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Published : August 1st, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Momo Sakura is an actress I watched for my New To Me series over a year ago. She was my favourite among that bunch, receiving an A rating. Since then, I've grown to enjoy her quite a bit. She really fits the idol image studios like Idea Pocket put out there and she's easily among the better idol actresses around. Come take a seat as I show you why I think you should all be watching her.

Momo debuted for Idea Pocket in mid 2017. She definitely had the sort of cute idol look to her that so many on their roster have, but she also set herself apart by having large G-cup breasts that a lot of the other mainstays on their roster don't have.

These days Momo continues to be one of the major names at Idea Pocket, where she has spent her entire career. She recently did her first creampie video (which sold insanely well) and has started the first foray into branching out a little. That being said, I think Idea Pocket is a great studio for her and hope that she continues to stay there for years to come. She really fits the style of that studio and there's always a steady stream of good content, including some amazing VR.



Physically I think Momo is great. She's well rounded in all things and it allows her to have very widespread appeal, much the same way actresses like Mion Sonoda, Shunka Ayami, or even Julia have. As a result she's the kind of actress I would recommend to those who aren't well-versed in JAV.

I find Momo's face to be on the cuter side and that it definitely suits her well. It allows her to really hone in on that idol look that you want at a studio like IP. It allows her to play a wide range of roles, so long as she doesn't stray too far into the MILF genre. I tend to love actresses who fall in these types of "broad ranges" categories because they can do a lot. Even though Momo is the same age as Nao Jinguji, Momo looks a lot younger and finds herself able to play a different set of roles, like schoolgirl or even younger sister.

Momo has nice G-cup breasts. They have such a nice shape to them where they're not too firm and not too saggy. It makes them enjoyable in just about every way you can imagine, whether she's in doggy, cowgirl, missionary, or giving a titty fuck. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so just take a look at the clip and see for yourself:

Let's also not forget that she has a really nice figure. Very slender and it helps make her curves pop a little more when they're not competing with anything else. Her ass isn't some dump truck like I tend to prefer but honestly on her great legs it does still manage to look nice enough.



Momo is someone I'd call an underrated performer. She can actually deliver a pretty good performance when she's given the right video. Idea Pocket tends to be all over the map in terms of what videos you can get so you do have to be a bit picky, but Momo generally has enough good content coming out that it's not too troublesome to find some great performances.

One thing that stands out to me is her ability to do a bubbly personality. It's very reminiscent of Aika Yumeno for those who are a fan of her.

I think Momo also excels when she's given a role where she has to be both coy and seductive. It's a very specific nuance where she's neither submissive nor dominant but instead something in the middle. Instead of pushing the guy into something she acts in a way where the guy simply can't say no. To be fair I don't think anyone needs much convincing given how attractive she is but either way she sells it well. She's also great at keeping it up throughout the scene, so you get this constant reminder of how enticing she can be.



At this point I know just what you're thinking: what should I be watching? Let me help you out.

IPX-061 - A G Cup Big Tits Race Queen Momo Sakura Sweet And Buttery Temptation

Momo plays a  busty race queen who loves to get a little sexual. Clad in her hot race queen outfits, it doesn't take much to convince guys to want a piece of that.

Of course, as I've mentioned Momo is really great at being coy and seductive at the same time and this video does that perfectly. She's always the one in control of the scenes but never actually dominant. Instead she's got this more innocent personality that's really hot while she's innocently tempting guys. "Do you want to see my boobs?", of course they do, but it's still hot to hear her say it nonetheless. What also makes this video great is some fantastic race queen content. Seeing her in that cover outfit having sex on top of that car, holy hell is that all kinds of hot. Or in the second scene when she's having sex while in your typical race queen leotard, top notch visuals to go along with a top notch performance.


IPX-535 - 3, 2, 1, GO! Sudden Follow-Up Piston-Pounding Sex "What!? Is This Uncut?"

This video is all about Momo having surprise sex. She's on set for a shoot but she's constantly caught off guard and has sex out of the blue.

The content is really great and more studios should partake in it. The idea of being so spontaneous and having random sex whenever and wherever is fantastic. For example, she might be changing her wardrobe for a scene and suddenly a guy shows up to have sex with her. What made this video truly special is how great Momo was. That bubbly personality I spoke about really came through. She was smiling and laughing about it the entire time and that laughter was seriously infectious. I couldn't help but smile along with her as things were getting kind of wild.



Momo Sakura is a really great actress you won't want to miss out. I hope I've done her some justice and she gains some new fans. She's pretty, has a great pair of tits, and a nice figure. On top of that, her personality is really well suited to the idol-type personality she so finds herself doing. Simply put, everyone should be watching her! Remember to stay up to date with Momo by following her on Twitter. Until next time!

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Rainmaker 2 years ago
I don't know why it took me this long to follow her but IPX-690 def. did it for me. She looked so hot in that cover
spaten78 2 years ago
This is very helpful. She always seems like a treat, but tough to figure out her better works. Thank you.
Bruh99 2 years ago
Momo is the best
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