First Impressions - Fumika Nakayama

Published : October 18th, 2021 Written by Panking

Fumika Nakayama actually debuted back in December of 2019 which I was quite surprised to learn. I thought she debuted sometime in 2020 but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, I've waited long enough to give her a watch. I don't normally check out brand new debuts as they're usually not worth watching until they've released a few videos and gotten their feet wet. Plus you'll have more material to form your opinion on her. She seemed like an actress that I would enjoy given her sizable chest and cute face. I hand-picked 5 films that looked appealing and will give them a watch. After each, I'll review and score them up with my overall thoughts at the very end. Now, let's get this started with what may be my favorite film of hers...


"My H-Cup Teacher Secretly Tries To Seduce Me"

This was the very first Fumika film I ever watched and it definitely got me hooked. The premise is pretty basic as the title implies. Fumika takes on the role of a busty teacher who happens to be a big nympho who loves to seduce her students into various sex acts most of which centers around paizuri and full-on sex. It's a terrific plot that is always a classic. While it may not be all too innovative it still makes for a good time and Moodyz provides just enough variety to the scenarios to keep things fresh such as having her playing a swim coach or private tutor. First off the action here is mostly pretty great. It features 3 full sex scenes along with 2 paizuri scenes. Now the sex scenes are all enjoyable but the paizuri scenes are a little lackluster.

This is mainly due to the position as she's always on her knees when she's tittyfucking and it's just not that satisfying. I personally much prefer when the actor is lying down instead. Anyway, the technical aspects prove solid except for one minor complaint which is the pacing. The runtime of the scenes is a bit unbalanced. One sex scene only lasts 15 min while another lasts 40 min. Beyond that, everything is fine such as her fitting wardrobe and on-point camerawork. And lastly, her acting as a whole is good. She's not perfect but her bubbly personality does get to shine a bit occasionally and she boasts nice energy. This is a perfect introduction to Fumika for newbie fans. If you've been missing out then you can't go wrong with this fun film.

Overall Rating - 8.8/10


"My Girlfriend's Stepsister Secretly Seduced Me With Her Braless Big Tits"

This was definitely one of the films I was most excited for. It features one of my favorite plots so it seemed like a no-brainer. This one probably doesn't need much explaining. Fumika uses her big tits to secretly seduce her sister's boyfriend. It's really nothing you haven't seen before but hey if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's a brilliant and simple plot that still makes for an entertaining watch. Now of the most crucial elements is the risk factor to which this film executes pretty well but could have been a bit better. Overall most of the scenes do incorporate an element of risk such as when they fuck in the living room while the sister is asleep at the table or when she jerks him off on the couch while she's just feet away.

But unfortunately, a few scenes are missing this and it leaves them feeling a bit lackluster by comparison. This is made even worse when 3 of the scenes are just handjobs. That's probably my biggest issue here. Hell, 2 in a row are handjobs. There's no reason for this as she clearly is capable of paizuri. It's really lame. The other scenes fair pretty well at least thanks to her terrific performance. She radiates bubbly and flirty energy here as she takes the lead in every scene with ease. And she definitely looks the part too as she loves to flaunt her cleavage at every turn. Lastly, the lighting can be a tad too harsh in some scenes. Not a big deal but a minor nitpick. Overall I enjoyed it for sure but it definitely left some potential on the table.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


"The H-Cup Colossal Tits Elder Sister Type Who Lives Next Door Is Luring Me To Temptation With Panty Shot Action"

MIDE-877 definitely features an eye-grabbing cover for sure with a premise that sounds pretty appealing on paper. It centers around Fumika playing a flirtatious girl next door who purposefully drops a vibrator outside her apartment just so the guy will return it to her. When he does she uses it as an opportunity to seduce him. It seems like a great setup but the execution is a bit dry as many of the scenes don't really feel connected to the plot. They just feel like random scenes pretty much making the plot underutilized. Thankfully, Fumika does a terrific job regarding her acting. She's got good facial expressions and solid energy throughout. I'd say it's one of her better performances to date.

The action is a mixed bag. There are 3 full sex scenes and 3 paizuri scenes in all. The sex scenes are excellent with good position variety and are all relatively enjoyable. However, the paizuri scenes are a little on the lackluster side. Especially the one that just has the guy barely sticking his dick into her tits and lightly cumming on them. It's really lame as a result. The production values fair pretty well overall with no real glaring flaws. The wardrobe variety is fine, the pacing is generally balanced, the camerawork is solid, and the lighting suits the film quite well. While the premise feels half-baked and the paizuri scenes are forgettable, everything else is on-point and makes for a fun watch.

Overall Rating - 8.2/10


"Salon de Slut: Beauty Salon Welcoming Hard Dicks With Sweet Whispers And Colossal Tits"

I gotta give credit to Moodyz for a rather unique premise. It centers around Fumika working undercover at a beauty salon as she takes care of some customer's hair. However, she ends up giving them a little more than they bargained for as she engages in various sex acts with them. Moodyz presents it all as if were real and shot inside an actual salon with legit customers in the background but we all know it's entirely staged. Still gotta give Moody points for an original concept. Does it work? For the most part, yes. It consists of just 4 scenes with 2 sex scenes with the other 2 being a mix of handjobs, blowjobs, and a little paizuri. One appealing aspect of the action is the risk factor.

Every scene takes place out in the open pretty much as they try to conceal themselves and stay hidden from the other workers/customers. It helps to make all the scenes more entertaining as a result. The production values fair decently well. Her wardrobe is spot-on and the lighting is solid. But the camerawork is a little mixed. They do a good job at capturing angles of the entire room to show how risky the act is but then sometimes the shots are a bit too far back and aren't really satisfying. Also, the film can be a little slow with the pacing as they take quite a bit of time to set up the scenes. MIDE-893 is definitely worth a watch if nothing else for its unique premise. The execution isn't perfect but it's still enjoyable at the end of the day.

Overall Rating - 8.2/10


"H Cup Tittyfuck Full Course! High Quality Titty Shake"

I am a big fan of paizuri so naturally, I was eager to give this film a watch. The film is as simple as it gets as the entire focus here revolves around some good ol' tittyfucking. That's pretty much it. There's really not even different scenarios for each scene as each one is quite vanilla and plain. But that's not always a bad thing as long as the action itself is good. How does it fair? Pretty well for the most part. The film features 6 scenes in all ranging from 3 full sex scenes to 3 paizuri scenes. Those latter scenes are decent enough if you enjoy paizuri but nothing too noteworthy. Although one is a hands-free tittyfuck that is easily the highlight out of the bunch.

All the sex scenes are solid. They each boast a nice range of positions and good intensity. And lastly most of the cumshots are great too which is always a key aspect to a good paizuri centric video. The production values though are a little bit of a letdown. The settings can be a bit drab as the 3 sex scenes essentially reuse the same setting. Another issue is the camerawork. Quite a few times throughout it feels like they zoom in way too much with excessive close-up shots. Plus, some of the angles are just wonky in general. It's severe enough to really damper the overall enjoyment. It's an overall fine film but thanks to its lackluster production values it ends up as just an average paizuri film at best.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10

Overall Thoughts

After watching these five films my overall assessment is that she's definitely an actress I will keep my eye on. I love her figure for sure. She has a nice amount of "meat" on her coupled with her nicely sized natural breasts that suit her quite nicely. She's pretty cute too with a nice charm to her. As a performer, she's not too bad either boasting a nice fun bubbly personality. I haven't seen anything yet that I would declare a must-watch per se, but she's absolutely worth adding to your list especially if you enjoy busty actresses.


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Waldemar 2 years ago
I like your very detailed reviews. Your analyses made it much more clear to me why I like Fumika while her movies mostly leave me somewhat bored. Most of the scenes are simply not good enough, whether it is story, camera, light, co-actors, etc. that let her down. But she is terrific. Very pretty petite girl with nicely curved big breasts and really seducing big dark areolae as well as the most charming smile. She is appetising and exiting in a relaxed way, not overdoing it while clearly enjoying it and able to direct what she likes to be done without being too dominating. That's talent in my book. Only hope she'll get some better movies, and she could have a great future.
Panking 2 years ago

Ye I think she could have a bright future ahead of her. Bubbly, cute, and great breasts. All this on top of being a solid performer. Hopefully she'll stick around for awhile.

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