2022 Debut Review - Jun Suehiro

Published : December 8th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Jun Suehiro

Birthday (Age at debut): 1994-01-10 (28 years old)

Height: 154cm

Measurements: B-82 - W60 - H86

Cup Size: D Cup

Debuted: For Madonna on Apr 12th, 2022

Social Media: Twitter


Jun is an actress I shortlisted when she was at Madonna, knowing my preferences for MILFs this year. I kind of wrote her off once she left as someone that wasn't going to cut it. However, after seeing some people speak highly about her I figured I was probably wrong about her. Not every mature woman who leaves Madonna does poorly and maybe Jun could be an exception. She wasn't dealing with only the awful MILF studios so there was certainly a chance.


Facially Jun wasn't half bad. She wasn't the prettiest but she had that younger mature woman look that I tend to enjoy. Jun is just 28 years old so she came off right about how I would expect her maturity to look. It wasn't bad by any stretch but competition is fierce in the porn industry and she was a little bit more plain than would be ideal.

Jun's tits weren't anything special, I think largely because of their size. It's hard to have tits that I'll speak highly of when they're small like this, and while bunched up they might not look half bad, spilling out they're just not something I can get behind.

Jun's ass on the other hand was much nicer. It had a pretty good size, shape, and give to it. I don't think it's my favourite ass from the year but it's certainly in the upper half, that's for sure. It's also made a lot nicer when you consider that she's targeted as a MILF so it's good when comparing against the field.


During sex Jun was a complete mess. Just tons of moaning with no effort from her at all, very unfortunate. During the plot parts she was much better but in drama videos like she finds herself starring in, the sex still has to hold up.

Jun was actually fairly solid at giving blowjobs. I think it was less about the technique and more about the eye contact, something very few actresses actually excel at. I tend to enjoy a good deepthroat but the eye contact is a really big deal. Even as much as I'm not overly interested in watching her in VR, I have to think that she would actually do well in it.

Video Review

Jun plays a married woman who moves next door. She's got a bit of a provocative side, prancing around without any underwear on and revealing clothing. This turns out to be hook, line, and sinker for the guy that lives next door, as he can't help but notice. And true to Jun's plan, she finds ways to tease him until neither of them can hold back.

I thought the video's theme was nice but the execution was nowhere near as good. They spent a very long time establishing the theme and the desire as though it would create this intense sex in the second half. As it turns out, Jun wasn't skilled enough to drive that passion and so it fell a little flat. I think they would have done better had the cheating aspect been stronger or the video strayed away from a narrative to give you brief scenes utilizing the theme. I really can't say it was done poorly, simple themes like her cleaning outside or getting some help without any underwear can never really be that bad. When the guy's holding the ladder for her and peering up into her lack of panties (with that being Jun's plan), no way for that to go wrong. Where it went wrong was them just establishing that and then having generic sex scenes. They spent all this time creating a great theme only for it to be abandoned in the end in favour of a sex scene in the bedroom. Which sure, I can get behind if the passion and energy is there, but Jun wasn't the right person to do it, sadly.


Jun started off at Madonna and has since left them, however she still manages to work freelance for them. I think it's a good sign that despite dropping her they're still interested in working with her more, something you rarely see. The studios she has worked with includes names like Planet Plus, Moodyz, and Mercury, so there are some bottom tier MILF studios but not an abundance of them like you might have expected.

The standout for me is definitely her VR alongside Yuria Yoshine. They made it out to be a tits vs ass film with Yuria providing the tits and Jun providing the ass. I can't say that I think Jun's ass compares to Yuria's tits but it's both an interesting concept and good to see her getting good opportunities.


Rating - C

I am open to watching them again if the right content comes around.

I think I'm more on the side of D than B but it depends on how Jun's career goes. She's got opportunities in front of her and it just depends on her capitalizing. Right now it's a little bit boring but who knows, being just a bit more wild or getting her name out a bit could set her on a path where she's actually a solid freelancer.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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