2021 Debut Review - Mina Kitano

Published : November 16th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Mina Kitano

Birthday (Age): 2000-05-20 (20 years old)

Height: 162cm

Measurements: B92 - W59 - H89

Cup Size: H Cup

Debuted: For E-BODY on 2021-04-09


Physically Mina was a bit disappointing for me. I had somewhat high hopes for her after her debut cover showed up on the sales reports but I found in reality I just didn't like her nearly as much as I expected.

Her face was pretty much exactly like it was on the cover of the video I reviewed. I consider it a very good thing that there was no bamboozle there as that's usually the biggest complaint I have with debuts. A little touch up on a cover can go a long way, to the point that you're totally uninterested in an actress, so seeing her look exactly like the cover was great. I wouldn't say I thought she was super pretty and she clearly had a good amount of makeup on in the video I watched, probably to compensate. She definitely looks better with lighter makeup, like in the photo above.

Her tits were quite bad and a big reason why I didn't like her physically. They seemed to downplay her tits every chance they could, as if they knew that they weren't that nice. They were clearly fake and in the same style Eimi Fukada has (who has my least favourite tits of all). That is to say, not only were they clearly fake but you could see the outline of the silicone inside them. That's really hard to enjoy and I personally can't stand it. On her back they had a tendency to look quite fake with their unnatural firmness and how far apart they sat. They looked much better in cowgirl but not enough to get over other issues. They're also listed as 92 H Cup, which puts them at about the same size as Saki Okuda's or Ruka Inaba's. They definitely don't look quite that big, though with fake tits it can sometimes be a bit difficult to compare.

Her ass was actually very nice, quite curvy indeed. I found myself wondering at times if it was the result of some surgery like Maria Nagai had. It definitely wasn't overdone like Maria's but it stuck out on her quite a bit in some positions. Regardless of whether it's real or not I found myself enjoying it. I suppose that was partially due to myself disliking other factors but it was curvy and atop some meaty thighs it was very enjoyable.


As a performer she was pretty mediocre, though she was good during non-sexual parts. I thought she was solid enough at the acting bits, but acting bits tend to be a bit easier to do than the bits during action. During acting bits I felt like she had some vibrant smiles and was approaching the theme from a good place. She did better than some with a lot more experience, so I certainly felt like she had a good grasp of it.

During the action she just wasn't good at all. She couldn't act appropriately, often just reverting to generic expressions and letting the guy lead. That's the sort of thing you expect from newcomers but this kind of plot just demands so much more. It kind of reminded me of actresses like Aika Yumeno, who are great up until sex happens. At least Mina is fairly new so you're not as worried but definitely I think Mina is going to struggle with it for a while yet.


Video Review

The video I watched from Mina was essentially an E-Body version of GES. To summarize, Mina tempts her sister's boyfriend into having sex with her, which they do behind her sister's back until finally they get caught.

Mina's performance wasn't inspiring. She wasn't some dominant elder sister and you could tell. She struggled any time he touched her and it really goes against the grain when the actress is supposed to take the lead. I can't say it was totally bad, she had some moments where she was smiling and really enjoying herself, but I think the performance during intercourse is the most important bit and she largely wasn't good. She mostly kept her voice down, so while it wasn't perfect I was still more or less okay with the end result. I also would have liked to see her do more paizuri, it felt like they actively shied away from it to downplay how mediocre her tits were.

I thought the content was pretty solid. While I certainly prefer other variants of this theme I can't say I was that disappointed by this. Especially considering this was E-Body's first foray into this kind of video, not a half bad result. That being said, I am rather biased about this kind of content: hot sister using her body to tempt the boyfriend just does it for me. They had sex in various places, including the bedroom and the living room, and had a decent amount of risky content. They even managed to have sex in the shower to keep that scene a bit more interesting, which I always appreciate. The ending wrapped up really quickly in a way I don't prefer but at least the girlfriend managed to actually jump into it. Still, overall not bad for a first attempt, especially considering it had a fairly new actress starring too.


Mina's career has been going really well for her thus far. While her first couple of months had just the standard once a month deal, once Mina decided to go freelance things really picked up steam. We can see not only the kind of variety she's seeing from above but also she's doing a lot of videos. October saw around 20 releases, that's pretty impressive to me. To be releasing like that only six months in makes me think really, really highly of her. We saw the exact same thing happen with Hana Himesaki and she blew up into an incredible actress, so I would have similar hopes for Mina.

For me, the big highlight of Mina's career is her lesbian video with Mao Hamasaki and Yui Hatano. Both of them should be very familiar faces and seeing lesbian with them is just fantastic to see. Especially with the kind of energy that pair can bring to the table, I think it promises to be a very good video. Even just for Mina's career, working with two big names like that is a really good sign that the industry is betting on her being a star like Eimi. That's not to mention the fact that this is her first lesbian video and a lot of actresses don't do lesbian.


Rating - C

It is unlikely I will watch them again but if the right content comes around I'm open to it.

Initially I was pretty against watching Mina again and had a much worse rating. She has the kind of fake tits I hate, which are silicone and very obviously fake. The fact you can see the shape of the silicone at times really rubs me the wrong way, as it did for Eimi Fukada. That being said, I find Mina has some other redeeming qualities. She's got a very nice ass and her career is coming along very well. As much as I'm torn on whether I would watch her again, I kind of have to accept that she's very likely to become a huge star and that might change some perspective. Obviously that makes her compare to Eimi Fukada really easily, and I don't watch Eimi at all, but I think Mina is better in every physical category. That gives me a pause, because a more attractive Eimi is someone I might begrudgingly watch again. Just looking at the kind of releases she's having, like the lesbian linked above, it's hard to totally write her off. As much as I really can't stand her tits, that lesbian video above is mighty tempting. It's also probably likely she'll star in some series I quite enjoy, like Oppai's GES or Wanz Factory's 10 Min, which might make watching her again much more palatable. 

If, unlike me, you are interested in watching Mina and keeping up to date with her, make sure to give her a follow on Twitter.

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