2022 Debut Review - Momona Koibuchi

Published : December 12th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Momona Koibuchi

Birthday (Age at debut): 2000-06-14 (21 years old)

Height: 161cm

Measurements: B103 - W65 - H92

Cup Size: M Cup

Debuted: For SOD on Apr 21st, 2022

Social Media: Twitter


Momona was someone I noticed early on and as more and more covers came out they did a better job at highlighting her huge boobs. When we finally got to a cover pointing out her M cup tits in a bunny suit it was obvious I had to watch her.


Facially Momona was solid. I tend not to be a huge fan of younger actresses but Momona was fairly nice. I obviously would have preferred someone a bit more mature but I can't argue all the time. I wasn't a fan of her wispy bangs but it wasn't really a big deal.

Momona's tits were delicious. M is a fantastic letter and it showed in how big and juicy they were. They had great shape and they also bounced and jiggled quite nicely. Definitely one of the nicest pair from debuts in recent memory.

Momona's ass was kind of whatever. I don't think it was necessarily bad but it wasn't the star of the show. I think more so than anything you could tell the intentional downplay of it. Whether it was good or not everyone was there for the tits and the video made it clear they were the focal point.

Momona's body was also solid. It felt like her frame was the right size for her body type and I could appreciate someone not being overly heavy or too thin. I did find myself not crazy about her midsection with the way it folded in during some positions but it wasn't that big of a gripe.


During the plot/foreplay parts I found Momona to be quite enjoyable. She had the right level of enthusiasm that wasn't drowning you in it but felt like she cared about what she was doing. I could believe she was happy about doing it because she thought it would benefit the class.

During intercourse Momona was pretty mediocre. A lot of general moaning and weak expressions as you might expect. I found her moaning was sometimes a bit reserved in a good way, where she had long bouts of not moaning. Still, it definitely wasn't great either way.

Momona's paizuri was alright. I think if anything the value of it came from the size rather than her technique. She didn't do much during it but the size made it easy to wrap around a cock and still look nice. This is one of the benefits of tits this size where she gets decent marks for free just because.

Video Review

Momona plays the student council president and is preparing for the upcoming school festival. When the rest of the students aren't that interested, Momona takes a drastic approach to making it one for the ages.

The video had a fun plot to get around with various settings at school. It's often difficult to utilize a school well and I think having the festival theme gave them a way to make it fun and interesting. We got cosplay things mixed with school things that made sense, or even interesting things like a haunted house bit. The scenes all had a focus on leaving he chest exposed for obvious reasons, but I can't really argue given how amazing her boobs looked. I think adding glasses was also a fun way to mix it up even more while playing to the school theme of her being the student council president (aka she looks more studious). It would have been hot to see something much more grandiose, i.e. all the male students having a gangbang with her, but honestly it was all pretty solid regardless.


Momona's career has been fairly mediocre so far. I have low expectations of SOD, especially at the beginning of an actress' career. That is partially to say that I'm not surprised and not unhappy because this is all expected stuff. It would be nice to see a VR or image video thrown in but I have a feeling they'll milk her boobs as long as they can and keep the variety minimal.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

I actually have a lot of hopes for Momona. Even though her performing during intercourse wasn't great she has other qualities that make up for it. I'm definitely showing my huge boobs bias here but how can I argue with boobs that big and that nice? As long as Momona gets some solid opportunities I expect myself to watch her again, I mean how can I not want to? Obviously that will take a bit of time but I would be quite surprised if I haven't seen her again in the next half a year or so.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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