JAV Agency Rundown: Life Promotion

Published : February 13th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. Agencies are a pretty fundamental part of the JAV ecosphere that we don't really talk a lot about so I thought I'd start a series of posts going over them. We actually did an interview with a well known agency All Pro so if you want to read more about what agencies do you can go check it out. This is also the second post in my series so if you want to go see about another agency, C-More entertainment, go check out my past post. That said, today I'm going to be talking about Life Promotion today, so buckle in and let's go see who is on their roster.


Akari Neo is a 2019 debut who doesn't quite get enough love. She's been an exclusive at M's Group for a while now and that isn't exactly the right place to be to have a stand out career, especially compared to the slew of Idea Pocket actresses that Life Promotion has. That being said, Akari has one of the nicest asses around that goes flying under the radar. I think a lot of people will talk more about Akari Mitani or Akari Niimura when they think of asses but personally I think Akari Neo has the best ass among them, so much so that I put her in my top 10 asses list. If you are out searching for a hidden gem and are a fan of asses, Akari Neo is exactly what you're looking for.

Himeka Iori is a 2023 debut that just screams my name with her 100L cup boobs. That's just so rare and that goes doubly for Idea Pocket's roster who tends to have a lot more average sized boobs (as we'll see later on through this post). In fact, Idea Pocket hasn't had a woman like this since Mia Masuzaka retired so Himeka is just what the doctor ordered. While her boobs are obviously the two biggest things about her (pun intended) I find I also really enjoy her cuter face. It's something that is becoming more and more a trademark of Idea Pocket as their more mature veterans have mostly left and we've turned over to a younger crowd. I find when you get to women that busty you tend to not get them as cute as Himeka is just because it's too rare to get a pretty face alongside. She's still got a ways to go with her performing skills but I think the front side makes up for a lot of it, and if you're a fan of IP looking for someone a little bit bustier, Himeka is the perfect woman for the job.

Ichika Seta is a 2021 debut that has found herself bouncing from E-Body to freelance and now exclusive on Fitch's roster. The standout quality Ichika has always had has been her height which is a whopping 174cm (and believe me, for JAV actresses that is quite tall). In fact, it is so tall she's taller than a lot of the male talent (including Shimiken) and studios love to pair her alongside shorter men. You pretty much always see her towering over the guy one way or another and it creates an interesting dynamic in her films. This is especially true when her boobs and ass are both listed around 100cm so she has the juiciness to match her height. If you're into tall chicks and don't want the lanky kind, Ichika is one of the first names that come to mind.

Kana Momonogi is a fan favourite actress and quite possibly the highlight of Life Promotion. She's the face of Idea Pocket, one of the biggest studios, so of course she's going to be extremely well known and popular. Kana is an actress I wrote about when I checked her out over a year ago, and she's definitely impressed me far more than my initial impressions. Kana's biggest charm is how down to earth she feels and you get that sense when following her on social media. She's basically a spokeswoman for Disney at this point with how much time she spends at Disneyland, dressing up in Harry Potter outfits. You also just see her being a cutie when she's out eating Pokémon foods or whatnot and it really sets a very strong girlfriend vibe from her. Especially with her cute looks and solid performing skills she really just warms your heart. As an actress who will be coming up on a decade in the industry next year she's easily one of the major names at the agency to follow.

Karen Kaede has long since been one of IP's major talents and has recently gone through a whirlwind with her career. Agency issues caused her to wind up on Faleno with the name Lemon Tanaka, and let me tell you, that was a terrible name. If her retirement videos were any indication of her popularity on IP you'd think she was actually their flagship actress and not Kana, and honestly it might be a legitimate debate these days with Minami Aizawa gone (sadly Himeka is not really flagship status yet). Having debuted back in late 2018 she is practically a veteran on their roster with all the newer actresses they have. Karen has implants on the smaller side but I think they do suit her body and not everyone needs massive boobs (though in my head I'm yelling at myself for writing that). Like Kana (and honestly all of Life Pro) Karen has a very healthy social media game where she seems like a very normal and personable character that you could have a fun time hanging out with. Now that she's back where she belongs it's the perfect time to get into Karen.

Momona Koibuchi is one of SOD's two premier debuts in 2022 alongside her friend Rei Kamiki. Both of them are quite adorable together, so much so that they ship themselves as momorei. Momona's obvious main attraction is her huge bust which is listed at a whopping 103M. While she isn't the second coming of Hitomi (who debuted on SOD when she was still listed as J cup) she's absolutely adorable in her own right. She has such a spunky attitude on social media and it's fun following along as that comes out in her videos as well. She is one of my favourite debuts from 2023 alongside Rei and Himeka Iori (featured above) receiving an S rank from me. If you're looking for a cuter, bubbly woman with some massive hooters, Momona is your girl.

Nicknamed Nanchan, Sayaka Nanjo is a Kyoto native and one of the the newest entries to their roster as a 2023 debut for Idea Pocket. My first impression of her was quite good and I enjoyed that spunky personality she had. A lot of their roster has the same personality and I feel like they've all rubbed off on her. She seemed very lively in the first video and I see a lot of the same from her on social media. Even though she's only half a year or so into her career the opportunities are all there on top of her bright performing and solid G cup boobs. She's got her image video out, she's on a great roster, and she has fellow agency actresses on the roster to help her along the way.

Mai Kagari debuted in 2021 and boy has she had a hell of a career so far. She's been taking just about every opportunity that comes her way whether that's multi actress videos for studios like Dandy and Natural High or being the solo actress from studios like Fetish Eyes (who you've probably never even heard of) up to major studios like Honnaka. What stands out to be about Mai is how she's cemented herself among the less busty crowd. In recent years we've seen a huge trend of clustering popular actresses together, and while I'm a huge fan of the busty crowd the less well endowed crowd is perhaps even more popular. You quite commonly see her starring alongside actresses like Luna Tsukino, Sumire Kuramoto, Mei Satsuki, Ena Satsuki, Ichika Matsumoto, Hinako Mori, or even fellow agency actress Urara Kanon. If you're a fan of those types of actresses then Mai is surely up your alley.

Urara Kanon is a very interesting actress because of her very unique look. We know that a lot of actresses have bushes to varying degrees but hot damn does Urara have a pretty rare carpet down there. You can't even call it a carpet it's a goddamned jungle down there. Urara's jungle has always been the strong selling point of her and it has gotten her more than a couple of opportunities as a result. While films usually don't explicitly highlight it (though they do from time to time) it does create a very unique experience. I find this to be especially true with creampie JAV when things are censored since you see the contrast of the white sperm against the black forest, and that gets compounded when you watch her in VR and can see it up close and personal. She may not otherwise stand out as an actress but as a freelancer she surely has a few videos out there that are worth taking a look at.

Yuki Takeuchi has one of the best bodies in all of JAV. Period. Maybe it's not for everyone with how toned it actually is but it's impossible to deny the work she puts into it. She actually moonlights as a semi-professional bodybuilder and it really does show. She may not have the curviest butt or the biggest boobs but I think they stand out a bit more just because of her slim figure, and let's be real, fans of hers come for the body. Yuki debuted a few years back on Premium's roster, and more recently has found herself on Madonna's roster now that she just turned 29. Madonna always has a wide range of actresses from younger all the way up to granny or slim all the way up to heavy, and even if someone like Kanna Fuji is on the slim side, Yuki Takeuchi just takes it to an extreme that adds a lot of depth. I think Madonna is fully bought into her when she appeared in their mega 20th anniversary stuff and I think fans can look forward to plenty more of her 6 pack abs.


Sakura Kirishima may be retired now but let's not forget what a wonderful actress she was. I know she's a favourite of fellow author Panking's and I can't blame him, she was great. Sakura's prime quality was how juicy her entire body was. She had a juicy butt at 90cm but it was definitely her big, full 98cm I cup boobs that were really mesmerizing. The thing about them was how full they were, especially with the uniboob style they had. Personally I'm never really a fan of that style of boobs but at the same time 98 I cup full boobs... you have my undivided attention. I will also recall Sumire for her few uncensored videos, something we don't have from the rest of their roster. UC content 5-10 years ago was unlike today when they got a lot of prime actresses, and while Sakura isn't quite the top of the list like hibihata doing UC it was still great to see, especially with her body being the star of the show. If today's thicc actresses aren't cutting it then Sakura is more than a good choice to check out.

Tomomi Motozawa is a retired name that not a ton of people know about, but if you know you know. She has one of the best cakes out there and I don't think you need any more convincing than the photo I have for her. While she starred in videos for studios well known for juicier women like Maguro and Marrion she was much more known for her group videos for places like Apache, Dandy, Hunter, Natural High, and the likes. When you couple that Tomomi had a short, lacking career and has been retired for nearly a decade now it's hard to fathom comparing her to other ladies here but people still bring her up to this day just because that ass is one of a kind. If you're ever finding current actresses don't have the kind of ass you're looking for, maybe check out an old Tomomi flick.

Future & Conclusion

I'm always about the duos that agencies can offer us and boy do a couple of the options look quite primed for us. There are four actresses on Idea Pocket's roster there between Himeka, Kana, Karen, and Sayaka. While I would personally prefer Himeka and Kana as they're the two favourites of mine from the bunch I feel like any combination would probably be good, and honestly you might be better off with the tried and true veterans in Kana + Karen.

Then there's also the combination of Himeka and Momona which would be more of a pipe dream to me. While I can hardly imagine Idea Pocket working with SOD on a video it's hard to deny that two actresses would shine together. They have similarly youthful appearances, similar figures, and of course massive boobs similar in size, and honestly the two would be lovely together in a film. I highly doubt SOD would ever team up with IP for a Beauty Venus film but a man can dream and I'll keep dreaming about this one.

There you have my agency rundown on Life Promotion. They're an agency full of a lot of younger, spunkier talent, and many of the bigger names find themselves on Idea Pocket's roster. They certainly have a couple of bigger veterans in Karen Kaede and Kana Momonogi but continue to find slam dunk debuts with Momona and Himeka that debuted there in 2022. That puts a lot of pressure on them to continue to find new names but they seem to be on the right track.

There's certainly a few names I didn't cover like Sumire Tanba, Noa Eikawa, and Arisa Tomioka, but I'll leave them and the rest of the roster for you to discover on your own. If you want to see more about their roster you can follow them on Twitter or check out their website. Until next time!

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