Ramen Boss's Rima Arai Spotlight

Published : January 5th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss
Name Rima Arai
DOB 10/3/00
Birthplace Hyogo
Sign Libra
Height 157cm / 5ft 2in
Blood Type N/A

Hello JAV fans!  My apologies for the lame expression I am about to use here.  Here it is, this one is a doozy.  I actually hate that phrase, I really do, however, it is true and fits like no other.  I am writing about Rima Arai.  First of all, I love that name.  Why does that sound like a hot chick's name?  As always, please allow me to get this out of my system by saying, she is fucking cute!  She is so fucking cute!  Okay, okay, thank you.  Not much is known about Rima, she appears to be new.  I think the studios who created this beauty had a perfect style execution.  What do I mean by that?  Her titles have this influencer, social media feel.  The word trendy is in her titles for a reason!   I couldn't believe my luck when I first saw her face.  I honestly can't believe how fucking hot she is.  I have an obsession with analyzing if the models are just as attractive in the action as they are on the covers.  So, if you take anything away from this introduction, I beg you to believe this one thing.  She looks better than she does on the covers.  That is somewhat rare in my opinion.  I am extremely excited to get into this review, but that's no different than anything I write about since I'm gaga about everything I write about!  Alright, thank you and let's do this.


KMHRS-046 Trendy Gal Shy at First but Cums Often

I loved the intro on this, even though it was very short. It's just her walking around being beautiful.  Her smile is infectious.  It's wonderful to see her walking without a damn mask. I watch a lot of POV normal walking video channels on YouTube.  Everyone is always wearing masks, so it's weird to see her mask-less.  They even call it a Vlog in the beginning.  She just looks great and it gets you excited to see her action after seeing her all cute and perfect out in broad daylight in the public view.  I wish she was wearing something sexier, she is shown ironically in something conservative and not even cute.  Of course, I am picky about what I would want to see her wearing.  I want to see her in tight vinyl pants if it was my choice, but that's of course my fetish coming out.  Moving on, the rest of the action is inside sadly, but not surprising.  

Right after the intro, there she is bent over spreading her juicy ass cheeks and showing her asshole.  I am so thankful these girls with angel faces do the nastiest things, thank you JAV. The sex isn't hardcore in this, it's just not. It's not disappointing though, thanks to her face (more on that later)!  The moments I found exciting include seeing her hands tied in the first scene.  That's what I'm talking about.  Luckily we get some sex toy play later as well as oil play and threesome as the ultimate finisher at the end.  Two of the bedroom scenes were just above average when it comes to exciting settings, which doesn't say much.  I just take notice that's all, it's either supposed to be a club-type feel or just a fancier snazzier hotel room.  I can't tell, but I think I have an idea.  I was happy to see Rima once again outside on the street at night doing some kind of Vlog talking before the final scene.  

KMHRS-048 I Give Thanks for Her Delicious Body

This feature is an exact clone of the KMHRS-046. However, I just couldn't write about dammit.  It's just so well done, pleasing and modern.  It's identical in almost every way.  Rima is seen on the street talking for example (which I love), just different locations.  Rima is just being cute as hell in public!  The settings are similar of course.  It feels like the exact same as the title above, just different clothes!  Please don't even think of passing it up, or think that seeing one of these is enough. That's the point, the reason I had to put it here. It is worth a watch.  This format works so well, I wish it was a series.  

There are so many little moments you don't want to miss, like Rima getting her feet kissed and licked while she holds a handheld phone holder and records herself during.  Yes at this moment you get two views, her camera view and the regular.  I don't even have a foot fetish (outside of PVC boots or heels), but I found that kinky as hell.  If you have a foot fetish, please check it out, I'm serious.  It's a tiny small moment, but the food concept turned me on.  God, she's hot. I feel like Rima stepped it up in the fancy clothes in this release too.  The last thing I will mention here is maybe just maybe the sex is rougher like I like, but if so not by much, and please don't quote me on that!  


KMHRS-054 An Inexperienced Girls with Big Tits Dirty Talking

Here we go again, I saw the cover.  I was hoping it was a lesbian release, of course, it wasn't.  I already knew it wasn't before I clicked.  I can't even count how many times this happens to me in JAV.  Beyond that, I was not disappointed.  The first thing I want to say is that the camera angles were awesome.  What I mean is that I always felt like I was always seeing the best action.  Sometimes you get POV, sometimes you get a third camera style, it was all fantastic.  I was enchanted!   The sex scenes between were insanely satisfying.  JAV threesome scenes keep getting better.  Not to mention, once again, these girls are super cute!  They acted like friends and had great chemistry.  I was very happy with the variety of settings and themes.  Two schoolgirls with sexy pink and purple uniforms in one scene, an oiled-up scene in another?   Of course, I am biased due to my inflatable fetish, but seriously this scene is worth your time.  It's an inflatable pool with vibrant colors and two oiled-up cuties, what on earth is better than that?  Well, I do wish the scene was longer as not too much happens.  Rima wears jewels on her face that make her a hundred times even cuter.  


SDDE-658 Naughty Schoolgirl Record of Pleasing a Man in Tokyo During a Trip in Tokyo

Look at that cover, I just want to take a moment and appreciate it in all its glory.  So simple, but it has everything you could want.  Always a plus when the model is sucking on something that doesn't have to blur on the cover. Well, that goes for everything in JAV for me personally.  This is my favorite out of all the releases, and it was difficult since I am so much of a fan of this actress.  The question is what didn't I like?  There are just so many things I loved in this.  I want to point that she couldn't look better in that uniform.  

The role-play and story-based, which was extremely sexy.  I was very pleased with the amount of footage dedication here.  What I am referring to are the locations around the city and the VLOG-style footage.  It does feel like this is the personal work of Rima herself.  As if there was no film crew or production, just a girl filming her adventures.  What I mean, more specifically, is that her close-ups make you think she is holding the camera.  This effect if you want to call it that, blends very well with the style of the entire thing.  It's a perfect naughty JAV Vlog! Plus, points for keeping the outfit on during the sex scenes.  God, I love that.


I briefly touched, well hinted on this before, I think Rima's extremely cute face saves a lot of these titles.  The titles aren't terrible, but since she is so cute it makes them more than what they are in my opinion. I can describe it like this, when I watch her titles, I am just staring at that face!  It makes me forgive anything else I might critique.  For example, the sex isn't that wild or hardcore.  The kink is almost non-existent, same with the imagination.  It's very basic, but thanks to this girl's beauty, I don't care about all the negatives.  The more I watch Rima, the more I am in love with her work.  I think I needed a new fresh face, and she answered the call.  I mean, look at her.  I think she looks like a true idol or online influencer celebrity.  I like to fantasize that she truly is an idol when I watch her, it's very easy to picture.  Since most of her releases are this year, I will have to watch for more of her work.  As always, I want to complain about the lack of masturbation and lesbian material out there.  I would hope something is released soon with those elements.  In the meantime, I am very happy to own it for sale already.  She has such potential.  That's a huge understatement.  She's beyond cute and is just naughty.  It's like she has a innocent face, but she wants to be bad.  I consider Rima very high quality, and authentic.  What do I mean by this?  When I watch her many scenes, I feel like non of it is fake.  Maybe that is because it feels less scripted and more natural. Her moaning isn't the usual high pitched screaming that can be indistinguishable.  There's less of it I think, and even is unique itself.  You will just have to hear for yourself and decide.  Rima is one of the cutest JAV models I have ever seen.  I dare you to watch an entire title of hers, front to back and not do anything.  Seriously, she is my new current favorite, second only to Yui Fujishima.  I am sure this will change, Yui won't however, but still.  I do consider my standards high, and Rima has changed everything.  I want to scream this:  THAT FACE!!  Thank you for reading, please do check her out.  Please man, please.  

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Francisco 2 years ago
I had a similar reaction when I discovered her. I love the art direction for the Kimihore label but their talent tend to disappear after their debut contract. After losing Meru Kusumi & Eren Miyazawa I had little interest in getting my hopes up for Rima Arai. I checked out APAK-212 not knowing it was the same girl and was blown away. I suspected she had work done but my OCD wasn't being triggered by all the obvious signs. It is possible that she just naturally has a face that looks enhanced for maximum sex appeal. Her breasts have an unnaturally full shape from multiple angles but as soon as they start moving you see how insanely soft they are. I hope this is the Kimihore girl who sticks around. At least long enough to work with Rara Kudou, Mitsuki Nagisa, and Ichika Matsumoto
RamenBoss 2 years ago

Thank you for your comment Francisco. I understand the OCD about it. It's ruined a lot of JAV stars for me lately. Sometimes I have problems with Ichika tbh. Hell, to each is own though

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