during the video, a welcome surprise. She actually squirted a couple of times randomly so there's potentially something there. Certainly something to keep an eye out for future videos, especially if we start seeing a bit of it regularly.

Video Review

Mitsuki Momota, the girl with the 100 million yen body, makes her JAV debut.

Mitsuki had the embarrassed personality debuts often have down to a fault. I don't watch enough of these videos to comment on whether it was realistic or not but she took it to a level where the content downright looked bad. She lacked any energy throughout the entire thing and you just kept hoping there would be, well, something. I didn't want to see her barely ride the guy or barely give paizuri even though that's what we got. I kind of got tired of it with the video being over 2.5 hours even if you could skim through some of the interview parts. By the time the final scene rolled around the feeling I had wasn't "wow threesome content will surely be better" but was more like "I wonder how they will disappoint me even more than I already am". You have to really want to see someone act like they have zero experience to enjoy this, in which case who knows, maybe you'd actually love it; I certainly did not.


Mitsuki's career is going fine for now. Moodyz debut, her second video is coming out this month. I have a feeling that with how much they've hyped her up we can expect her to be around for a while. I felt like her personality matched what they want in debuts to a level that they can keep her going for a while. Moodyz has a decent amount of chicks that match up to her in various ways, like Ibuki Aoi or Sakura Miura matching up to her slim and stacked physique, or honestly even Mio Ishikawa in that innocent girl next door aesthetic they pushed with her. She definitely seems like an actress that belongs at Moodyz and I would have a lot of faith in her sticking around with how heavily they're promoting her. It's a bit surprising she doesn't have any social media though and makes me wonder if there's a reason she isn't, like trying to avoid people finding out about her. I still have a feeling they'll keep her around for a while yet to come.


Rating - B

I plan to watch them again eventually.

I think there's enough there to warrant a second video but I'm also not as excited as I had hoped I would be. To me she just seems to lack a special something to make her stand out. This year has been quite kind with a lot of great debuts so Mitsuki has a lot of tough competition. I think physically she reminds me a ton of Matsuri Kiritani, similar body type, similar boobs, even her face has a similar youthful appearance to it. As much as I ought to have been a huge fan of Matsuri I ultimately wasn't and so I see Mitsuki being much the same to me. Will I watch her again? There's a pretty good chance I will. Do I expect her to compete with other debuts from the year? Honestly, not really, I doubt she'll even end up in my top 10.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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