Embarrassment School Stark Naked Sex-Ed Lesson First Half

Published September 12, 2022

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Everyone knows hands-on education is the best way to commit something to memory and as we see in this Japanese school, this is carried out in unique ways.

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Embarrassment School Stark Naked Sex-Ed Lesson First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Most anyone knows the best way to really get a grasp on something is to well...grasp it!  Physically, of course.  Reading a textbook can only go so far.  Reading it out loud may help some, but visuals, diagrams, and most important, real life application of said concepts is where education becomes truly salient.  When you can touch, grasp, lick, and stick your--well, you get the drill.  Hands-on education when it comes to matters of the human body is paramount to the written page.  Few can deny that.  This is where masters of "has the whole world gone mad?!" JAV come in and totally dominate.

The first of at least a trilogy of updates, we're proud to present SADISTIC VILLAGE's spin on teaching students in Japan just how their bodies work in ways most handy.  Welcome to EMBARRASSMENT SCHOOL STARK NAKED SEX ED LESSON.

Starring a huge cast including some familiar faces that we'll get to shortly, we get two female teachers, four female students, two brusque teachers aids (one of them looking like an out of shape Japanese Dorian Tyrell), and enough impromptu nudity to satisfy even the pickiest fans of both CFNM and given this studio's M.O., CMNF.

Surprisingly, the quality of lessons is pretty darn good.  While what goes on in this 3.5 hour movie may not be a total replacement for proper educational material, it's better than it has any reason to be.  It also has great pacing with clothes being dropped not too far into the movie.  In fact, that fantastic stark naked lineup featuring two groups of students whom in front of their classmates are instructed to look and touch each other's reproductive organs is JAV cinematic gold.

Whatever you want is provided in EMBARRASSMENT SCHOOL.  From that lineup to naked measuring to everyone gathering around to examine a classmate's penis (including two female classmates being tasked with making it hard and further stimulation leading to an ejaculation!) to turning the tables with female classmates naked for vaginal explorations (including deep internal finger penetration!), there is much to love here.  Even before SADISTIC VILLAGE's final shoehorning of sex due to scheduling reasons, we get a FANTASTIC scene starring new teacher RENA FUKIISHI who provides a review of everything covered so far in previous scenes/lessons concluding with wild sex with a lucky student in front of everyone.  A unique actress with a dangerous body and sure to be a favorite of many.

Aside from those final sex scenes being a bit shorter and rough around the edges, there isn't too much to complain about.  The main teacher whom JAV fans have seen many a time is on fire.  Her ability to be informative with the right amount of domination thrown in is a rare combination.  The casting of the female students are also spot-on with my vote going for ARISU SHIBUYA whom has an incredible waist-to-hip ratio that never got the attention it deserves.  This is a fantastic movie and deserves to be watched.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1850

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+The best sex-ed JAV movie ever shot?
+Huge cast and great casting
+Great visuals from start to finish.
+CMNF (and CFNM) material aplenty.


-Some of the sex at the end is too short, but probably due to scheduling.

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