2021 Debut Review - Uno Kanaya

Published : November 20th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Uno Kanaya

Birthday (Age at debut): 1988-11-30 (32 years old)

Height: 156cm

Measurements: B96 - W63 - H96

Cup Size: I Cup

Debuted: For Madonna on 2021-05-01


Uno's face wasn't anything special. I would say I didn't hate it but you could tell even from her face that she was a little heavier. I wouldn't say MILFs like her are generally known for their faces so it being passable was enough for me.

Her tits weren't as nice as the cover might have indicated, not to say they weren't still nice. They were pretty big and full, but where they lacked was how full they were. I found that only on her back was a good position for them and I found myself not really wanting to focus on them in other positions. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing knowing she had other good qualities but I would have certainly liked to see them bounce a little more.

Her best quality was definitely her ass. She had a really juicy ass, far more than I would have ever guessed. Seriously, watching her early on I would have thought she was just a big MILF but her ass had a pretty good curvature to it. I loved seeing her in doggy and reverse cowgirl, plenty to look at. Yeah, it's not the most curvy and part of the value comes from the size, but I do love me a big booty. Especially when paired with some thicc thighs you just had to enjoy it all.


I thought Uno was pretty awful as a performer. While the video didn't exactly give her great opportunities the fact still remained that she didn't do herself justice. Often just moaning without a care in the world and letting the guy do all the work. Even when riding him she was barely moving and it just felt like she wasn't trying.

Her paizuri was also quite poor. Unfortunately you just didn't see her wrap her boobs properly around the cock, and with how full they were it often looked like it was a partial handjob instead. It's definitely one of the downsides to boobs like that and Uno couldn't overcome it.

Video Review

Uno plays the curvy boss at work, and one day her employee starts taking notice of her. He can't help himself so he cops a feel, and then again, and again, and suddenly they've become sex friends.

Uno's performance was pretty abysmal. She never really got into the content and just sort of let the guy run the show. I get that not every boss has to be dominant but I always prefer it compared to submissive performances like this. She really didn't try, just a ton of moaning the entire time. Please, just please put some effort into it. All of the foreplay looked really weak too, especially with her not really sure that she wanted it. If they had maybe pushed the "I'm not sure about this" theme a little better it could have actually worked out. That is, lean into Uno being a bit new and uncomfortable to their benefit. It also could have worked out well if she had to be a bit quiet or risky at some point, that would have made her act as opposed to what she did.

The content was definitely better than the performance out of Uno. Even if the plot itself wasn't the greatest it still gave us some hot office lady content. Sex in the group office space or a paizuri after a meeting is quality stuff. I also didn't mind as the plot progressed to her home where they had sex on a bed. Yeah, I would have liked to see a second intercourse scene at the office, or maybe something that wasn't just her being felt up for a while. There was a ton of foreplay-type stuff and the first "real" scene didn't start until a quarter way through the video. Sure, once it got started it was pretty solid stuff the entire way through, but the plot certainly got a bit in the way of the content progressing smoothly.


It's hard to tell if Uno is sticking around or not and that's a big deal. She debuted in May and we have releases in May, August, September, and November. It feels like we're really gambling on whether we're going to get a release from her each month or not. I could speculate all day on what that could mean but it would all be conjecture. At this point I guess the hope is just that we see keep seeing videos. Video #4 felt like it was a pretty big deal and I think if she gives us #5 I would feel good about her career and that she's going to stick with it. Debut contracts tend to be three or four videos, so if we see what looks like her continuing after that, she's probably going to keep at it.


Rating - B

I plan to watch them again eventually.

All things considered I actually did enjoy her. Thicc MILFs are great and it's what I come to Madonna for. Actresses like Marina Shiraishi, Minori Hatsune, Asahi Mizuno, all of them are great to see and there's always room for more of where they came from. Uno absolutely has a lot of work to do to improve herself and become someone worth watching consistently, but if we do start seeing more of her I suspect I will find a video sooner or later to watch.

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Lasnek 1 month ago
Yeah it looks like she retired, she did have a great ass, its a shame we didn't get to see more of it.
BBBS 11 months ago
So sad she was retired ????
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