2022 Debut Review - Aya Ueha

Published : December 2nd, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Aya Ueha

Birthday (Age at debut): 1988-11-25 (33 years old)

Height: 160cm

Measurements: B100 - W55 - H85

Cup Size: J Cup

Debuted: For Madonna on May 10th, 2022

Social Media: Twitter


Aya was someone I gravitated to immediately after seeing the cover. Big titty MILF? Sign me the hell up! This is exactly what the doctor ordered and I knew I would be watching her once I was confident she was sticking around.


Facially Aya was actually rather underwhelming to me. She really didn't seem all that pretty to me. I think that was really exacerbated by the fact that she often had unpleasant expressions. She tended to look like she really was a bit too uncomfortable and she probably would have looked a fair bit nicer if she was smiling.

Aya's boobs were very interesting. To start off they're pretty big so that's a plus. But I think they're actually very uniquely shaped in a way that is simply interesting. You just don't see boobs that kind of shape and honestly I wasn't quite sure what to think of them. Part of me liked their uniqueness and part of me disliked how they weren't a more classic shape. Part of me liked that they had a good amount of firmness and part of me wished they were a bit more saggy. I find I tend to be a bit put off by uniquely shaped boobs when I first watch them but eventually come to enjoy them as time goes on and not be so off put by them. I ultimately think they were nice but I think I won't really know what I think of them until I watch them a few more times.

Aya's ass was decent. Nothing particularly noteworthy but enough that you wouldn't totally hate watching her from behind (although I'm sure you won't prefer it).


Aya's expressions were rather unfortunate. She really looked like she was uncomfortable the entire time and it just made things awkward. Those expressions carried through during all the action and she just never came across as having the right range. Even her smiles weren't particularly great.

Aya's moaning was also rather weak. It was that kind of timid style that's high in pitch but also very quiet. It wasn't quite on every thrust but it was just constantly there the entire time, annoying you along the way.

Video Review

Aya and her coworker go on a business trip where they have to share a room. While there her coworker has a hard time maintaining composure in the face of his hot coworker in a bath robe. Before you know it, the two are fucking all night long.

I found the plot to be a little better than these typically are because Aya was a little more into it than the actress typically is. That being said, it was still the standard hotel sex video you've come to expect, with all of the straightforward action and limited variety. It didn't help that Aya didn't perform it particularly well. I think the big thing with this series as a whole is that there's not really a strong direction for the actress to go, so they tend to be very generic as they moan a bunch. While on one hand that can benefit a new actress because they would be generic in just about anything, it's also a bit mediocre because you want to find potential in them. Watching Aya be fairly disinterested just wasn't what I was looking for. The video did still have some solid eye candy throughout, and her outfits were good, but those only go so far.


Aya's career is going strong but I'm still waiting for her to get truly interesting videos. They all seem to be pushing NTR or NGR themes that don't really get the actress to move much outside of their comfort zone. Especially for someone like Aya who I found relatively lacking in that type of scenario, I think she needs something with a much stronger theme to gather any real confidence in her.


Rating - B

I plan to watch them again eventually.

Aya's boobs alone are big enough and unique enough to keep me interested. I wasn't so big a fan of other qualities, especially her performing, but it could have been a lot of things like the video or how new she was. I suspect that if she winds up in certain series that I enjoy, I'll be willing to take another look at her. I do expect that to happen so the probability I watch her again is quite high. That being said, I wasn't impressed enough to want to watch her ASAP and so I'll wait a bit until the right thing comes along. I also don't have a lot of confidence in her ability to be a huge success long term, or to climb up my favourites. I wouldn't be surprised if I watched her one or two more times and then never again.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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