Oppaira's December 2023 JAV Watchlist

Published : December 2nd, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. I'm not sure I'll make this into a recurring series but regardless, I thought it would be fun to count down my top 10 upcoming releases for December, so here we are. I hope you enjoy!

10. MIFD-262

Mei Himeno

Mei takes her AV debut to thes tage starring as a reverse bunny girl hostess at a casino.

In our 10th spot we have perhaps the most interesting debut video I've ever come across. Debuts tend to focus entirely on the actress and this is anything but that. Sure, there's stuff that isn't this reverse bunny suit in a casino but this alone is seriously the most interesting thing I can recall from a debut film since I've started reviewing debuts. She has a pretty impressive rack to back it up too, even if it is likely a bit embellished on the photos here. Still, I've got room for a few last minute debuts and there's a good chance I take a gander at this in time for the debut posts starting in December.

9. MIAB-053

Ena Satsuki

Ena stars in her first anal flick.

Anal videos in JAV can be a bit of a miss with the censorship which is why this is only in 9th place. Ena is a lively performer from my first impression of her and hopefully she can keep some of that spunk here. Her ass isn't the 10/10 ass you'd love to see in an anal film but it wasn't too shabby and her ass hole itself seems quite nice, plus it leaking cum looks great. I don't really expect to be wowed but I'll go in with a bit of optimism and hedge my bets. I'm also excited to see Ena take on a bit more wild things as she feels like someone with the potential to stand out like that. She's not going to wind up being the next Alice Otsu but even Alice lite is probably pretty good. Here's hoping that this video turns out to be worth our time.

8. STARS-964

Rei Kamiki

Rei Kamiki stars as a doctor who has an unexpected day at the office.

Hospital themes are always great but so often they're just generic nurse themes. Seeing Rei legitimately in surgery helping a patient in scrubs just adds a level of realism and depth to the video you would never have expected. SOD are known for putting a bit more into their films and it clearly shows here. Rei is also one of my favourite 2022 debuts so I'm always on the lookout for compelling videos like this. I don't know if I expect Rei's performing skills to be at the level needed to make a film like this work yet but I'm willing to check out anything that is semi interesting involving her. This is especially true because SOD tends to give her more generic releases, putting her in a class more like Suzu Honjo where they can rely on her beauty and just call her some pretty, elegant woman, and sell videos like that. I mean sure, she's beautiful from head to toe, but please don't make that the entire focus of the video, she'll be pretty whether she's doing some generic sex in a hotel room or doing interesting stuff like this. Here's hoping this is the first of many interesting videos and that we can get some more like this among the rest of the cast at SOD (looking at you Momona).

7. SSIS-938


miru stars as the gal stepsister who loves to fool around.

You might be wondering about this and why I of all people would be watching miru but she's honestly a pretty good actress. I know I have my biases but there are a few actresses that slip through those cracks, miru being one of them. Sure, she's still shy of making my top 100 actress list, but who knows where we'll be in a year or two if miru has quality content. She's upbeat and can squirt, giving her a lot of levers to pull to make videos like this rather interesting. I'll give a bit of a spoiler that she has a video making my top 25 of this year and who knows, maybe she'll make a second appearance after this one. The video seems right up her alley to take charge and dominate the video, and when you couple it with things like a risky blowjob or her squirting, it just adds the right level of energy to the video to make it something special. I can't say I prefer her gal look compared to what she normally looks like but it wouldn't be the first time a film like this did well with me (Kana Momonogi had one earlier this year I quite enjoyed). I definitely look forward to checking out this more dominant miru film next month.

6. JUQ-466

Kanna Fuji

Kanna Fuji takes on my favourite series at Madonna, I Came Without Moving My Hips Once. As the premise goes, she takes the lead having sex with someone and completely dominates them, making them let her do whatever she wants. They get to have plenty of sex with her but under no circumstance are they allowed to move their hips even once.

As I mentioned, this is my favourite series at Madonna and boy is it incredible. Madonna has so much drama stuff that is more sensual or submissive that these more assertive performances really stand out. There are plenty of good entries in this series and I have every bit of faith that Kanna's will do well. She seems like the type that can really get down and dirty if she gets the opportunity and this is as good as any. Even more so than that, Kanna has such an incredible body that is flexible like all hell. I feel like she'll do wonders when she gets to pick all sorts of fun positions to have sex in. You can also see in the first screenshot just how tiny she seems (she's just 153cm) so that dynamic of the smaller person dominating the taller one also feels like another fun dimension for the film. She's certainly emerging as one of my favourite debuts from 2022 (just behind my big three) and hopefully this video won't disappoint.

5. PRED-539

Aika Yamagishi

First off, #DisrespectTheNameChange. Aika is now officially going by Ayaka Yamagishi and I just can't bring myself to call her that. She will always be Aipan and that's all I have to say on the subject. Anyway...

Aika's new boyfriend gets a message on LINE from his ex asking him to grab a bite to eat. What do you think would happen if they did? Would they have sex? Aika sure thinks so and decides that she'll provide him all the satisfaction he needs.

Regardless of what she wants to call herself this video looks great. She's good at these more dominant style videos as she always gets super into things, never being too whiny and really setting the right tone. She has great facial expressions, loves to swallow, takes creampies, can deepthroat, what more do you need? I've seen a handful of videos like this that have been excellent and I have faith in this one being another banger of a video. I think the narrative really gives Aika enough to run with to make it interesting and the trailer really sells it, even from the background music they have being quirky. Watching them do it everywhere and seeing just how energetic she was had me super excited about it, and I think any fan of Aika will love this one.

4. MEYD-862

Minori Hatsune

Minori starts a part time job as one of the crew members for an AV production company. She, however, finds herself at the center of attention of the male talent and other crew members who decide they'd rather be doing it with her.

First off I'm glad to see Minori get good releases. We're a far cry from where she was with IP during their prime or even where she was when she redebuted with them. This video seems to be quite a bit better than a lot of the awful stuff she was getting earlier in the year when she was working for the bottom of the barrel studios like all the Manji Group labels. I literally stopped watching her because the content was so bad so I'm really just super excited to see something interesting, and boy does this look great. I've always thought that videos highlighting the behind the scenes stuff as a narrative would be great and this one goes way beyond it. I mean sure, it's got an obvious porn narrative, but just showing the people in a set standing around and having it be part of the video is compelling on its own. When you get all the sort of office lady things that go along with it as well as how plain they paint her, it looks like a really well directed film. I'm a bit skeptical since it seems to end quite generic (it would be awesome if the final scene is her starring in a film herself) but hey, I'll still get behind it if 75% of the film is good. I really hope that Tameike Goro turns this into a series and we get others like Ai Sayama and JULIA in this one as I like both of them even more than Minori and they both work regularly for TG. Either way, this one looks fantastic and I can't wait to watch Minori again.

3. MIDV-569

Mitsuki Momota

Mitsuki Momota stars in her debut film.

I've mentioned my debut plans in a few posts and now that it's out, I'm doing another advent calendar style month where I review a new debut every day. While I've seen almost all of the debuts I'm going to be watching there's still room for the last couple of spots to be selected. I know I'm also someone that loves to avoid watching debut films but you just don't always get that opportunity. With Mitsuki my choices are basically watch this or wait until next year because I doubt I'm completely passing up on her. I feel like ultimately waiting doesn't make as big of a difference as I like to think it does, as physical qualities are going to matter so much more than performing. I often give actresses that are debuts the benefit of the doubt (from a performing standpoint) so as long as they sit right with me physically I'm usually quite willing to watch them at least once more. Mitsuki seems great physically and there's a good reason they call her a one in a million debut. 100J cup on a slender body like that is rare, the kind that only comes from a debut like JULIA (who literally had the same boob size plastered on her debut cover). Mitsuki has a bit wider hips and waist but I don't really mind (it's actually probably better that way), it's all still very nice and her boobs still stand out. Recently I was actually looking at actresses who compare closely to Julia and honestly Mitsuki compares closer than the other names I came across at least from a first pass visual inspection. Of course, we'll have to wait and see what the video entails because photos can be deceiving, but when you tell me the closest comparison is my second favourite actress of all time, you'll get me excited.

2. WAAA-324


JULIA's stepbrother brings her some spicy reverse bunny outfits for her to try on, and when she's clad in them (or not depending on how you look at it), he can't help himself.

Speaking of JULIA we have her here in this reverse bunny suit film nearly as my top release. We all know how much I like JULIA, she's second only to Hitomi for me, and I've been watching a ton of her stuff this year (well, every year too I guess). This one stands out with the potential to be my favourite of the year. Yes, the theme is great, but I also have faith because there's an Ai Sayama film in the same series from last year that was also great. I may have only given that one a 9.1/10 which meant it barely missed my top 25 but a JULIA film getting a 9.1/10 would be fantastic. I find these days she's very hit or miss and usually only good for one or two worthwhile releases in a year. There's definitely already one great release from this year and I think this has potential. Julia seems to be a bit into it, enough to keep her performing from being an issue, but I'm definitely more excited because of how much POV it features. I still think JULIA looks amazing and this video being pretty much full POV gives you so much to look at and enjoy. Here's hoping this turns out to be the second amazing release of the year from her.

1. WAAA-328

Ai Sayama & Chitose Saegusa & Yuria Yoshine

An incredible cast of thicc, busty women team up to take on Wanz Factor's famous 10 Minute series. Can the guys they pick up withstand these three voluptuous ladies?

I actually almost forgot to put this video on the list because I forgot about it, and shame on me because HOLY HELL DOES THIS LOOK INSANE. We've seen Ai Sayama and Yuri both have entries in the series but I've been begging for Chitose to do it for years and I'm so glad she finally got the opportunity. This series is one of my favourites because of how much freedom it gives the actresses to just have fun and it sure does look like they do. More than that though, we've got three incredible women in it. I mean holy hell, we've gotten group casts for this series before but never quite like this with the amount of women I enjoy. Ai and Chitose are among my all-time top 10 and Yuria is steadily inching up there as well. As a big fan of this series I always wonder how they can keep it fresh after 100+ entries and, well, they figured it out. I have nothing but the highest hopes for this video.

I hope you enjoyed reading through this quick little post I whipped together. I've been paying a lot more attention to upcoming releases lately and this feels like a nice way to compliment the sales reports I do. Those ones always have me focusing on whatever the data shows but this one lets me pick the ones that are actually interesting to me. I'm obviously a little biased but there's a good mix of bust sizes and videos from debuts and veterans alike. I also hope you'll follow 2023 debut season along with me! Until next time!

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