The ZENRA JAV Shoutouts

ZENRA has teamed up with JAV star agencies like All Pro to help properly introduce famous actresses to an international audience. From interviews to shoutouts and more, the world of JAV has never been more accessible.

Last Updated: April 23rd, 2024

Rizu Suzuki

('リズ 鈴木')

Ai Uehara

('上原 亜衣')

Rin Azuma

('東 凛')

Kanami Miura

('三浦 かなみ')

Ruri Saijou

('西條 るり')

June Lovejoy

('ジューン ラブジョイ')

Coco Sanchez

('ココ サンチェス')

Kurumi Shiiki

('椎木 くるみ')

Rikka Ono

('小野 六花')

Kaho Imai

('今井 夏帆')

Saryu Usui

('卯水 咲流')

Ayaka Tomoda

('友田 彩也香')

Mistress Youko

('女王様 妖湖')

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