RamenBoss's Umi Yatsugake Spotlight

Published : August 12th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss
Name Umi Yatsugake 八掛うみ
Hobbies & Skills Cooking, flute
Social Media Twitter

Hello JAV Lovers, welcome.  Today we honor another Prestige princess, Umi Yatsugake.  I can't get enough of this skinny body, I swear.  I feel as if she picks up where Aoi Ichigo (link) left off.  Strawberry did leave a void you know.  How lucky are we to see such a cute face and tight body together making top-notch JAV.  Her talent is obvious from the first moment you watch.  Her acting is yet another reason to watch her perform.  What a professional that acts with love, with passion.  There's nothing to dislike here. 


5.  ABW-183 A hospitable retreat 21, attending to you with total subservience

To be honest I wanted to start with the most boring to me.  Why is it on the list?  Quality is the answer.  I'm not one to always directly go for the Spa setting or traditional costumes.  However, this obviously deserves to be on the list.  It's simply fantastic overall.  The camera work gets everything and keeps her beautiful face in the view.   I wish to highlight my favorite scene here.  Umi rocks a clear robe complete with a tight hugging bondage body strap operation underneath. I recommend watching the trailer to get the idea.  There is a magical moment that starts with Umi laying on her back and using a toy.  Next, this lucky man bends and squats over her face and his cock gets dipped in her mouth.  This is something I may not have seen before in JAV.  Overall, thumbs up again for production quality here in general.  It's worth the watch just for her awesome facial expressions throughout.


4.  ABW-147 Raw Cream Pies 41

What I love most about this title are the outfits.  We get to see Umi wearing some tight jeans.  Granted the jean scene isn't extensive, in fact, it's quite short.  However, it's worth it to see Umi on her hands and knees for example.  Her petite skinny ass and legs squeezed into tight jeans are enough of a sight to see since I have a jean fetish, but there's a short amount of action that comes with it.  Moving on to a later scene, I feel like I should mention the infamous pool and swimsuit setting.  Lube is used to make it extra shine.  There's even action in the pool itself.  The last scene I want to mention is her office lady concept.  She's absolutely adorable in this setting.  Can you think of someone who is more unconvincing that she's a real office worker?  It's too cute and the group sex that ensues is intense and overflowing with a variety of positions.


3.  ABW-159 Ultra-naughty campus with super sheer outfits! Class 13 - super hot see-through fetish during which her lovely naked body is clear as day!

This kinky title had to make the list for obvious reasons.  Umi wears transparent costumes and these outfits fit her perfectly.  I wish it was clear PVC Vinyl material, but this is somewhat of a close second.  Without over analyzing it, Umi simply looks fantastic in every single scene.  Some of these looks I have never seen before in JAV.  My favorite one is the black and red one.  Why they didn't put that one on the cover is beyond me.  Within that scene, Umi wears some kind of contraption on her tits that I definitely have not seen before!  Altogether this is a kinky adventure that is everything you think it will be by glancing at the jacket picture.



2.  ABW-041 Facial esthetics 12, splattering this beautiful lady's face with all that milky juice that's been piling up to your heart's content!

Look at that title.  Don't you just love titles in JAV?  As a JAV fan who adores seeing gorgeous faces getting facials, this is another masterpiece.   The picture of Umi wearing the cat ears got is what first got me interested.  This title is extremely straight forward in my opinion and that's not a bad thing.  It's the kind of title that makes me extra appreciate high definition.  Also, I may be biased but Umi looks perfect with huge loads on her cute face.  A huge benefit of this picture is that it's not just blowjobs.  There's plenty of great sex throughout like a normal JAV would have.  A must-see for maid lovers as well.  The last thing I'll say is don't bother with the final scene.  It's like they just ran out of ideas and did a dim-lit lazy whatever comes to mind scene.  Total anti-climatic disappointment happening.


1.  ABW-063 A beautiful lady, A reservation at a hot spring resort, deep passionate sex 12

This one made the number one spot due to only one scene.  The remote-control-vibrator-in-public scene.  To those fans who have read any of my previous entries, this is not a surprise!  Every time I find a new exciting actress I find and get gaga over, I look for many concepts in their work.  Luckily here we are.  Umi is wearing a high-quality outfit that looks very fashionable.  Meaning expensive-looking and fancy!  Of course, she has high heels and a very sexy feminine-looking purse.  Talk about an aesthetic setting.  A beautiful park with fall colors.  Umi's hair is long and her ears are sticking out underneath it.  I think it's best that you see this for yourself! 



Once again I was extremely disappointed in the missing lesbian titles that I wish existed.  I am hopeful for the future, however.  As mentioned before I am lucky that ABW-063 had a remote control vibrator scene.  Also as mentioned before, if you're a fan of Aoi Ichigo and haven't watched much of Umi, I strongly recommend it.  Kinky face with a very similar body.  For further reading, I recommend a great review entry of two other titles here and mentions here.



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