V&R PLANNING—short for ‘visual and retail’ for reasons best left unanswered—is one of the oldest JAV production companies and they finally, FINALLY now have an outlet for their huge body of work with English subtitles. This former major 3-letter conglomerate-distributed label has produced and still produces exactly the type of movies we receive tons of request emails for: sex education shows, medicinal sexual treatments at hospitals and schools, bizarre seminars, and even massively long (4 hours each!) lesbian dramas.

Low Key Sexual Harassment at the Bathhouse

Camp! Huge groups! Variety! Harem for a Newhalf?! This one features darn near everything. A must-see for any JAV fan.

Perfect Creampie Perfect Game for Big Parties

Beautiful Japanese women and horny businessmen engage in the type of party most anyone would love to attend.

The Orgasm Brushing Endurance Game Show

Huge group, unique theme, big budget, and lots and lots of unique sexual games!

My Bizarre Dreams Come True

Take a smidgen of normal, boring life and throw in beautiful JAV stars, humor, and lots of sex!

My Nude Maid Harem

Yes, a service like this actually exists! Is sex really on the table or does that at least remain a fable?

Outdoor School Adventure Reverse Gangbang Second Half

A big group of Japanese schoolgirls in and out of swimsuits do all sorts of indecent things with their lucky swim coach including a harem sex party.

Outdoor School Adventure Reverse Gangbang First Half

Vertically-challenged Japanese schoolgirls go to pool summer camp led by a perverted coach who finds the tables turned when he is caught sniffing panties.

Bathhouse Companions 4

The ultimate bathhouse experience: complete with curvy women who care little about clothes and protected sex.

100 Women Invade My House

This is what happens when you open your home for roommates, but opt not to charge them for rent. Based on a true story...I wish.

Welcome the New Students

Legendary huge cast huge budget game show JAV with a schoolgirl theme.

Low Key Teasing at the Beach

A massive army of Japanese gyaru are assembled for beach games that all end in crazy sex.

All the Women I Know Want Me to Impregnate Them Second Half

The massive harem sex conclusion of one of the best taboo JAV movies of all time.

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