Fried Chikan's Actress Spotlight: Minami Aizawa Part 1

Published : April 2nd, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan

Actress Spotlight
Minami Aizawa
Height: 5’1’'
B80 / W54 / H82
C Cup
Descriptors: Petite, Cute, Good Actress
Genre Choices: Average, Femdom, Slut
Status: Idea Pocket Exclusive
Fun Fact: Won a best actress award from Fanza in 2019, Has a tiny cameo in The Naked Director show

(The new petite queen)


What’s up all Fried Chikan back at it with an actress spotlight on the tiny Minami Aizawa. My spotlights are meant to introduce you the viewer to some notable actress, give some of their history, and give you a sense what kind of JAV idol they are. My spotlights will usually highlight underrated idols, lesser known girls, rising stars, or just one of my personal favorites.  Today’s entry is about the rising star Minami Aizawa. 

Minami Aizawa entered the industry back in 2016, debuting as an exclusive Idea Pocket girl. Her releases are a bit sporadic and sparse, only about 100-ish titles (not discounting compilation releases). She took a couple of month long hiatuses but seemed to return to the biz after winning Best Actress at the Fanza Awards in 2019. Covid has further hampered her releases. Despite all these setbacks and inactivity, Minami has slowly become a popular fan favorite. Her releases are like a hot commodity to the JAV community now. Here’s hoping the tiny beauty has a long and prolific career in porn.

(Yes that's the same girl)

Minami Aizawa: Body and Looks

Minami is your classic petite girl: tiny, petite, and skinny. At 5’1” she is pretty small in every area. Her tiny tits and small ass complement her petite build. She does have a nice shapely figure and a toned body. Physically she reminds me of Kaho Kasumi. Kaho’s bigger overall and has bigger breasts but Minami has a nicer figure overall and a more toned body. Physically, most petite girls aren’t the biggest crowd pleasers. It’s hard for them to compete with big breasts or thick asses. But Minami has great crowd pleasing petite figure. 

Minami’s cute face has won her a legion of fans. She is very cute and I would put her face up there with the cutest in JAV. With her big eyes, small face, and sharp-ish ears make her look almost elf like. Her elf like appearance is sometimes betrayed by her devilish and sadistic personality. She is very expressive with her cute face and does a lot of acting with it. She always seems to have a cheeky expression on her face.


Debut – AVOP-201
“FIRST IMPRESSION 103 Shocking! An Extraordinary, 19-Year-Old Porn Idol Is Born! She Has Such A Cute Face But She Loves Sex!!”

Here we have Minami’s debut title. Idea Pocket chose her debut for one of their entries in the AV Open. The AV Open for those that don’t know is a awards event for JAV. Studios usually roll out big showy titles, interesting premises, or promising new girls, so they had high expectations for Minami. She looks pretty much the same as she does now except her style gets better and her figure is much more in shape now. 

The title itself is pretty tame and unnoteworthy. Minami is shy and reserved, pretty much par for most debuts. Viewers get a first look at the tiny cutie but regarding her catalog it is a forgettable title. She improves greatly later on both in looks and performing. I always like to cover actresses debut titles because it lets us see how she started and who she becomes later.

The Whats

The Whats are about answering the questions “What kind of actress is she?” or “What kind of videos does she like to work in?” or “what is she known for?” Does she have a big ass? Does she only do vanilla content? The Whats cover all of this and more.

Award Winning Actress
For those looking for some high quality acting come check out these titles.


“Business Trip Shared Room NTR A Female Employee Is F***ed To Cum All Night Long By Her Orgasmic Boss”

First off the bat is a favorite new series of mine. The plot is about two coworkers who stay the night together as they succumb to their lust for one long night. All the action takes place in a posh hotel room and a fancy bathroom. An ordinary NTR plot for JAV but the high production levels and singular focus make it a stellar series. Minami’s performance is top class here and show why she is known for it.

Minami plays the seduced colleague for this title. Her transition from wary waif to lusty adulterer is something else to behold, especially a blowjob scene around the 1:10 minute mark. There she gives a slow and loving blowjob. From slow tiny kisses to long and tight sucks, her technique in short is amazing. She gives a full body blow job experience. It’s not just her slutty mouth and adventurous tongue. It’s the way her head bobs, or her arched back, or her hands slowly caressing her coworker’s body. 

She also keeps strong eye contact and responds with dirty whispers. When her coworker comments on how dirty and slutty she is and she retorts with admitting it (subtitles are a must here). Her dirty talk and improvisation are two important tools in her acting arsenal. It’s one of her best acting and performing titles. She gives a fantastic performance and carries the ordinary plot to higher heights. 

“Daydreaming of love with Minami, my dick got hard. Exciting Situation”

Next up we have a title that is lighter and less dramatic than the other two but no less great. The story is pretty nonexistent, Minami simply plays a woman who seduces and fucks different men in three scenes. She also looks really cute in all the scenes. However the real draw of the film is her individual and unique performance in each scene. In the first scene she is shy yet loving, the sex there is tender and slower. The second scene has her as flirty yet innocent and the sex there is fun and intense. However it’s the last scene that made me include this title onto the list.

The last scene is also the best scene and has Minami in a mean and sadistic mode. The sex there is more teasing with some femdom elements. She tortures the poor guy with her foot to his crotch or twisting his nipples as she laughs. My favorite moment has to be when she forcefully kisses him, she shoves her tongue into his mouth and it’s so hot. He pulls away and she yells at him before resuming to suck his tongue. She orders him around, dictating all of the sex. Minami is assertive and a little mean and it’s hot as hell.

You’ll see her play more of these roles in the next section but I wanted to include this title here because of the different roles Minami plays. How she switches so effortlessly from scene to scene is a credit to her acting skills. Give this title a gander to see three sides of Minami.

“I Started Feeling Horny After Hearing My Neighbor Scream With Orgasmic Pleasure... She's Having A Buffet Of stud Cocks!! The Apartment Manager NTR Project”

Finally we have a dramatic title that is heavy on plot and acting. The production is also great here. The lighting is bloomy and experimental  (at least for JAV). The camera angles are interesting during the plot scenes. Just a dramatic looking titles whose production level and style was something out of a TV drama. The title is clearly trying to show off Minami’s acting in a great JAV plot.

The plot is about Minami and her neighbor starting an adulterous relationship. Minami shows a lot of range here. In one scene she could be shy and wary, the next lusty and horny, and seductive and teasing. She will play conflicted to submissive to assertive all through the film. The pace is slower in the sex scenes and the non sex scenes in the beginning help build up her arc for later.  Minami really conveys her character’s journey from frustrated wife to sexually adventurous woman. 

This is why people praise JAV for their plots. They aren’t super unique or complicated (Aside from the weird ones). It is the acting and feature length runtime that really elevate them. When you let girls like Minami work in a film length title, they can convey a story or character arc convincingly. Something that is poorly missing in Western porn. It is not afraid to take things slow and let the plot build. This title is not only a good showcase for Minami’s acting but JAV plots as well.

Slutty and Sadistic 
For those looking for the sadistic and slutty side of Minami start here.

“A Sadistic Slut At A Men's Massage Parlor is Making Me Cum So Hard And It Feels So Good I Could Die”

Kicking off our slutty and sadistic section is a title that I have covered before. The section gets its name from this title. The last video and this one has Minami as the the subservient slut but in this one she is more sadistic. Minami serves the customer by teasing and playing with them. Minami is great at playing a sadistic teasing slut. The title is a typical massage parlor video. The scenes are typical and the production is good too (what is now becoming a typical thing for a Minami video). The angles are all either close up shots or pint of view angles.  Highly recommended for massage lovers.

What makes this title notable is her slow teasing slutty performance. Every scene has Minami very slowly tease and entice her costars to climax. The film’s slow and ponderous pace works well to its advantage. Minami takes her gleeful time to torture and tease her patients. Her mouth and tongue gets a lot of play here as does her massage skills. Minami is A plus plus at teasing and being slutty. 

She also isn’t afraid of getting nice and dirty. She takes a cum shot to the mouth in a later scene and like any good cum slut, she plays with the cum in her mouth. Her cute face plus her filthiness is a killer combination. This title is the best example of what kind of JAV actress Minami is and why so many regard her highly.

“A Beautiful Girl Slut Who Loves Dirty Old Men Is Luring Their Middle-Aged Cocks To Ejaculation Through Teasing Pull Out Licking And Sucking Sex”

If you liked the last title for its teasing then you’ll love this next title. The video is just pure sex with no plot to speak of. Minami sports a variety of skimpy outfits and lingerie as she seduces the ever loving fuck out of guys. The video is heavy on the teasing and showing Minami’s sadistic side. The outfits are fine, though the lingerie is super sexy, and the production is solid. But once again it is Minami’s fantastic performance that makes this title notable. 

Minami gets to show both her seductive and sadistic side here. In the third scene she even does some Femdom and spanking. She is quite assertive here: using her feet and legs to fondle cocks, to rimming an asshole, to riding a guy like a horse. Viewers who will follow her will see both submissive and dominate titles from her but she is at her best when she’s taking charge and in control.

Though the best scene has to be the beginning scene. Minami is simply dressed as a school girl who seductively teases an older man with a hand job. Truly great hand job scenes are rare, it’s hard to outshine blow jobs and sex but she does that here. Her hands are very playful and fondles him everywhere. She’ll jerk him off hard only to stop to see his reaction. I say hand job but really Minami gives a full body hand job experience. She edges the man on with her deep tongue kissing, fondling, and taunting dirty talk. She even rubs her thighs on his cock. Watch this title for a top tier teasing experience.

“Miss Minami Is Luring Me With Panty Shot Temptation Behind The Other Students”

Our last entry has Minami playing a teacher who seduces her students with her panties from behind. The teacher seduction video is a well worn JAV staple that suits Minami like a glove fits a hand. She plays the dominate seductress well. We also get lots of shots of Minami’s legs, ass, and panties. A simple but great teacher video that highlights her assertiveness and bottom half.

Minami is in the driver’s seat for this title. As the teacher she orders her students around, entices them with her body, and fucks them however she pleases. She is a little bitchy too in some scenes which I liked. Near the end of the video she gives a great hand, blow, and foot job all in one scene while seated. She talks down to her students before jerking him off then sucking him off. Finally she finishes him off with a great foot job. I’m not one for foot jobs but great titles like this has the ability to open us up to new kinks. There is something so sexy about watching a tiny cute girl like Minami take charge.

Her behind gets a lot of play here. She wears a lot of mini skirts and pantyhose, which show off her nice and long legs. Minami has got a great pair of legs. Fortunately for us she bends down a lot, giving us a nice look at her gams, ass, and panties. Her ass isn’t great but when you are as tiny as Minami you make use every asset you have. And Minami makes ample use of her great legs. A great teacher seduction title for any fan.

Aside: Similarities to Kana Momonogi
This is my second spotlight, my first being Kana Momonogi and I was surprised by how similar the two are. Both are petite girls that are known for their acting, cuteness, and low key sadism. So I definitely have a type. Both girls also dip into BDSM occasionally and both are signed with Idea Pocket. They do differ in that Kana is more of a hard M and Minami likes to play both roles (but is better when she is an S). Kana’s more gifted physically but Minami’s the better actress and performer. Here is hoping for a collab between the two. (OK aside over)


Minami has the potential to be a JAV super star barring anymore setbacks. Her teasing, sluttiness, and acting are claims to fame. I am a big believer that attitude and personality over looks and body. Not everyone can have a stunning body but anyone can develop a great personality which is what Minami has done. I hope you have enjoy this entry and give this petite devil a try.

Well that’s the end of part one. In part two I will cover my five favorite titles from Minami. Until then Fried Chikan out

On to Part 2 

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LuvMinami 1 month ago
Minami is incredible! I would love to see her VR videos over on Does anyone know name of studio that created her VR videos?

Edited by admin to remove reference to pirate site.
Indojavfan 3 years ago
Thanks for the excellent article, can't wait for the 2nd part. She is my favorite active JAV actress at the moment, her aggressive, slutty style just can't be beat especially compared to most JAV actress are very demure.
cacao 3 years ago
The other day I found a link called The modern Cinderella legend of Minami Aizawa it was a PDF with some of her manager tweets about how she got introduced to the industry, pretty interesting things like how he found her, the first time she told her family about her porn career, I dont know if you are interested in reading it, I could link you the pdf
Mangochin 3 years ago

Links are disabled in the comments section for safety purposes. If you want to share, feel free to send an email to ZENRA through the contact section, or you can check my bio for my twitter and shoot me a DM there (and I'd be happy to share with the rest of the writers).

Periph 3 years ago
I'd like to see it too. If you can't link, can you describe in a way it can be found again?
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