Pan's Spotlight: Mina Kitano

Published : May 2nd, 2022 Written by Panking

Mina Kitano has only been around for barely one year but in that timeframe, she's been catching fire in the industry. Since checking her out sometime late last year she's quickly become one of my favorite actresses around. Mina has been very impressive and she's continuing to get better and better. I figured now would be a great time to make this spotlight and raise more awareness for her. So in case you're already a fan and looking for a few recommendations or you've simply been passing on her, this post is for you. Without further ado, let's dive in!


Birthday May 20th, 2000
Height 162cm/5ft 3 in
Measurements B92 / W59 / H89
Cup Size H Cup

Mina Kitano made her AV debut in April of last year with E-Body studio. She was under an exclusive contract with them for five films before she was set free and freelanced. From that point on she exploded onto the market and shot with a wide range of studios. Some examples include Oppai, Moodyz, Wanz Factory, Honnaka, and even Rocket. At the time of this post, she's still pumping out films at a ridiculous rate with no signs of slowing down in sight. When it comes to sales she's been consistently charting in the top 25 physical sales for the past several months. In fact, in December she ranked number 3 overall. Since then she's been hovering around the top 10. She's made a significant splash in the industry and there are quite a few reasons to attribute to that.

Perhaps her best aspect is her incredible acting ability. For only being in the industry for a year, you'd never know given how enthusiastic her performances are. She acts like a 5 year veteran in front of the camera letting her ridiculously electric personality shine. She's so full of energy and boasts amazing facial expressions. I'd even say she's the most expressive actress in the business right now. Mina always brings it to every video of hers and rarely ever phones it in. She's just an absolute blast to watch. Physically she's got the goods too. Her ass is easily one of her best aspects. It has a great shape to it and it's further bolstered by her rather meaty thighs. She's got a nice waist too and a nice face. I find her to be one of the prettiest actresses around right now. And yes her fake tits aren't the best and do have the typical "bolt-on" look sadly. However, I've gotten used to them and her performances help to distract you. It's a situation similar to Kurea Hasumi. Mina Kitano has a fantastic balance of body, face, eyes, and personality. It's easy to see why she's garnered such success in a relatively short time.

Top Videos


"Busty Company Boss's Secretary Mistress Whispers In His Ear Each Day And Tempts Him To Fuck Her Until He Cums Inside Her Pussy"

If I could only recommend one Mina Kitano video, it's easily this one as I recently rated it a perfect 10/10 in my review of it. It's really that good. The premise revolves around Mina playing a secretary who also happens to be involved in an affair with your boss. She ends up taking a liking to you and proceeds to flirt with you as she uses her masterful seduction skills. This leads to her teasing and fucking you all around the office while trying to keep it a secret from the boss himself. It's a nice setup that is further enhanced by the use of POV camerawork which is superb.

It's some of the most dynamic POV camerawork I've seen. It is extremely engaging and keeps you immersed all the way through with some great shots such as when you hide behind the couch after nearly getting busted by your boss while in the middle of fucking her. Her performance is what really sells this film though. She's insanely engaging and energetic on top of boasting some truly amazing facial expressions. Her electric personality is on full display here without being too over the top. Just flawless. Couple this with some fantastic sex scenes backed by its brilliant position variety and intensity and you've got a masterpiece. HMN-136 is peak Mina Kitano and highlights all her key strengths. It doesn't get much better than this.


"If You Can Resist Mina Kitano's Amazing Technique, You Get Raw Creampie Sex!"

This series was made for Mina Kitano and it definitely shows as it's easily one of the best entries I've ever seen. For those few unaware the series centers around Mina who is tasked with trying to make these "random" guys cum within a 10-minute time limit. If they last then they get to fuck and creampie her. Obviously, the creampies are fake and the guys are likely actors but the fantasy of this setup is still one of my favorites. Who wouldn't want to take a shot at a challenge like this? Now the key to a successful entry in this series is a top-notch performance and Mina absolutely delivers. Mina's incredibly bubbly and engaging personality makes for a perfect fit. There is never a dull moment here. She's easily a top 5 performer in JAV right now.

She makes even the mundane handjob scene a blast to watch. Also, I gotta mention how amazing her voice is. It's something I don't always notice but it's really lovely. Overall she makes this one hell of an entertaining watch. The action is pretty typical with a few sex scenes with the rest consisting of handjobs and blowjobs. Now unfortunately one of those sex scenes is way too brief and over in a few minutes making for a big letdown. This results in literally just about 10 minutes of actual sex across a runtime of 3 hrs and 23 min. Thankfully she does sport some super sexy outfits which are always great. Overall this one is lacking in proper sex but it more than makes up for it with Mina's dynamic performance.


"A Virgin, I Lust For The Plain Wife Next Door"

In this video we see Mina Kitano play a housewife who recently moves into an apartment building. She introduces herself to her new neighbors including a younger man. She offers to work out with him in his apartment and soon enough they start going at it. In typical JAV fashion, the rest of the film follows the pair having sex as they take their relationship to the next level. It's a solid premise that flows quite nicely for the most part. The action as a whole is terrific consisting of three sex scenes and a blowjob scene. My one main gripe I suppose is that the pacing can be a little stretched out. I do understand that some of that is necessary to flesh out the setup but it still takes a little more time than it should.

Other than that though the action is enjoyable, even the blowjob scene is good thanks to Mina's well-rounded performance. She displays great enthusiasm as always without going too over the top. Her facial expressions are on point too as she once again delivers the goods. Rounding all this out is Madonna's excellent production values. The lighting is mostly up to standard although it can be a bit too harsh in a few scenes. The camerawork is just fine and the wardrobe from Mina is minimal but effective. One of my favorite aspects is just how sweaty/wet she gets in each scene. It definitely elevates the eye candy factor.


"A Boss Who's A Married Woman Gets Invigorated By An Energy Drink With Magic Chems In It. She Practically Has Wings As She Soars Into Amazing Bliss Filled Sex"

Here we have yet another OL-themed film. She really has a knack for this role it seems. The plot centers around Mina playing a married female boss who goes out on a business trip with a few colleagues. She ends up taking some sort of pill and mixes it with an energy drink which turns her into a nympho. She can't help herself as she relentlessly fucks one of those colleagues over and over throughout the film. And not only in the hotel room but also in the office and in her home while the husband is there. Mina is a natural at this role and plays it with such great believability. Her performance is easily the best highlight. She's absolutely nutty here with some incredible facial expressions and wild enthusiasm.

The action itself is just as great boasting three full sex scenes and a blowjob scene. I really don't have any negatives regarding the action. The sex scenes feature a wide array of positions and it's all super intense. Even that BJ scene is worthwhile thanks to her electric performance and the risk factor involved. And lastly, the production values are fantastic across the board. The lighting is perfectly suited for the film and complements the tone quite nicely. Her OL wardrobe is stunning too and the pacing is fluid and flows smoothly. Not to mention the settings are all varied which keeps each scene feeling fresh. From top to bottom it's a first-rate film that delivers on all fronts.


"Lewd Housekeeper With H-Cup Colossal Tits And Thong Squeezes Out Your Sperm!"

That's a great cover for sure. It certainly grabs your attention. The premise of the film is pretty loose as it basically features Mina playing a lewd housekeeper. It's a simple plot that doesn't really go anywhere but it does provide some nice setups for the scenes at the very least. Mina as a nympho housekeeper is a great fit for her and it shows through her terrific performance. As always she's got great energy and facial expressions all the way through on top of being super engaging. The first scene is a clear standout from the rest. It's probably one of my favorite scenes of hers. She can be a tad loud at times but it's not a big deal at all. When it comes to the action, you certainly get your fill.

In all, there are three sex scenes, a handjob scene, and lastly a scene of the guy jerking off onto her while she cleans the floor. That scene is pretty forgettable thanks to the fake cumshot but the rest are pretty satisfying. Even the handjob scene is solid thanks to her performance. All the sex scenes are super intense and feature a nice assortment of positions. All around the production values are fine with the best aspect being her wardrobe. She wears a few nice lingerie that compliments her figure quite nicely. My one gripe though is with the settings as each sex scene reuses the same room which is a bit repetitive. It's not too big of a deal as the rest of the film is superb and serves as another quality release from Mina.


"This Elder Sister Type With A Secret Account Is All The Rage Of Social Media, And She Turned Out To Be A Vulgar And Filthy Exhibitionist Who Loves To Get It On In The Great Outdoors She's Oozing With Sexuality And Hitting You With Reverse Pick Up Temptation And Taking You To A Hotel To Get Her Slut On And Impregnated!!"

This is easily one of the most straightforward films on here but it's very effective. Also, it features a rather stylized cover. It's got some eye-catching font color and choice plus the whole "she bitch" phrase there. Anyway, the premise centers around Mina going around and picking up "random" men and treating them to a good time. This usually involves fucking them silly. The men are all actors of course but it's still a fun setup that enables Mina to just be herself. She really lets her wild personality shine here. Mina is a ball of fire as her raw enthusiasm is just incredible and she's wildly engaging too. On top of that, her facial expressions are vivid and electric. She can be a little loud and over the top at times but it's nothing too egregious.

The action overall is quite good but it's not perfect. It features three sex scenes and a blowjob scene spread out across a three-hour runtime. That's precisely the main issue I have is that it's pretty bloated. There's a fair bit of setup to each scene and some take way too long to get going. The sex itself is excellent though with a high intensity to it all and nice position variety. Lastly, the production values are fine but I wasn't too blown away by anything. The lighting is decent but a bit drab at times and the camerawork is good except for the car scene where it's too cramped and close-up. Mina's wardrobe is pretty sexy though. If you want a fun straightforward film showing off Mina's wild personality, this is one to watch.


"Milf With A Light Skin Big Ass Gets A Quickie When She Comes Over to Do Housework"

Mina Kitano seems like a perfect fit for this type of role and the end result is pretty satisfying. Here she plays a housemaid hired to clean up this guy's place. In typical JAV fashion, he can't control himself while admiring Mina's big booty and starts to fuck her. She's resistant at first but soon enough begins to enjoy herself and openly welcomes it by the halfway mark. It's an enjoyable setup overall and one that caters to Mina's strengths both physically and as a performer. Speaking of, her acting here is terrific as always. She's mildly submissive to start but eventually turns it up as she becomes more proactive and engaging. She does a superb job at playing her role overall. 

When it comes to the production values, I feel a little mixed. I think her wardrobe for starters is on point and the pacing is balanced well. However, the camerawork makes use of static shots quite a bit and they don't always hit the mark as a few of them are staged way too low to the ground. Another minor issue is the lighting as it's not too awful but some scenes aren't lit well enough or just feature drab lighting. The action at least is great with several sex scenes and a solo masturbation scene that serves to set up how full of lust Mina is. The position variety is solid too with plenty of focus on her ass which is appropriate given the plot. Now if only I could get myself a maid like this...


"A Busty Personal Trainer After A Workout At The Gym, It's Time To Share A Room For Some Creampie Adultery"

A workout-themed film? Sign me up! Also how topical for her as she is pretty focused on her physical health and hits the gym regularly in her actual life. Anyway, the premise isn't anything too crazy as it casts Mina as a fitness instructor who develops a sexual relationship with one of her male clients. They end up fucking around at the gym and at home. As a big fan of gym themes I definitely enjoyed this setup as seeing Mina in workout clothes getting sweaty makes for some sexy eye-candy. Overall the action consists of three sex scenes, a blowjob scene, and lastly a paizuri scene. Nearly every scene is enjoyable although the paizuri scene is lackluster purely because her chest isn't exactly made for quality tittyfucking.

However, the other scenes are great even the blowjob scene as it features an element of risk as she sucks him off while in the gym itself with people around. The sex scenes are all solid and there are even some real cumshots to be found which is a growing rarity nowadays. Across the board, the technical aspects are all good for the most part. Her wardrobe is on point, the camerawork is fine, and the pacing is well balanced. The lighting in a few scenes could be better though. Lastly, her performance is a bit spotty I must admit. She can act a little too submissive for my liking but overall not too bad. If you're a fan of gym themes then you'll definitely wanna give this a watch. At least for the eye-candy factor.


"Frustrated Horny Wife With Colossal Tits Drenched In Sweat Takes A Creampie"

This one features a favorite setup of mine in which it casts Mina Kitano as a sexually frustrated housewife who can't handle rejection from her husband anymore and proceeds to have her way with various random men. These include neighbors and even co-workers/friends of her husband. Mina is a pretty good fit for this role overall and it's executed fairly well. Her insatiable lust is illustrated wonderfully through her superb performance. She doesn't behave too submissively like some other actresses tend to do in this role while at the same time she's not too over the top dominant either. She's not perfect though as even she suffers from some occasional whining but it's not too frequent or annoying.

The action on the other hand is a tad underwhelming. It features two sex scenes, an assjob scene, a blowjob scene, and lastly a very forgettable solo masturbation scene. That solo scene isn't that great but I do understand its purpose in the plot at least. Another issue is that there's one real cumshot through the whole film. Most are just fake creampies. The quality of the sex is good though. The production values are mostly on point with a nice sweat glean applied to Mina that makes her body really stand out and her wardrobe is sexy. However, the lighting is a bit mixed as it can be a little too bright and kinda flat in some scenes. Although I guess it portrays that summertime feel well. Still a rock-solid film and makes for an enjoyable watch.


"Big Ass And Big Tits Lascivious Men's Esthetician"

My expectations were initially pretty mild for this one as this theme can be rather dull and forgettable. I was pleasantly surprised though as it's pretty enjoyable overall. The premise is centered around Mina playing a seductive masseuse who specializes in multiple orgasms leading to some very happy endings. It's nothing too memorable but it gets the job done at least. The best aspect of this film has to be Mina's impeccable performance. Her sheer enthusiasm is off the charts on top of being incredibly expressive. She really makes each scene a blast to watch and very entertaining. Mina is quickly making a name for herself as one of the better performers in JAV right now.

The action overall is mostly pretty good. It features a two-hour runtime boasting five scenes in all. Each one is a sex scene however in several instances it's very brief with the rest boiling down to just handjobs. Mina's performance does help to make it more engaging but it still wears a bit thin after a while. One scene does incorporate POV which is nice at least. And with this being a Moodyz production you can expect solid technical aspects all around. Especially the pacing as each scene is very balanced and doesn't drag on as it's easy to do with this type of video. MIAA-552 proves to be one of the best massage-themed films I've seen in a while mainly thanks to Mina's brilliant acting. I definitely recommend it to any fans of the genre.


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drk 2 years ago
If you check her twitter, she just announced that she signed an exclusive contract with Fitch. Nice run - a few months of being a prolific freelancer, into a good, leisurely exclusive contract.
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