Mizuki Yayoi: 2023 JAV Star of the Year

Published : January 15th, 2024 Written by Panking

I had zero issues in deciding on my 2023 JAV Star of the Year. No other actress dominated the year quite like she did. From her electric performances to her variety of films and of course, that bombastic booty she gave viewers everything they could handle. Mizuki's meteoric surge to the top was well overdue. For the longest time, it seemed like her career was just spinning its tires. She actually debuted back in 2019 with Moodyz and for several years wasn't really gaining much ground. She never really made an impact often being typecasted into more "youthful" roles so to speak. Not only that but she never received many opportunities from big-name studios and was often relegated to scraps from lesser-known studios. However, things began to change in 2022 when she started getting more mainstream work. This all spilled over into 2023 igniting her career and propelling her to the peak of DMM sales even charting in the top 10 several times for the first time in her career.

Her career year wasn't some fluke either as she constantly delivered banger after banger all year. She worked with nearly every major studio under the sun and plenty of minor ones too all with a healthy diverse range of content. In addition, she also starred in plenty of multi-actress films. Mizuki has worked with the likes of Alice Otsu(of course), Jun Suehiro, Yui Hatano, Sora Amakawa, Waka Misono, and Non Ohana just to name a few. And you may ask, what's her big selling point? Well to that I say she has two key strengths. One is pretty obvious to spot which is her grade A booty. Those thick things combined with what I think is the best ass in all of JAV right now makes for some stellar eyecandy. Perhaps even better than that is her outstanding acting. She always gives it her all with unbridled enthusiasm on top of some vibrant facial expressions to match her bubbly personality. So choosing Mizuki as my actress of the year was extremely easy and with this post I'd like to highlight ten of her best films from this year. If you've somehow never checked her out, this is the post for you.


Big Ass Temptation Lesson

Materiall has quickly become one of my favorite new studios for the year. They often remind me of Moodyz in a way with the variety of plots and a more lighthearted and goofy tone at times. Here we see Mizuki playing a short see-through skirt-wearing teacher who through a series of different scenarios gets fucked by her students. A few examples are when she gets stuck in the doorway or falls down exposing her ass. It's very silly and makes for an entertaining watch. A great premise is nothing without some equally nice action which this film delivers. It features two sex scenes, an assjob scene, and a blowjob scene. There's really not much to complain about here honestly. The cumshots are all real, the scene variety is great, and the major ass focus is on point.

This is all bolstered by some excellent production values too. The camerawork is superb always capturing some stunning shots of her massive booty such as when she's stuck in between a door and her booty is framed brilliantly. And the setting variety is relatively solid given the setup. Her wardrobe only consists of one outfit sadly but it's super effective at the very least. I also have to give props to her performance. While she does take on a more submissive role, she does seem to welcome the action and still manages to boast some decent enthusiasm. Once again we have another stellar outing from Materiall studio and Mizuki that boasts an entertaining plot, terrific action, and slick production values. If you want a fun setup that makes great use of her ass, you can't go wrong here.


Cheating Investigation Harem Sluts - Double Big Ass Punishment

I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Yui Hatano but with Nao Masaki at the helm, I knew we were in good hands. This movie fared better than I ever could of thought as it's one of my favorites of the entire year. It revolves around the pair tracking down supposed cheating men and "punishing" by fucking them silly to teach them a lesson. It's pretty absurd but these two back it all up with their bubbly and engaging personalities that light up the screen. Mizuki in particular is an absolute firecracker. The chemistry between them is quite good and there's even some nice girl-on-girl action. There's a whole scene practically devoted to it as they kiss, fondle, and eat each other out. It's nothing too wild but is very refreshing to see and it's played off well as it's shot in POV as you're made to watch while you jerk off. The action in general is quite nice with three full sex scenes and the aforementioned scene above.

The screen time is well balanced between both actresses all the while boasting a heavy focus on their asses so expect plenty of cowgirl and doggystyle. The pacing could've been a bit better in some spots as it's a whopping three hours and 48 minutes long with some excessive build-up in some scenes. Also, it's criminal that there's no actual sex scene utilizing those police officer uniforms. It's just for the setup scene at the start and that's it. Pretty lame sadly. But beyond that, the film is executed brilliantly thanks to the GOAT director. The lighting is terrific and the camerawork is solid as well. Nao Masaki once again delivers a thrilling watch with her trademark top-notch production values, fun action, and exuberant performances from both Mizuki and Yui.


Go! Go! Big Ass Gal Delivery

Alice and Mizuki have quickly become one of my favorite duos in all of JAV, especially after that flawless VR film last year that was my overall favorite of 2022. So you can imagine my excitement when this one came out. Just like all their other collabs, it once again delivered. The setup centers around Alice and Mizuki picking up various "random" guys and taking them back to their home. Although in one scene they head to his place and in another, they simply use the back of their van. This all leads to them fucking them silly with an emphasis on face-sitting and plenty of threesome action. It's all staged of course but the fantasy of it all is the real draw. While the plot is pretty nice, the action is even better. It features three sex scenes, an assjob scene, and a handjob scene across a three-hour runtime. Overall it's very intense and features a fine array of positions with a heightened focus on cowgirl with a healthy dose of squirting to boot.

When it comes to the production values, it's very well executed across the board. The pacing is smooth and doesn't bog down at any point. There's a decent bit of setup sometimes to the scenes but even then it's all entertaining thanks to the interaction between Alice and Mizuki as they light up the screen whenever they're around. The setting variety is good too as each scene uses a different location ensuring no scenes feel too similar. But of course, I have to talk about their acting as it's easily one of the best aspects of the whole film. It's a bit disappointing that there isn't much girl-on-girl action but their sheer chemistry helps make up for it. They aren't afraid to touch each other at least as there are some really fun moments here like when Alice is pushing off of Mizuki's ass as she is riding a guy trying to get her off. Their enthusiasm is off the charts here as both are extremely expressive and full of energy. These two make one hell of a pair and once again knock it out of the park.


A Big-Ass Female Boss Finds Out About Her Boss's Affair Aand Seduces Her Subordinates One After The Other With Tongue Kissing, Cowgirl Position, And Creampies

What do you get when you cross Mizuki and Nao Masaki? You get one hell of an exhilarating ride from start to finish resulting in one of her best films of the year by far. Here we see her play a female boss who is caught in an affair by some of her subordinates. Once she learns of this she decides to take matters into her own hands by fucking their brains out. It's a little outrageous no doubt but who is really surprised coming from Nao Masaki. What's especially nice is that two of the scenes incorporate an element of risk. Such as when she's fucking the guy in the office during the daytime and when she's having sex with a married man while his wife is just feet away. Overall it's a brilliant setup that gives Mizuki free rein to flex her more dominant side. Now the sex scene count is a tad low coming in at just three but it's a matter of quality over quantity here. Each scene is super intense with a healthy mix of cowgirl and doggystyle. There are fake creampies here, but I didn't mind them.

They're often used quite effectively as she'll milk a "creampie" out of the guy before riding him again leading to an actual real cumshot. Which really helps to illustrate Mizuki's wild lust. Like many other Moodyz-produced films, the production quality is remarkable. The diverse settings for each scene prevent monotony, while the varied lighting accentuates her figure nicely. And all the OL outfits suit her nicely complete with all the usual trimmings such as pantyhose, stockings & skirts. And lastly, I gotta mention her flawless performance. Her enthusiasm and facial expressions are fantastic without being too over the top. She gets super sweaty too with some very lewd moves. She'll often cuff the guy's mouth to keep him quiet while she's sucking his dick or riding him. Hell, at one point she bites the ring off the guy's hand and spits it out. All these things combine to make for a masterful performance and one of Mizuki's all-time best. Nao Masaki really is a legend.


“Let’s Do Butt Training Together” That Sweaty Massive Butt Trainer Made Me Cum 10 Times With Her Waist Movements

Workout/Gym themes are some of my absolute favorite. So you can imagine my excitement when this film was first revealed. It managed to deliver on all fronts becoming not only one of her best videos of the year but also a contender for my top 10 overall. Now admittedly the plot is very straightforward casting Mizuki as a lewd fitness instructor who enjoys getting a little too hands-on with her clients. It's simple but very effective as Mizuki's body is perfectly ripe for this type of setup. It does a great job of incorporating various workouts at the start before diving into the action. The film features three sex scenes and an assjob scene. There's very little to complain about really. The position variety is superb with a nice mix of cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary with her ass always being a main focal point. Most of the cumshots are real too and there's not a ton of filler bogging it down either.

MIAA-865 nails not only the pacing but the rest of the production values as well. The camerawork for instance always gives you the best angles of her juicy booty. and the lighting is nicely varied giving each scene a unique feel despite two scenes reusing the same location which is a minor bummer. Her wardrobe is another major highlight as she sports some tight thongs, leggings, and shorts. And this is all backed up by her stellar acting as usual. She's very expressive and energetic making for a perfect fit for this role on top of being super engaging. She also gets decently sweaty at times adding to the amazing eyecandy factor making her ass look absolutely bonkers. You can't go wrong with MIAA-865. It's a complete banger from start to finish and nails pretty much every asspect including action, production values, performance, and most definitely eyecandy.


Bimbo Married Woman In Provoking Erotic Outfits

Mizuki playing a nympho is almost always a safe bet to result in a good time and this one is no different. The setup centers around her playing a married woman who is a lustful nympho who can't help but go after various men and seduce them in a range of different scenarios. No man is safe from the temptation of her big booty. I'm always a massive fan of this theme thanks to the refreshing variety of scenarios and Mizuki is just such a natural fit for this role. Lewd is the best word to summarize her entire performance here. Her facial expressions are extremely devilish and as a whole, she's very convincing with impeccable enthusiasm. Hell at one point she's sucking off two guys at the same time as she fits both in her mouth. She really gives it her all here.

The production values are pretty great too. There's a nice range of outfits and settings to keep things fresh and the pacing is well-balanced across the board. The lighting is mostly on point although admittedly is a bit dull in the first scene. Now the action is a bit on the light side with just two sex scenes alongside a blowjob and assjob/paizuri scene. There's also a nice scene of her in a diner wearing a skirt as she flashes a guy and masturbates in front of him through POV. While every scene may not be a winner, I have to respect the healthy variety here. Every scene is something different and Mizuki's wild performance brings it all to life.


Infidelity Creampie Affair With A Busty Celebrity Wife And An Intense, Salacious Old Man

Don't let the film's straightforward and basic premise fool you. Behind it is a thrilling watch that captures all of Mizuki's greatest strengths. The setup casts Mizuki as a high-class married woman with an intense sexual desire as she meets up with random men and has sex with them. The premise isn't really that important overall and doesn't play that much of a role in the grand scheme of things. This setup does allow for Mizuki to lean into her lewd and wild side which makes for another brilliant performance. She may not be 100% perfect but for the most part, she's quite dominant and exudes a strong and slutty aura throughout with spot-on facial expressions as always. The action is no slouch either consisting of three sex scenes, a blowjob scene, and a handjob scene. Every scene is pretty enjoyable here thanks to the production values(more on that in a bit) and variety of sex acts and positions.

If I have any criticism it's that the pacing can get a little bogged down with the 3rd sex scene feeling dragged out and weighed down by some dull toy use. But it's not a huge deal. As I said, the technical aspects here are top-notch. The lighting is brilliant with a nice clean look to it, her wardrobe is full of many sexy and slutty outfits, and the setting variety is decent enough to ensure no feeling of repetition creeps in. I do have a personal gripe with the film which is Taku. I'm sorry but I can't stand him and seeing him appear right off the bat in the first scene is a drag. He doesn't ruin the scene but he's still annoying with his trademark ridiculous facial expressions. But those few grievances aside, I had an amazing time here. Mizuki's electric performance lights up the screen and all around it's a pretty slick film.


Rubbing Buttocks Until The Penis Becomes Erect, Then Changing Gears! A Devious Esthetician Continuous Creampie

This is a very tried and true formula that doesn't exactly break the mold but it definitely delivers the goods. It's a simple premise that casts Mizuki as a slutty masseuse who gives her clients one hell of a happy ending that usually devolves into her milking them for several loads at a time. I'm normally not that high on massage themes as they can get too bogged down with foreplay and massage play but this one isn't super obnoxious about it and all the ass focus helps to keep things engaging giving you something nice to look at. Plus, the production values help a lot too. Every scene here is well-lit alongside featuring a different setting each time ensuring it doesn't fall into the same pitfall as many other films in this genre. The camerawork is great too even giving us a POV-centric scene. The highlights don't end there as her performance is also a major positive.

Her facial expressions are very lewd and inviting on top of boasting solid enthusiasm all the way through. She absolutely nails it here and overall does a wonderful job at playing her role. And last but not least we have the action. Honestly, every scene here is enjoyable. We're treated to three sex scenes, a blowjob scene, and a handjob scene. There are really no weak scenes to be had as even the two non sex scenes are terrific thanks to her top-notch acting. And the sex scenes are brilliant with lots of doggystyle and cowgirl to show off her impeccable booty. I especially love the 2nd sex scene where she's soaped up with suds covering her ass. That combined with her ass jiggle makes for a mesmerizing sight. All these things combined to make for yet another banger from Mizuki and this is from someone that typically doesn't care for this theme. It's well executed in every way with very few flaws.


If You Can Withstand Mizuki Yayoi's Amazing Technique, You Can Have Raw Creampie Sex!

It shouldn't be much of a surprise to see this film pop up on my list. Mizuki is such a natural fit for this series and the results are as you'd expect. The setup here is exactly like any other entry. Mizuki is given ten minutes to make these "random" guys come. If the guys last the time limit then they get to have creampie sex with her. If they fail, well they still got to cum at least. It plays out exactly like the rest of the series so no surprises here. Now by far, the most critical element of this series is the actress's performance and Mizuki absolutely delivers here. This film perfectly showcases her bubbly and cheerful personality. She's a load of fun here boasting excellent enthusiasm throughout. And her facial expressions in particular are just outstanding. She's so vibrant and fun to watch.

The production values here are all mostly straightforward with just a single location and lighting setup as you'd expect. Her wardrobe was admittedly a slight bummer as I was hoping for more outfits that highlighted her ass properly. Action wise it's all par for the course. It consists of two sex scenes with the rest featuring mainly handjobs with the rest being a mix of blowjobs and paizuri. The sex is a bit underwhelming overall as it could've used another sex scene. Mizuki's brilliant performance does help to elevate the non-sex scenes at least and makes them much more entertaining as a result. I think it's best to treat this film as a showcase for her top-notch acting skills as they're on full display here. Her personality shines radiantly and leaves no doubt that she's among the best in the business.


Under One Roof… The Unstoppable Old Man Who Fell in Love With The Provocative Ass Technique Of My Big Butt Girlfriend…

This isn't a setup that I typically enjoy but it's executed extremely well as it surpassed my expectations and ended up as one of her better releases from the year. The film features an NTR-type setup with Mizuki devising a plan to seduce her boyfriend's papa and fuck him as she feels particularly bored in bed with her boyfriend. Eventually, the boyfriend finds out about this and Mizuki uses it as fuel to light a spark for him. The plan ends up a success as the two are going at it with a newfound intensity. As I mentioned NTR plots aren't my cup of tea but it's something a bit different at least so it gets a pass from me. Now something that is more impressive is the production values. Moodyz brought their A-game here. The film overall has a very professional feel to it thanks to some top-notch lighting and camerawork. The camerawork in particular makes use of the "shallow depth of field" technique where the Yayoi and the actors will be in focus but the background is often blurry. It's used to great effect here without going overboard with it.

The pacing feels very balanced as well with no scenes overstaying their welcome. The action is just as good too consisting of three sex scenes and a blowjob scene. The BJ scene is easily my least favorite here but it at least ends with a nice facial so it's still worth a watch. The sex scenes are all fantastic with an excellent intensity and position variety to them although each one just ends in a fake creampie which is undoubtedly a bummer. Rounding all this out is Mizuki's fantastic acting. She delivers a superb performance as she feels very natural with her role. Her enthusiasm is on point and her devilish facial expressions really set the tone which is very noticeable in the second sex scene which is shot in POV as you watch her fuck your papa. While the plot may not be a favorite of mine, the execution and action are well worth it helping to cement it as one of her best films of 2023.

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