This or That: Aka Asuka or Konan Koyoi

Published : October 1st, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Hey all, Oppaira here with a fun new post for you guys. As you probably all know I collect a lot of data about the actresses and videos I watch. It helps a ton with deciding what posts to put together or what videos are my favourite, but often times it's not that useful enough to use as the basis for a post itself. This one, however, is a rare case where I've actually found a way to make it into a post and make it work. The concept is simple, I pick two actresses, compare them directly using all of the data I have, and pick a winner. I've done a trial with a few friends and it went over well, so hopefully you all enjoy it. With that said let me jump straight into it with a stat-filled image.

Aka Asuka (Hikaru Nagu, I still can't bring myself to call her by her new name, which is her third name now) and Konan Koyoi have been my favourite debuts from S1 in 2020 and 2021 respectively. I think they make for great actresses to compare for that reason, especially since I have easy ways to compare across debut dates. Even if Aka has been around for half a year longer that's really not that much different, and there's some key points that they're similar on: same studio, same original new to me rating, similar watch habits, and similarly busty.

First off Aka Asuka is a little bit older than Konan Koyoi. I think it really shows in their faces as Aka has a bit more maturity to her. For sure I was initially bigger on Aka's face, finding her more attractive than Konan. That being said, the more I've watched both of them the more they've started to even out. I find Aka is still pretty but not nearly as much as I first thought. Similarly, I think Konan has come off prettier the more I watch her. I find it really interesting because Aka has the kind of maturity I prefer but I think the more spunky attitude Konan has in her works and social media actually make her more attractive. Personally I'd say they're about equal right now.

On the side of their tits I would give a slight nod to Aka's, largely due to the size. They're both quite nice but as someone who prefers them as huge as they can be I find myself enjoying Aka's a bit more. It's definitely interesting because Aka's boobs aren't as nicely shaped as you'd like but that doesn't seem to bother me all that often. There are just so many positions where the shape of her boobs isn't really a factor at all, and instead you just see how great they can bounce or jiggle. Konan's are definitely still nice, don't get me wrong, but again, I'm certainly a size person. More than that though, Konan's boobs are a little too full for my preferences, which is to say that their motion often is a bit more rigid than I would prefer, something you can definitely tell when looking at them side by side. I will say that initially there was a much larger discrepancy and over time they've been inching closer and closer, but I'm definitely team Aka here.

Aka basically has no ass so Konan's ends up being nicer by default. I don't think Konan's is special by any stretch but I'll definitely take the more sizable one when that's an option. They both have the same waist measurements but the hips measurements being nicer for Konan indicate exactly what I'm saying: size is better if neither are particularly great. I do find that to be true in general, that an ass that is just big can actually be somewhat enjoyable. It doesn't have to be super curvy to get you going, and Konan's comes across like that quite often.

On the flip side to the above, Aka's body is better than Konan's. Aka is in better shape than Konan, not that Konan is heavy by any means but she's far more average than Aka is. Aka's actually in fairly good shape (which has gotten even better lately), and while it's not a top tier body with crazy definition it's still nice. Even if Aka's body is nicer by a noticeable margin, I don't think it's actually as big of a deal as other factors are, and body tends to be my lowest importance factor.

When it comes to performing I think the nod definitely goes to Konan. At first I was kind of happy with Aka's performing but as she's gotten more adjusted to the industry her performing has become bad. Maybe she was just always bad and I didn't notice it after a few films, but now I absolutely notice it. She often has a stoic personality in videos that is actually not very enjoyable at all. While we all tend to criticize them for how loud they moan and how submissive it makes them appear, as it turns out some level of moaning is not only a good thing but actually necessary. When you're as stiff as Aka is then it actually becomes difficult to enjoy. On the flip side Konan has actually been quite delightful. Her moaning is far more in check than Asuka's and is honestly at a pretty reasonable level. More than that, she happens to be quite bubbly and upbeat at times, particularly during the early parts of scenes. She reminds me a lot of someone like Aika Yumeno, just less bubbly during foreplay but not as poor during intercourse.

Aka and Konan have very similar watch rates. Watch rate, just to elaborate a bit, is how often I watch them, and it's done relative to the first time I watched them. It's actually my favourite stat to use when comparing actresses that I've done for my New to Me series because it's effectively normalized data. Even though I first watched Aka almost a year before Konan, it enables me to compare them irrespective of that.

What we see here is that Aka and Konan are actually not too far off. The watch rate average is 60 days for Aka vs 70 days for Konan, meaning I watch Aka a little more often than Konan. In Layman's terms this means that I'm watching Aka about once every other month and Konan slightly less than that. The interesting part was at the 450 days mark where I had seen them an equal amount of times. It does look like these days Aka is maintaining a bit of an edge but that edge doesn't appear to be too wild. You also see that Aka tends to show a lot more consistency here, which would be really evident if you plotted a trendline and looked at how much it fit the graph, especially in the last few months, compared to the volatility from Konan.

You can see the same if you look at some of the other watch rate stats. You can see the min is lower for Aka (the fastest I've seen two videos is two weeks apart for her) vs Konan's at three weeks. Similarly the max is considerably lower for Aka, meaning I go through shorter periods of time before I watch her again. There's probably a very good reason for that which is how incredible Aka's tits are and how willing I am to watch content as a result. At the same time, with the state of S1 lately I think Aka is likely to fall down a little more compared to some other actresses they have and me splitting my time among them.

Looking at their average rating over time is also a very telling stat for the two. Where the previous chart had some competition at various points you can see that Konan has always out performed Aka. It might not necessarily seem like a lot but four points is actually quite a lot. Average rating is kind of indicative of them as a whole and part of it can reflect the opportunities they get. Considering they're both at S1 that part of the metric remains constant which means the comparison is actually closer to their performing skills than anything. There are certainly a few differences in the opportunities but a lot of their content is generic big tits stuff and I consider the more spunky opportunities Konan gets to be comparable to the more mature themes Aka gets (such as teacher or office lady). This one also highlights that despite Konan being a better performer and despite that I enjoy Konan videos more, that Aka has other qualities making up for the difference.

Head to Head

Face - Tied

Tits - Aka Asuka

Ass - Konan Koyoi

Body - Aka Asuka

Performing - Konan Koyoi

Initial Rating - Tied

Average Rating - Konan Koyoi

Watch Rate - Aka Asuka

Winner - Konan Koyoi

It was an insanely tight battle between them but I think I have to go with Konan. If you look purely by the stats above it's pretty much a wash between them: Aka had three wins, Konan had three wins, and there were two ties. Aka's tits are better, Konan's ass is better. I watch Aka more but Konan performs better. There's just so much back and forth between them that you'd think it should be a tie. Honestly, at one point I did have it as a tie, but I toiled about it for a while and changed my mind. I think if you're using the stats the correct answer is the tie but that's boring and I can look a little past the stats to break it.

I think the value Konan brings comes from where I see the future of S1 going. I still quite enjoy Aka's tits but S1 has had three incredibly busty actresses debut this year in Miyuu Kiyohara, Haru Minato, and Ren Gojo. While I personally have only skimmed some stuff so far I suspect that I'm going to watch Aka less and less. You see, because Aka is such a poor performer I pretty much only watch her for the combination of fairly pretty plus tits. I go into videos expecting a terrible performance so I'm just there for the eye candy. While first impressions of the new debuts is that Aka is prettier, I predict her being a lot more in competition with them than Konan. Konan is a solid performer and is likely to be better than any of them by a country mile. I predict I'll be watching Konan videos that look halfway interesting because I have faith, whereas when I want tits I may go to the new performers instead of Aka because of the lack of confidence I have in Aka videos.

I hope you've all enjoyed this post. It's a little bit different from your standard post with how technical it is and how I use numbers to talk about porn. It's a weird thing to do but it's interesting to take a look from a lens that isn't guided by "make PP hard". Please let me know if you enjoy these because I can do it for other actresses. I've got plenty of other ideas like:

  • The top 3 debuts from 2019 (Ruka Inaba, Kaho Imai, Yuria Yoshine)
  • Rara Anzai vs her latest replacement Aka Asuka
  • The three new busty actresses from S1 this year: Miyuu Kiyohara, Haru Minato, and Ren Gojo

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AsianThirstTraps 7 months ago
To me, Konan wins this in a rout. Aka has an unfortunate case of what I'd call "fat girl face." As pointed out, she's probably in better shape than Konan, and she certainly isn't ugly. She just kind of looks like she should be in the BBW category when I look at her, and she wouldn't stand out there. Konan, on the other hand, looks skinny and it's always a bit surprising that she's got a bit of a tummy. This could also just be me trying to rationalize why Aka doesn't quite do it for me.
Double egg 7 months ago
Head to head from me:
Face - Hikaru Nagi
Tits - Hikaru Nagi
Ass - Konan Koyoi
Body - Konan Koyoi
Performing - Konan Koyoi
Initial Rating - Hikaru Nagi
Average Rating - Konan Koyoi
Watch Rate - Hikaru Nagi

I slightly like Hikaru Nagi, she has a lot potential to deliver. But i think like this, Hikaru Nagi still at level performer, beside Konan Koyoi already at level actress. I hope S1 can push them to play more roles rather than only change their clothes.
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