2022 Debut Review - Himeka Iori

Published : December 7th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Himeka Iori

Birthday (Age at debut): 2002-03-07 (20 years old)

Height: 153cm

Measurements: B100 - W57 - H89

Cup Size: L Cup

Debuted: For Idea Pocket on Sept 13th, 2022

Social Media: Twitter


You had better bet that Himeka was an actress I immediately gravitated toward. It's not every day you get someone debuting with L cup boobs, not to mention for Idea Pocket who historically doesn't have busty actresses like this. The last super busty actress there I can think of is Mia Masuzaka, and she's been retired for three years. I know I tend to wait for a few releases before checking out an actress, but rare circumstances like this mean granting rare exceptions. I did the same with Aka Asuka back in 2020, watching her actual debut release, so I figured why not with Himeka.


Facially I liked Himeka. She had a pretty cute look to her that I could really get behind. She had that sort of cuter idol type appearance that you often see from IP actresses, reminiscent of someone like Kana Momonogi. It's always a bit of a gamble with busty actresses on whether they will be pretty or not but Himeka had me sold. I tend to really enjoy the cute, busty actresses, I think partially because you tend to get pretty mediocre faces on some of the ultra-busty women (believe me, I've seen enough of them to know).

Himeka's tits were absolutely fantastic as you might have expected. Very big, shaped quite nicely, and a lot of jiggle to them. There was a lot of content centered around them for very good reason.

Himeka's ass was not half bad. It looked fairly sizeable and meaty in a way I could get behind. I do often say that if it's not going to be super curvy, that big is best. I wouldn't really write home about it just yet but it is nice that it's not totally bad and that I won't totally hate content from behind.

Himeka's body was a bit underwhelming. She definitely wasn't thin like most IP actresses, which perhaps comes a bit with the territory of knockers that big. I think you could tell at various places that there was a bit of extra fat contributing to things, including around her face. There were certain positions/angles where you could really notice it. I wouldn't say it was bad but honestly, Himeka 5 or 10 pounds lighter would actually go a long way.


As a performer Himeka was often very generic. She'd moan, not provide a ton of expressiveness, and often situate herself in ways where she seemed to be closing her eyes or tilting her head to the side. It took a lot of intimacy out of the video entirely which would have aided a lot.

Himeka was a bit bubbly at times, and I found her quite enjoyable when she was smiling.

Himeka was happy to play with her boobs from time to time, which was quite nice to see. It goes a long way to see actresses seemingly enjoying themselves and getting really into it. It's such a low effort thing but it makes such a big difference on how I view them.

Himeka also squirted, which was a nice surprise. It wasn't the greatest squirt but considering few debuts actually do outside of squirting-focused videos, I was happy to see it.

Video Review

Himeka stars in what is essentially a second debut film.

I found the video to be quite shallow with them trying to milk the debut theme a lot more. It played out much like one of them would and made me quite disinterested. I think the video just wound up being predicated around how much you would enjoy Himeka physically. A pretty face coupled with a pair of huge boobs, nothing more is really needed to sell it. The content was all fairly generic, what with generic sex scenes and a generic threesome. The most interesting thing was waking up with her in bed and having sex as lovers, though that wasn't really enough to save the video.


It's still very early days for Himeka but I'm sure she has a long career ahead of herself if she wants it. Idea Pocket has been grabbing some bustier actresses lately but none of them can hold a candle to Himeka's huge naturals. I actually think she's a really good fit for their roster just to add a bit of depth to it. She's definitely the bustiest actress they've had since Mia Masuzaka, and I was quite excited for Mia back then. Only time will tell how her career pans out but I anticipate her being with IP for the foreseeable future.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

Himeka isn't perfect but it's hard to find debuts that amazing. She's certainly a bit rough around the edges but she's nice enough that I'm very interested in seeing more of her. I think that cute face and pair of tits really complement each other quite nicely. She easily has some of the best tits among debuts this year and I'm hoping there's some more interesting content from her within the next half a year or so. It's a bit of a shame to watch her this early in her career but that also gives me the opportunity to watch her again once she has improved and gotten better releases, which I'm sure is just a matter of time for her.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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