2023 Debut Review - Momoka Kagura

Published : December 20th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Momoka Kagura

Birthday (Age at debut): 1999-05-01 (24 years old)

Height: 156cm

Measurements: B108 - W59 - H93

Cup Size: K Cup

Debuted: For S1 on 2023-11-28

Social Media: Twitter


Momoka is the final busty debut of the year from S1. What a wild year it has been for them as they've had some incredibly voluptuous women debut there. It feels like Momoka has the biggest tits of them all but they're actually identically sized to Haru's and it seems more like them feeling big is based on her frame as a whole. Regardless, with all the eye candy there you knew I had to be watching her, even if that meant watching her debut film.


Facially I was not into Momoka. Her face was bloated in weird places that made her look like she had some work done that didn't quite go as planned. Part of that was how large her cheeks were, very big and pronounced. This was especially true with how big the puff under her eyes was, so much so that I thought it made her look older than she actually is. I think the same was true of her double eyelids that, because of the puff, seemed like wrinkles instead sometimes. Her smile was a bit awkward when she didn't go full on and when she did there was a lot of gum exposed. I don't think it was so bad that I don't want to look at it but it was below average for sure. It's a good thing her face was never the start of the show.

Momoka's tits were out of this world. She had very large areola, not quite what Iori Yuki has but very reminiscent just because areola this large is very rare. The areola was light pink though which was definitely better than the darker brown Iori has. A lot of people might not like that and even I was a bit hesitant about Iori's at first, but Momoka's were a bit subdued from there that it was more manageable They had a nice shape to them as well which was a bit saggy but not too much that spilled out in a bit of a triangular shape with them being wider at the bottom but also a bit pointy as well.

Momoka's ass seemed pretty solid to me right from the beginning when they had her turn around and show it off. Pretty decent sized with some solid curvature to it. Not necessarily the wide size you would love to see but above average in a good way and a welcome addition to someone where it was not the main attraction.

Momoka's body was also very well proportioned. Solid thickness on her limbs and a generally slim figure that made her incredibly huge tits stand out a lot just like Hitomi's do.


Momoka had a lot of unflattering expressions and moaning throughout the video. It was pretty clear she wasn't ready for a top tier male talent to go to town on her and it showed. Even in moments where they weren't quite going to town on her it felt like she was a bit of a fish out of water.

Even when she was making out with a guy during sex it wasn't great. I think it was better just because you didn't have those awkward expressions and loud moaning but she still somehow seemed like she was uncomfortable with it.

Momoka's paizuri looked pretty good which is basically read as "she has huge tits it can't possibly be bad". You don't really have to try hard to make it work and Momoka made it work. Even with some more basic movement it still managed to look better than half the actresses out there. There were glimpses of her showing life during paizuri but also a good portion of it being very underwhelming with some awkward expressions. Smile for once and look like you've having a good time, not just when something happens to make you chuckle. She just always looked really concerned like she was in a job interview or something. Girl, you have fantastic fucking tits, you've got the job, now try to show some enthusiasm!

Video Review

Momoka Kagura stars in her debut film.

The video was honestly exactly what you would expect for a debut film. It had some interview things and showing off her body that took a lot out of the video. It's a good thing she had a banging body that really got you interested in the rest of the content no matter how generic it was. It was slightly interesting to see the final scene not be the threesome and for us to get what essentially felt like a tacked on walk into sex at the end of the video as if they felt the need to add something more or perhaps just spontaneously decided on it. It still ultimately serves the purpose of introducing you to her giant tits but it's really nothing more than that.


Momoka has just two videos to her name so there's not much to speak about. I'm at least glad she didn't single video disappear like Ren Gojo seemingly did but that's a pretty low bar to beat. Hopefully she gets better things in the future.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

Momoka has fantastic tits, the kind that really make you go wow. She also has a surprisingly nice ass, more than I expect for someone like her. It all factors into me having a fairly positive first impression despite limiting other factors. Her face didn't do it for me and going a bit beyond that, her performing was equally as bad. She's a debut actress in her debut video so the performing part I can let slide no problem. I'm very clearly going to watch her again when there's some more content of her the big question is just how fast. I feel like with the saturation of busty actresses at S1 that I can wait a little bit. I'm more inclined to watch some others instead of Momoka.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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