New To Me - 2020 Debut Edition Part 2

Published : November 21st, 2020 Written by Oppaira

If you haven't seen my first set of 2020 debuts you can check them out here. Before getting into this set of 2020 debuts I thought it would be great to take a look at last year's debuts and see what my thoughts are a year later. You can see my ratings of them in my three posts herehere, and here.

For starters, most actresses on the list I have not seen a second time. I've only seen a third of them a second time at all, so overwhelmingly it seems like I have been unimpressed by them. I think actually that's more so due to my watching habits this year, which have focused more on key favourite actresses of mine as well as watching a lot of VR for my VR primer.

Of the few I have seen again, two of them had very mixed results in Kanna Shinozaki and Akari Neo. Kanna is someone I found myself enjoying last year but the more I watched her the more I realized she actually isn't that great. While she's not bad if what you're after is someone with some plumpness her performing has proven itself to be very lacking. I found myself just not wanting to watch her, especially after Chitose Saegusa returned to JAV, who has filled that plump actress spot for me. She has also announced her retirement so I just don't see myself watching anymore of her. For Akari Neo I've found myself more recently enjoying her, entirely predicated on her ass. Her ass really is quite nice, and with a bunch of my favourites who had nice asses being retired or taking breaks, I found some solace in her incredible ass. It really is everything I made it out to be in the review and even though I don't enjoy the rest of her anywhere near as much it's enough to get me to watch videos of her. I would also say that her career has been going well and she's had a good swath of videos to pick from. With Asahi Mizuno announcing her comeback it's possible I watch less Akari just because another great ass is in the mix.

Overwhelmingly though, the three S-tier debuts from last year have been stealing the show. Ruka Inaba, Yuria Yoshine, and Kaho Imai have all gone on to become actresses I've enjoyed. While they may not be competing for a position at the top of my list quite yet, I would say I have been watching them with some regularity this year and I think all three have been excelling quite a lot. All of them have been regularly freelancing and working with many major studios, so there has been lots of good content involving them. I would say that Ruka is emerging as my favourite from the bunch, largely on the back of how stellar her body is as a whole. While I pointed out that I liked her thiccness and that her ass was nice, I would say I underrated both of those aspects of her. Her ass is quite nice, almost as good as Akari Neo's, and her general baby fat thiccness really does accentuate it nicely. There's definitely a very high chance any of them make it quite high on my list.


With my commentary on last year's debuts out of the way let's jump into some more names from this year.


Riri Nanatsumori

Riri Nanatsumori was one of the more interesting names to show up this year since she's somewhat of a celebrity. She got a lot of attention joining the industry and I figured it would be worth checking her out just for the hype.

Physically Riri wasn't as nice as I had hoped. Her face was okay, I noticed her eyes were quite big. I actually wouldn't be surprised if she was only half Japanese given her facial structure, she just looked kind of different from your typical Japanese person. Her boobs weren't anything noteworthy and in fact I had doubts as to whether they were even fully real given how they often looked. I did actually find myself enjoying her ass though, it wasn't the best I've ever seen but it was nice enough.

Her performance wasn't half bad, I think a lot of which came from the guys prompting her nicely at times. It seemed like on her own she was still quite new but could be enjoyable if the moment arose. Things like the guy making her squirt, sucking her toes, generally things that make you want to laugh or just respond to. This is only her second video so I'm not that surprised.

Rating - D

She doesn't strike me as anything special and I think the novelty sold her more than any individual merits. I'm sure those merits will make her sell well enough but I don't really see what all the fuss is about. Count me out if we're just gonna get more of this on repeat.

Current Rating - C

The more I see of Riri from social media or other videos the more I think I would watch a video or two of her down the line. I feel like I was a little bit harsh on her in my initial rating. That being said, S1 is very lame and the first few videos are usually quite boring. We're now awaiting her 5th release (slated for next month) so I don't expect Riri to leave anytime soon. I'm not exactly hopeful something will come out soon but I think I'm just easing into her a little more and I think a little more likely to watch her, even if I still am not sure I will.


Nao Kikuchi

Nao Kikuchi was just a random actress I decided to watch on a whim. She seemed kind of thick from the cover and when I watched that was good enough for me.

Physically Nao definitely wasn't what the cover seemingly indicated. If you look closely you can see she's actually rather heavy, more than I'm normally okay with. I can be okay with some weight, particularly if their breasts are large enough, and even though she did have big breasts they were shaped partially from her size and not as nice as I would have liked. The same was true for her ass, it was big but not as shapely. Certain angles or positions looked decent enough because of the size but when she wasn't arching properly it looked pretty mediocre. Even in her face you could see a bit of puff because of her weight. She was kind of cute though and I could see an argument for watching her because of a cuteness.

From a performing perspective I was actually quite impressed by her. There was a ton of moaning but I think part of that was due to content intentionally being hardcore and trying to get that response from her. That isn't to say I thought she was fantastic or anything but that I was much more tolerant of it. Her blowjobs looked nice, especially with her ability to deepthroat. Her titty fucking was also solid, definitely was not her first rodeo. I also liked that she casually swallowed during one of the scenes. She basically showed a lot of promise with various extras the way you want someone new to do.

Rating - D

Despite enjoying all the little things she was able to do during performing I think I'm just not a fan. Physical attractiveness matters and I overall didn't like her body shape. Just a little bit too big for me to enjoy. If she slimmed down I might become interested but I doubt that's in the cards for her. I'm guessing I won't watch her again but if she winds up doing some really hardcore out there stuff like DP and bukkake in the same video I might be inclined to watch.

Current Rating - F

It looks like Nao has retired and with only three videos I'm not anticipating I'll ever watch her again. Even if I did like her, retiring this early is just a surefire way to make me not interested in them. I remember Riho Agatsuma from early last year, even as much as I liked her after she retired I still haven't seen her since. So yeah, Nao just has everything working against her. She was a pretty random pick when I watched her and a reminder I really shouldn't randomly pick actresses to watch.


Hikari Azusa

Azusa was someone I knew I wanted to watch right from her debut cover back in March. She immediately struck me as a younger Hotaru Mori, an actress I like, and I had to see what she was all about.

Physically I found myself enjoying her. Facially she definitely did look like a younger Hotaru, something I found myself appreciating. Maybe the resemblance wasn't as strong as I had hoped it would be but it was enough to keep me hooked. Her boobs were decent, natural F cups so not the biggest but certainly enough to enjoy. Her ass wasn't particularly noteworthy which was a bit unfortunate. Instead I found myself quite liking her pubic hair. Usually actresses with hairy bottoms don't tend to maintain it but you could tell Azusa's was groomed. I felt like it just worked on her, especially with her being a relatively young actress (listed as 20) and many of them opting for clean shaven these days.

Hikari's performing wasn't anything special. Fairly generic as I would expect for a new exclusive actress. With only half a dozen videos under her belt at this time I just wouldn't expect her to do all that much. Especially given the plot of the video I never had high expectations. I wouldn't say it was awful and she made it work at times, but I'm not going to give her any praise for it.

Rating - A

I can definitely see myself watching Azusa again. She had a nice appearance that I found myself really turned on by and being exclusive for a well-known studio affords her a lot of good opportunities. I would be dreaming if I thought she would star in Beauty Venus but Idea Pocket has a number of solid plots I could see myself interested in watching Azusa in. Especially now that she's past the initial "new girl" phase I think there's a very high chance an interesting video will come out early next year.

Current Rating - A

Hikari continues to be someone I'm interested in. While she's over the initial phase of new actress there's also still a lot of generic plots studios have. I am quite interested in seeing her again so it is just a matter of a good video coming out. I'd also be very interested in her having VR, which by my math says she's due for one any month now. It looks like we aren't going to get one this year but early next year seems likely to me. Even a generic VR I could watch, so I do expect myself to watch her again soon.


Suzu Matsuoka

Suzu caught my eye early on but it wasn't until a few videos later when people started recommending her that I decided to watch her. Even if people had been pointing out her more recent videos I decided to watch something a little older based on the theme. Anyway, being a debut on Prestige's main label, especially when they often have debuts on their Kanbi or Beginning label, is great to see. Suzu did start on their Beginning label but after one video wound up on the main label.

Physically Suzu was actually quite close to what the cover depicted. Another actress that reminded me of a younger Hotaru Mori. I would say her tits were smaller than the cover made them out to be, a trend I've been noticing this year that I'm not a fan of. I wouldn't say they're not nice, but being a size or two bigger would have certainly be welcomed. I thought her ass and thighs were fairly nice, definitely found myself enjoying them when they were on display. I say that last bit because many of the outfits got in the way so I had a hard time telling.

Performance wise she was decent. Good casual deepthroating that I really appreciated. Like I mentioned for another debut, Yuria Kanae, having skills like that really elevates a new actress and gives me hope for them improving a lot down the road. She was generally rather poor during any intercourse portion, just tons of uncontrollable moaning from her. Really unfortunate to see that but not that unexpected. There were moments where she was solid during foreplay with her expressions and enthusiasm, mostly when she was able to be a little more dominant. From a submissive standpoint she wasn't noteworthy whatsoever.

Rating - B

I could be convinced to watch her again if the right video came along. A lot of generic stuff so far that just seems totally unappealing. Prestige is a studio that tends to have a lot of variety videos with various outfits and I could be convinced to watch something like that . At the same time Prestige also has a lot of generic videos. The generic stuff I've been seeing just doesn't do much for me. Who knows if I'll continue watching her or not but we'll see what happens. I don't know if the IV for Rebecca makes any difference or not, I feel like that might make her more willing to leave Prestige but between their various labels (she's done videos for three now) and being on the main roster, I would be surprised if she didn't stay put.

Current Rating - B

Nothing she's done has changed any opinion of her that I've formulated. If she moved off to like Fitch or something where her ass could get some attention I might be more interested. As it stands I think it might take a while to watch her again. Her latest being facial themed is her moving out of a sort of comfort zone a bit but also not really that far out of it. If I were guessing I would say probably by this time next year I will have found a video of hers to watch.


Urara Kanon

Urara has been one of the most prolific debuts this year, she may even end up releasing 100 videos in her debut year. That's a staggering number to think about and yet here we are. Even though I suspected that Urara might not be someone I would enjoy I think that it's hard to ignore her when she has released as much content as she has. She was also quite popular earlier on in the year, I recall her being on the top 25 physical sales list during the summer.

Physically Urara was rather interesting. I didn't personally find her that attractive, facially or otherwise. She definitely came across fairly young and on the cuter side of things, something I generally don't enjoy that much. She also wasn't curvy which for me is another downside. By far the most interesting thing about her was her extremely hairy bush. I mean, she probably fertilizes that thing! I wasn't really sure what I would think of it, I tend to have very mixed opinions about pubic hair. I would say I found myself relatively neutral about it. To some degree there was so much of it that it was off-putting, but to another degree it was unique and set her apart from others. I do think unique qualities are good as they help distinguish actresses from the crowd, especially with the list of actresses I like ever increasing.

From a performance standpoint Urara was pretty good. She certainly did well in the non-intercourse sections, upbeat and spunky like you would hope to see. She definitely moaned a lot during sex, probably because she was told to. I felt like I wanted her not to moan as much and to continue being upbeat, but the video seemingly had other directions for her. She was at least able to keep her voice down when it mattered so she certainly knew what she was doing. Considering it's less than a year into her career I think she performed quite well. I think a year for her is a few for some others so I would keep that in mind when evaluating her performing skills.

Rating - B

I really debated whether to give her a B or a C but I opted for a B for two reasons reasons. Firstly, I think her hairy bush sets her really far apart from the crowd, there are very few with bushes that compete. I think being unique makes me more likely to watch her if I ever wind up wanting to watch someone hairy. Secondly, her career has been going very well for her. Lots of opportunities with major studious such as Moodyz, Wanz Factory, Hon Naka, Madonna, Rocket, etc. It gives me a lot of confidence she'll wind up in videos that are worth watching. I find that careers matter a lot in how much I like an actress and hers is easily one of the best starts. While I think physically she largely isn't for me I think she has potential to perform very well in some interesting videos. I can't really say that I've taken a lot of interest in finding more of her to watch yet but if the right video comes along I'd be game to watch.

Current Rating - B

I've dug a bit into Urara's works and there's a couple I could perhaps be persuaded to watch. I still am not sold on her physically but her pubic hair is just so unique that it makes her interesting. There's a video co-starring Kanon Kanon who seems to be equally as hairy and I think that sounds like an interesting concept. I might enjoy something lesbian with her just because they'd interact better with her downstairs but I don't think she has done one yet and it's not clear she would anytime soon. Still, I expect her to stick around for some time and there will probably be something down the road.


Nozomi Ishihara

Nozomi is someone I probably wouldn't have noticed much if I wasn't paying attention to her career. She hadn't really caught my eye too much physically but she had been slaying the charts. That's the kind of thing you notice, especially when you're paying attention to debuts as much as I am, so I figured she was worth a watch. Even the video I saw came recommended so I figured it was a no-brainer.

Physically Nozomi just wasn't for me. She wasn't curvy at either end though her body itself was nice enough. I found I also wasn't attracted to her face, something I had generally noticed from covers but was reinforced when I watched the video. I did like her pubic hair for what it's worth, though that usually isn't something I care about that much. It was likely a product of some other debuts I had recently seen, like Kanon Urara and Hikari Azusa, making me care more about it. Ultimately physically she wasn't for me.

Nozomi as a performer also wasn't for me. I found her facial expressions to be all over the place, especially d uring intercourse. She had the same problem Kaho Shibuya had which is that she looks like she's not enjoying it at all during sex. Weird expressions that make her look like she's really uncomfortable, especially when coupled with her moaning. I really wasn't expecting this bad of a performance knowing both the plot of this but also just how much people have been enjoying her. Even during the plot portions I felt like she could have done better. 

Rating - D

I feel like Nozomi's career gives her a bit of reason to maybe continue watching her but honestly I just wasn't impressed by her. I didn't really enjoy any part and I'm just not going to plan to watch her again. I don't want to say never just because of how well she's been doing for herself but I just don't see myself watching her again. Maybe a group video with the right cast or something or if she stars in the right series but otherwise I just don't intend to.

Current Rating - D

Nozomi has since become an exclusive actress for Moodyz. It's not clear if that's the best option for her or not but it's certainly something. Probably she felt the need to cut back a little for her health or something. Moodyz is a studio where she might realistically have group videos I could enjoy, but at the same time a single monthly video gives her very few opportunities to do so. Chances are I'm just not gonna watch her again.


Tomoko Kamisaka

Tomoko is someone I had my eye on right from her debut cover. Actresses with tits like this aren't that common so you take stock of them. Once a video with a plot I liked came out it was an easy choice for me to select her, especially given I had 21 debuts to watch.

I found myself physically enjoying Tomoko quite a bit. Thicc with some amazing breasts which is exactly the kind of thing I like to see. Definitely her breasts were way nicer than her ass, not because her ass was bad but because her breasts were that nice. I've seen them listed at 100cm I Cup which is quite nice, but I think just watching the video you could validate they were nice yourself. A lot of good motion to them on top of great size and shape. Especially with them having some good firmness as well, just really nice. I found her face to be kind of whatever, she didn't stand out to me but I also didn't dislike it. I feel like her eyes were shopped a little on the cover to be less harsh than they were and make her look a little cuter, the same for her face being a little chubby, but overall still okay.

The performance from Tomoko really wasn't anything special. She seemed to lack quite a bit of enthusiasm that this type of video has, and they clearly reduced the opportunities for her to shine in kind. Scenes like them having sex alone in the bedroom just don't foster the kind of performance you want. Even when they did have those moments I wasn't too impressed by her performance. She just didn't seem to fully understand how to express herself, sometimes even missing expressiveness entirely.

Rating - A

Look, at the end of the day her body speaks for itself. I can give actresses a lot of slack in certain departments if others make up for it, and holy hell does her body make up for it. Thicc all around with such nice boobs, can't really go wrong there. Certainly my kind of actress and I definitely see myself checking her out again. I don't believe there's anything worth watching yet so it might take some time but with her working for different studios like Fitch, E-Body, and now Hon Naka I think that's only a matter of time.

Current Rating - A

Tomoko continues to work for a variety of studios and produce around 2-3 per month. That's actually quite solid all things considered. While she's still doing all sorts of fairly generic content I still am quite happy about how things are going. She's quite nice physically and I could see myself watching her more for sure.


We're getting quite close to the finale of debut actresses this year, only a couple weeks left. So far nobody I've rated in either post has an S tier, so it's looking like last year's debuts are going to end up being better than this year's.

New To Me - 2020 Debut Edition Part 2

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spiderphil 3 years ago
@ZENRA (admin)she should, her pubic area is her main attraction.
spiderphil 3 years ago
???????? This is a well done article, you cover many JAV actresses that I like. Urara Kanon looks average, but when I see that huge bush I get turned on immediately especially when it gets soaked her body is not the greatest, not firm not fat, bust squishy. Tomoko Kamisaka box covers look amazing, but when you see her videos, shes one cookie away from being full blown bbw. I'm still waiting for a 3P/4P scene. I'm looking forward to the next article.
ZENRA 3 years ago

Thanks for the comments. Some of our writers thinks Urara Kanon goes the extra mile with her pubic hair by shampooing/treating it.

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