The Travelogue of Tae

Published December 12, 2016

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Call it a midlife crisis but Tae at 38 has yet to marry and is in a relationship two steps from toxic and finds solace through a hot springs vacation by GOGOS.

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The Travelogue of Tae
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The normal path for a Japanese women who lived the last bit of her youth in the Showa Era is to graduate high school and perhaps go on to college.  This is followed by employment at the pink collar level followed by marrying a coworker or someone a coworker introduced her to before the ripe old age of 26.  After all, the old school thought process is any women still single after she turns 26 is a 'Christmas Cake'.  In other words, just like that splendid cake everyone wants to eat come Christmas Day, any portions not consumed by the strike of midnight become undesirable and potentially rotting left-overs.

TAE is no Christmas Cake.  Even at 38, she's beautiful in the most classic sense of the word: her face alone is enough to turn heads of single men nearly 360 degrees.  Bone structure like that is a rarity and her chin although sharp is blessedly connected to the type of jaw line that'd make KYOKO MAKI look oh so much better in any position than dead-on.  TAE's got a smile that'd make the most introverted hikikomori blush under his always-on face mask.  Her teeth are straight and clean and her eyes twinkle...they actually twinkle!

How can a woman of this caliber still be single after all these years?  How can she have not even once been married?  Never started a family?  Is this for real?  Is she for real?  Gosh, this is an AV title after all so it has be fake, right?  Heck, I bet she's really only 32 and they're just amping up her age to make some sales...right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong on all counts.  GOGOS is as serious as they come with the bulk of their modern output:  hot springs getaways featuring older (and usually married) women.  Just how MOBSTERS is gung-ho about keeping nakadashi nakadashi, GOGOS remains authentic in their onsen vacation titles.

A title like THE TRAVELOGUE OF TAE is going to be one those super decisive updates.  It's incredibly long and almost hits the 3 hour mark and features an *IMMENSE* amount of dialog.  The first hour of today's update at ZENRA is essentially the off-camera smooth-talking host and TAE discussing her interesting life story as they slowly, but surely make their to a very upscale hot springs retreat.

Again, this is a *very* slow-moving title.  Having a honed patience may be a requirement to truly appreciate THE TRAVELOGUE OF TAE.  That first hour really is almost nothing but talking and the first act of affection doesn't even occur until a few seconds short of the 60 minute-mark.  Oh, and it's just a quick peck while they were walking next to the ocean.

When the harder portions of the title do begin, TAE is embarrassed and it's far from an act.  She slowly opens up just as her story unfolded before:  a boyfriend who actually is married and does not tell her this until they're deep in their own relationship.  His promise to divorce his wife after their son turns 20 and is out of the house.  Her fear that even that's a lie.  Her own desire to start a family before it's too late.  Her lack of experience with men.  Her nearly life-long inability to even talk to men.

It all piles up and her time with GOGOS was less about a married woman wanting to do something fun for some money and more about a mature woman full of important decisions wanting to find respite from reality.  Does she succeed?  Is there more to this title than three very steamy bouts of sex?

We see her walking away from the host with a smile on her face after they return to Tokyo.  Just before that she thanked him in earnest as he came off less like a prurient-minded AV actor and more as a sexual life coach.  She seemed elated and thanks to their time together realized it's best not to fret over her boyfriend and his wife, but to do become her own pathfinder and chart new ground.  It's time for her to open up and take the initiative.  TAE never once felt like she was lacking confidence, only direction, and thus we feel whatever she does choose after appearing in this unique GOGOS title, it will be on her terms and will be grand.


Folks, GOGOS actually makes many movies like this now.  Once upon a time their output was actually closer to GUTS, but now most titles are dialog-heavy features.  Most star older women, but some feature schoolgirls as well.  They also make massage titles such as the super long-running CFNF AOYAMA lesbian massage series that we started showing on ZENRA a few months back.  Although we do intend to keep on working with them in the long run, we're leaning towards mainly featuring titles like AOYAMA versus titles like THE TRAVELOGUE OF TAE which do admittedly feature build-ups that may be too slow for most least we think that may be the case.

We always ask for input about titles--in fact you'll see a message about this right below this one.  In particular we'd *love* to hear what you thought about today's update.  Do YOU want to see more titles that follow this format?

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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