BULLITT originally was an independent JAV studio distributed by SOFT ON DEMAND. Some years ago it was acquired by HOT ENTERTAINMENT and to this day still remains active. At a glance, their titles may look similar to their parent company, but generally will have more fanciful themes rather than being grounded in reality.

An Acquaintance Showed Up 5

What are the chances your school crush happens to be Ruka Inaba of all people and she answers the door?

Anal Sex Party for Sexually Frustrated Young Mothers 3 Second Half

The unthinkable as a gyaru Japanese wife engages in anal sex while her real life friend watches and even helps out in her own unique way.

Anal Sex Party for Sexually Frustrated Young Mothers 3 First Half

Stressed out Japanese wives barely into their marriages find solace via afternoon raunchy hotel interviews that soon lead to wild and unchained anal sex.

An Acquaintance Showed Up 4

The odds may be low, but that does not mean it can never happen!

Anal Sex Class Reunion 3

Once and for all we decide on whether it really is cheating if Japanese friends get together to have audacious anal sex behind the backs of their spouses.

An Acquaintance Showed Up 3

The ultimate example of probabality working in your favor. Do these lead to awkward talks or wild sexual encounters?

Anal Sex Class Reunion 2

According to their teacher, if sexual organs of opposite genders do not touch, then it is NOT cheating. Five examples of this phenomenon.

Anal Sex Party for Sexually Frustrated Young Mothers 2 Second Half

Brazen anal sex and even some double penetration as untapped and unfulfilled Japanese wives are allowed to go completely wild.

Anal Sex Party for Sexually Frustrated Young Mothers 2 First Half

As the Japanese courts have decided, it is not cheating if done in the butt. This time with two wives instead of one!

An Acquaintance Showed Up 2 Second Half

A phone call, a knock, and then extreme embarrassment as wires cross in ways most forbidden.

An Acquaintance Showed Up 2 First Half

Can this really happen? The most awkward moment on earth for two who know each other to intersect.

Consensual Cuckolding 2

Husbands get to live out their most unorthodox fantasy of seeing their wives go all the way with other men.

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