JAV Sales Report - November 2023

Published : December 26th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Welcome to the November sales report. As I mentioned last time we would be well underway with debut season and I'm happy to report it has been going fantastically. If you haven't checked them out yet, please go take a look at the advent calendar post. There you can see all the actresses I've reviewed, and clicking on any of the images will bring up their individual review. There's still a few more to go as well, so make sure to check back daily when the next one is revealed. With that said let's jump into this month's sales report.

Top Actresses

Karen Yuzuriha saw a meteoric rise this month in the physical sales, something that makes total sense to me. She has not just one but two IVs out in December, including one for brand new studio FAIR & WAY. FWAY, as their codes are prefixed, seems like a decent studio so far. It's hard to tell when they have so few videos out but they've managed to snag some nice names so far with their first three being Hikaru Nagi, Haru Minato, and of course Karen Yuzuriha. Is this a studio after my own heart taking only busty actresses? Maybe it's just the pick of what we've gotten so far but I'm all for it. They manage to have some good scenes and a POV virtual sex scene that seems much more immersive than when Rebecca does it, which I quite like. Jury is still out on them but they look good so far and hopefully Karen's entry can rival the tried and true Rebecca release.

Ten will always look like a strange name to me as an English speaker but here we are with Ten Ayase in 8th place. In fact, it will always make me think of the name Seven (you a real one if you know the reference). That aside, Ten is a debut for SOD that honestly seems a little underwhelming. Her face isn't quite there for me, and her body, which does look nice, doesn't quite look like enough to get me interested. There's always a bit of touch up on photos like above and I often find myself a little disappointed when I check them out. She is starting off quite strong being in the top 10 so who knows, maybe I'm wrong, but when she's still trailing another recent debut Koiki Nagisa or even someone who's been around for some time now in Yotsuha Kominato, maybe I'm not that far off with my opinion.

Tsumugi working for Madonna isn't something new but it's interesting to see her be a shared exclusive with them. This isn't the first that Madonna has, probably most people are well familiar with Nao Jinguji being shared exclusive with Moodyz, but a shared exclusive with Idea Pocket certainly is unique. This is especially true for me as I generally find IP being a competitor to S1 that has a cuter appeal to their roster as a whole. Tsumugi is still only 25 years old which strikes me as a bit of an odd age for her to be working with Madonna like this. I also can't help but draw comparisons to Rio Kuriyama, who left IP to become a Madonna exclusive, or even Minori Hatsune who bounced over to Madonna not too long after her redebut. I'm so much more used to actresses straight swapping over to their roster not being on the pair of them simultaneously. In the case of Minori I get it, she wasn't quite as youthful as she was when she was working with IP all those years ago, but with Rio Kuriyama I definitely didn't really get it. Rio often does strike me as a bit of a fish out of water as I try to wrap my head around her being considered alongside the rest of their roster when she's just 25 (the same age as Tsumugi). Going back to Tsumugi I do quite like the idea as I generally think the industry needs to be a bit more creative and open like this. I think the variety will suit her well and allow her to compete with some of the younger talent at IP that I'm personally more into.

Before jumping into the top digital actresses I want to point out that the top 100 is identical this month. This appears to be a mistake on DMM's part and I double checked everything manually. They still have the results that match my last post, which did go up last month, so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm going to take the opportunity to talk about some names lower on the list based on last month's results instead of the top of the charts.

Eimi is showing some increase now that she's up in 28th spot just barely missing the list. It's still kind of shocking to me that Faleno was able to sign Eimi given how big of a name she is. I always wonder if sometimes they catch actresses at the right place right time when they offer them an exclusive deal. Maybe the actress doesn't really want to keep filming as much and the figures are better per film, who knows. For those that actually follow Eimi this one probably hits close to home because it casts her alongside Shimiken. There has been a running gag for a while that the two never worked together (which I have no idea if it's true or not since I don't watch Eimi) but I remember them often joking about it. We also then got her livestreaming from the set before filming which was pretty interesting. The video itself doesn't look like much but if you follow them as people this one might hold a little more weight to it.

Further down the list we have Misono Mizuhara in 41st jumping up over 20 spots. I know it probably wasn't a factor in the actual October sales but she has a December release alongside Chitose Saegusa that looks solid. It's not the first time the two have teamed up, they've even done VR together that isn't depicted here. I've said it before that Misono strikes me as Chitose jr, in fact I called her Chitose 2.0 all the way from my debut review of her back in 2021. For me Misono just fills out very similar with big tits and bit of a bigger body frame, and naturally I think the two stack up well together physically. Misono still has a way to go to start meeting Chitose's energy but I think the industry is pleased with younger Chitose evidenced by her rank.

Idea Pocket has been in a weird place in recent months with the way their roster has been shifting and given we have so many from them on the list I thought we could take a minute and talk about where they're at now. If you haven't been following them you should give FC's post a read. Let's take a look at the top four on our list:

  1. Karen Kaede is sitting in 36th place. She retired, wound up at Faleno, and is now strangely back at IP. It's a weird sequence of events for sure, and if memory serves me she had some issues with her agency (which is what caused her name change to Lemon Tanaka, what a weird name). I know I'm not a big Karen fan but I know plenty who are and the sales report is very indicative of that.
  2. Momo Sakura is sitting in 48th place. She is one of the longest standing members on their roster now and definitely who I have seen the most among active actresses there. She also starred in Beauty Venus earlier this year that was quite nice, you can read more about that here.
  3. Kana Momonogi is sitting in 52nd place. Readers might recall me checking her out for the first time not too long ago and I've definitely come to enjoy Kana more than I first anticipated. There are still bigger fans than me though, like FC who wrote a two-part spotlight on her.
  4. Minami Aizawa is sitting in 60th place. She randomly retired earlier this year and her last film came out over three months ago now. She has long since been one of their flagship actresses and has been a favourite of mine despite her less busty chest. I never did quite get around to writing a post about her before she retired but once again FC has you covered.

The question now remains: who is their flagship actress? It feels like the answer is supposed to be Kana Momonogi but I could just as easily see Karen or Momo taking that role as well. All of them traditionally do well and they're all still doing well today. I know these days I'd probably be considering Himeka Iori but honestly I'm kind of feeling camp Kana. Kana to me is an actress you really only start to enjoy if you follow her properly on social media and see just how awesome she seems and I feel like that social media presence is something a good chunk of foreign fans miss out on.

Top Videos

If you haven't been living under a rock you've seen what Madonna has been doing for their 20th anniversary and it's absolutely incredible. Just look at how many amazing actresses are there in one room. Can you name them all? There are only two of the whopping 19 actresses there that I haven't seen so for me it's actually not too hard. You've got the all-time great MILFs there like Yumi Kazama and Maki Tomoda, you've got debuts from last year like Aoi Ichino, Aya Ueha, Kanna Fuji, and Haruka Rukawa, you've even got a 2023 debut in Nami Okimiya. It's an insane video to think of and absolutely not what I expected. I'm glad we're finally starting to see some of these major productions we used to get 10 years ago with Moodyz's Bako Bako Bus Tour (which is coming back if you also haven't seen). Seriously, Madonna has outdone themselves and I can't wait to see what else we might have in store. If you noticed on the physical sales how many Madonna actresses showed huge rises (Ririko, Nami, Yuna, Nao, Kanna, Aya, and Ryou just in the top 25) this is the reason for it.

In fifth place we have Aono Mizuki making her debut for Prestige's Genesis label. What do you think about her, worth watching knowing she might be a one and done? I wrote about another debut for their label last month, Shizuka Takimoto, who I suspected would be more like their first debut Karisu Himeno who was a one and done, but actually wound up transferring over to their main label. Maybe there's hope for this label after all? Maybe they'll bring people over to the main roster more often? It's hard to be sure as we only have two examples so far with a 50% success rate (and who knows, maybe the AV law is at play here). Aono is the type of debut where she has to be way better than this to make me look past the career issues. If you showed me someone more like Haru Minato, Miyu Kiyohara, or Karen Yanagi, then maybe I could look past it. As it stands though I'm just not willing enough to take a plunge on her, especially the debut video itself. I will have to keep some notes for myself to track how the Genesis label turns out and see where we are halfway through the year.

In 10th place we've got Momona Koibuchi's creampie unban video. It's not the kind of video I would normally get behind: why watch her take creampies as the entire plot when we can get creampies and plot together later on? That being said there's a certain sense of enjoyment as you follow an actress through their career that makes it worth watching. I find myself watching way more videos from active actresses these days and really paying attention to their career over time. How do they improve as the months go by, how do they get better content, that sort of thing. If you look at this video from that perspective there's something to be had there, especially if you're the kind that likes the whole embarrassed style that many domestic fans do. Either way, Momona is a gem you should all be watching anyway so let's just be happy seeing her up high on the charts.

In 10th place and later down the list in 21st place we've got a pair of VR from S1. VR seems to have gained a lot of popularity now becoming less of a fad and more of a mainstream thing. I think the 3D cartoon style VR is really evidence of it being here to stay. Looking through the list it's a total of 16 videos in our top 100. That's not quite the impact I was expecting but I do think it's more than enough to satisfy my claim of it being here to stay. Especially when you now get 8K production quality with videos that rival mainstream JAV length, it's not all that surprising to see why people are loving it. I still watch way more standard JAV than VR but I've seen nearly 200 VR films now and I see no signs of stopping anytime soon. I just hope I don't have to go out and buy an 8K VR headset to replace my Oculus Go, especially because I think I might get addicted to 8K VR and ruin mainstream JAV for me.

Bookmate Rankings

Umi Yatsugake (八掛うみ) is about as far away from an Oppaira actress as you can get, which means it's a good thing I'm not in charge at Prestige. Personally my favourite there is Asuna Kawai and I think you can all guess why. I did review Umi earlier this year but it's probably best to leave an actual opinion on her to someone who is a fan like RamenBoss who wrote about her as well. It's always interesting to see who is on top at Prestige. Some people might go for the veteran in Airi Suzumura while others will be more new school with Remu Suzumori, but evidently it's Umi on top today. These generic videos make you think people are into her physically because it certainly can't be the compelling video, and I'm really not qualified to speak on that. I also always find it interesting to see an actress from a studio like Prestige on top because of their whole debacle at Fanza and how their sales often come from other sources, showing that the actresses we perceive as the top might be a bit biased.

I know a lot of people like to hate on Attackers, calling an actress relegated there in jail, but being a shared exclusive with another studio isn't the worst thing. You can get a decent amount of variety if you are at another studio giving you better opportunities to go alongside it. It makes me wonder why Idea Pocket themselves doesn't capitalize on it more. You'd think they could treat it more like two labels where Idea Pocket is sunny side up and Attackers is deviled. As it stands, Miu Shiromine (白峰ミウ) being shared with Premium is so-so in my mind. Premium will give her different things but there's still going to be a lot of overlap in themes. It's unfortunate for her that she's been relegated from Idea Pocket to here but it's better than a good chunk of actresses so I guess she can be thankful for that.

By now my Nami Okimiya (沖宮那美) post has come out and she's not half bad of an actress. I get very mixed vibes from her when I see how different she can look. When I see her with her short hair I want to skip to the next actress but when I see her longer hair stuff from social media she looks great. I think part of it comes from the short hair being so neat and tidy that they peg her as this stern milf whereas the lighthearted and fun stuff from social media makes her look anything but. It looks like her career is going strong and I think she'll be around for a while yet.

As we can also see this month the bustiest debuts over at S1 are all still doing quite well for themselves. Haru Minato (みなと羽琉), Momoka Kagura (神楽ももか), and Miyu Kiyohara (清原みゆう) are all in our top 50. There are other actresses above them on their roster, or even Konan Koyoi (小宵こなん) competing with these three as you can see from the graphic, but it's still a good sign either way. They are all quite stacked and you can check them out in the linked posts above. I will say, the images here should all convince you to go check out those other posts.

Ayumi Natsukawa's (夏川あゆみ) career has been vastly different than I had first anticipated. She was really not getting any opportunities right at the start but somehow she turned it around with a huge number of them. To me though what stands out is how much Ayumi is doing but not getting decent opportunities. This is the kind of content we have to look forward to with her and it's honestly kind of depressing. This is the kind of content that makes you not want to watch an actress even if you do like them. Maybe I'm weird for wanting content with bigger studios like Moodyz, Oppai, Wanz Factory, Honnaka, etc. but when there's so much to watch there's always something better, and these kind of videos just ain't it.

miru thankfully uses English for her name and makes it real easy to spot her out. You could probably also recognize her in the photo Bookmate chose though I can't say the same for her gal look on this cover. It does look like a good video, so much so that I wrote about it on my December Watchlist article, and I can attest that it is a pretty good one. miru has a lot of acting skills that come out on full display here and it's hard not to enjoy this one. If you're a miru fan or the video interests you then I would recommend checking it out.

Fumino Satsuki (沙月ふみの) is one of the latest debuts at Madonna, debuting late last month. She seems like a decent enough actress though I usually try to steer clear of actual debut videos where I can. I will give you all the little spoiler that she's not someone I'll be reviewing this year, I already went through my week of MILFs, though she's definitely someone on my list of actresses to check out when I do a round next year.

I can never really tell with Mana Sakura (紗倉まな) where she's supposed to be on the charts. Is she the face of SOD? Is she part of an old guard there that falls behind the rest of the crowd? I mean, she's clearly still selling but for someone who is arguably the face of arguably the biggest studio it seems strange she's this far down the list. You can show me Umi in first and argue for her to be the face of Prestige, Saika Kawakita (河北彩花) in second as the face of S1, Karen Kade (楓カレン) in 8th as the face of IP, Mio Ishikawa (石川澪) as the face of Moodyz in 11th, and then the face of SOD is all the way at the bottom. She was actually 46th place last month which shows a pretty hefty decline this month. I suppose it's not all that bad when you consider Umi was 83rd last month, but that sort of volatility is interesting. Maybe the in-person sales are generally more volatile based on the quality of releases. At any rate, this month sees her in a hentai adaptation which I think is probably a good thing for her. Some of those require some real acting chops and if anyone is going to have it it would be the 10+ year veteran actress.

With that we're done with the final sales report for the year. I hope you've enjoyed following along this year and I do hope you'll check out the debut posts in my advent calendar. I hope you all have a happy holidays and join me again in January. Until next time!


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