Hikaru Ayami and Haruna Ikoma - We Love Raw Sex

Published May 25, 2020

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Real creampies by MOBSTERS. Featuring two lithe and upcoming JAV stars going all the way without cares in the world.

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Hikaru Ayama and Haruna Ikoma - We Love Raw Sex
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

WE LOVE RAW SEX, a MOBSTERS title starring HIKARU AYAMI and HARUNA IKOMA left me pleasantly surprised.  At first, this is something of an oddball release from everyone's favorite Kyoto-based real creampie maker (and yes, they're really real).  What's most different is the lack of gangbangs.  Of course MOBSTERS also shot a long-running virtual dating series, but that was really the only time we saw them venture out of audacious group play...until this movie.

If I had to guess, WE LOVE RAW SEX was filmed at the same time as filming was underway for one of their huge sex party titles (that we'll be showing sometime in the future).  Both actresses star together then in a much harder and rowdier affair and being a cost-conscious JAV studio, MOBSTERS decided to hire them for an extra day to film a totally different release.

WE LOVE RAW SEX follows an unusual format:  an interview followed by a scene almost straight out of MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL except that both actresses engage in lesbian play first before teasing a poor/lucky actor while also being in the nude.  This is followed by back-to-back one-on-one sex scenes.  Both are done condom-free and do conclude with actual creampies.  One even features the MOBSTERS patented hands-free pull-out for the first squirt before going back in without any camera cuts technique.  Very advanced stuff.

It was interesting to see how demure HARUNA IKOMA was in the interview compared to the more outgoing HIKARU AYAMI.  While the latter is a year older, the tables really did turn once filming began.  HARUNA, believe it or not, is the extra salacious one who may have lacked HIKARU's spectacular butt, but made up for it pretty much everywhere else.  Seeing them both perform here so well including a surprise behind-the-scenes encounter in the final sex scene makes me eager to see them in the upcoming REAL DEAL CREAMPIE GROUP SEX PARTY SPECIAL release.


Score:  3.5/5

Pro's:  Both actresses are very cute and the creampies are authentic.

Con's:  An SD release that's starting to show its age.  Lack of FFM outside of first scene.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 656

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