Hotwife JAV Movies at ZENRA

While still rare in JAV, these last few years have seen an increase in movies that break away from NTR and even cuckolding where husbands with a strange kink watch their demure wives willingly have sex with strangers (and if lucky, get to join in later!).
Real Spouse Swapping Hotwives Weekend Getaway Second Half

A trip to a vacation house far from Tokyo sees a real married Japanese couple engaging in their first swapping party with another...but yes there is a catch!

Real Spouse Swapping Hotwives Weekend Getaway First Half

“Will you have sex with my wife?” The kink of a husband and a JAV studio eager to make it a reality-- with a little bit of a twist.

Miki Kanzaki - Naked at the Front Door - Hotwife Edition

Miki Kanzaki unleashes her inner slut in one of the most jaw-dropping hotwife gone feral JAV movies ever released.

Shameful Mature Hotwife JAV Interview and Debut 24

Age 50, married, not in the best of shape, but with a sexual appetite not fulfilled by her husband, one mature Japanese wife turns to JAV.

Gogos Female Employee Crashes Cheating Wives Onsen Getaway 2 Second Half

Tasked with filming cheating Japanese wives at an onsen, one female employee finds herself the center of attention and with clothes nowhere to be found.

Gogos Female Employee Crashes Cheating Wives Onsen Getaway 2 First Half

Japanese female employee freshly hired given a task with a coworker to film cheating wives being filmed for their own JAV movies (a GCU release).

Voluptuous Hotwife Onsen Getaway

Perfectly voluptuous, Rubenesque, pale, and hairy Japanese hotwife fulfills the fantasy of her husband while he watches and later joins in.

Having Sex in Front of My Husband Infidelity Examination 3

To save a failing marriage, would you allow your wife to have sex with a JAV director while you watched?

Cuckolding Creampie Roulette Game Show with Real Life Couples 2 Second Half

Real couples, real creampies, real cuckolding, zany sex positions, and Myuu there for her always welcome color commentary.

Cuckolding Creampie Roulette Game Show with Real Life Couples 2 First Half

Will you and your girlfriend agree to have creampie sex in a bizarre rotating battle with other couples for a chance at a million yen? SOD puts it to the test!

Please Take My Wife - Third Wheel Edition 2

One of the most striking woman ever to appear on our site from head to toe and in a movie all about being the most ideal Japanese hotwife.

The Wife Swapping Game - Bound at the Hands Edition Second Half

In an attempt to repair potential failed marriages, Japanese couples do the unthinkable by having brazen sex in front of each other!

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