2023 Debut Review - Miyu Kiyohara

Published : December 18th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Miyu Kiyohara

Birthday (Age at debut): 2002-07-10 (20 years old)

Height: 160cm

Measurements: B95 - W58 - H87

Cup Size: H Cup

Debuted: For S1 on 2023-06-13

Social Media: Twitter


Miyu was someone I wanted to watch straight from her debut. Huge H cup tits? Yes, please. It was a very easy sell for me and ultimately I only waited hoping S1 would give her a good release before the end of the year.


Facially I thought Miyu was about average for me. Her smile was nice and big but she looked kind of mediocre doing it as if the expression did not come naturally to her. That kind of mirrored how I felt about her throughout the film as she often wasn't having those big smiles she was capable of, making a lot of it seem like a let down. I'm not a huge fan of wispy bangs like she had either which I think played into me thinking her face was kind of average. Facially she reminded me a bit of Ruka Inaba (perhaps more overall too). Miyu also had fairly large eyes, something I don't think is that common, and my mind immediately went to Mako Oda in the moments where her eyes looked that big (I'm sure there are others with large eyes but Mako is who comes to mind for me). I think with Miyu my opinion of her facially was a bit all over the place, sometimes she looked rather nice and other times she looked sort of average. I know I have preferences for someone a lot more mature than her which probably also factored in. I would say Miyu has potential to be above average, especially a few years down the road when she matures a bit, but perhaps even the right makeup or expressions from an upbeat drama could sway my opinion.

Miyu's tits were obviously incredible. They were very big and very full, a fairly nice combination. There were definitely times they didn't quite bounce with the right pep but they definitely jiggled incredibly on her back. They were also a bit veiny when the light hit just right but that wasn't an issue for me. Her areola also seemed a bit small at times, which I think was more just when her boobs spilled and they had a huge surface area to cover.

Miyu's ass was quite underwhelming. It had a hefty size to it but it didn't really have great shape to it. You'd look at it and go, oh well it's big but not shapely. That also tracked with her thighs that were quite big, perhaps honestly a little too big for her. They were teetering right on the line of being a bit too much if you ask me.

Miyu's body was a little above average for me. You could tell she had a bit of a pudge, and honestly her thighs almost seemed a bit too big for her frame, but I wouldn't say she was heavy. The pudge or her overly meaty thighs didn't manifest too much in the film so you saw her body just being thicc instead. I hate recommending some exercise to people but Miyu seems like someone that could wind up with an actually incredible body with just a little bit of effort.


Miyu as a performer was pretty underwhelming. There was a lot of pretty loud moaning from her throughout the video and a lot of times she couldn't really maintain eye contact. Even at times where she tried to it was better but still not particularly good. She never could just look a guy straight in the eye the way Akari Toka (another 2023 S1 debut) could. To me it just always seemed like the sex consumed Miyu a little too much and she simply struggled with it.

Even when making out with the guy things seemed a little uncomfortable for her. I mean sure, he was touching her boobs in this clip, but I've seen far better from some 2023 debuts while they were mid intercourse. Miyu just didn't really do it justice, unfortunately.

Miyu's paizuri was not half bad but also not quite as good as I had hoped for. I think her boobs being as full as they were gave her a bit of difficulty in giving paizuri, often ending up in more of a handjob. I do think her tits are capable of doing it properly it just doesn't come effortlessly like they would if they had a bit more sag to them.

One thing we did see from Miyu were times where she played with her tits. It seemed more scripted than it did spontaneous, which is unfortunate, but you always love to see it regardless.

Video Review

Miyu stars in a basic film premised around her huge, incredible tits.

I thought the video really wasn't anything special. It has boobs, you get a good sense of Miyu, that's about it. Generic sex scenes don't really do it for me unless the actress really goes all out and I never got that sense from her. She was too reserved to make this video pop and while there were a few good moments here and there the video as a whole was a bit lacking from a performing standpoint. To me it doesn't stand out as anything more than a debut video without the debut filler content. It works, you can enjoy her body for what it is, you'll probably wish you had picked something else to be perfectly honest.


Miyu is having a pretty typical career at S1 right now. A lot of videos without much of a theme, still waiting to get her first actual drama film. She got her first image video pretty early on too with Air Control after her third release, though that is actually quite common with major S1 debuts as we typically see them doing it within the first six months.

What is unusual is her getting two VR before her sixth release. We had to wait nine months to get Aka Asuka to do VR and a full year for Konan to do her second, so it's a good sign to see them pumping out extra Miyu videos.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

I like Miyu but I'm not convinced she's the slam dunk that everyone else is. I hope to be proven wrong and that she turns out to be incredible though. I think that's partially me being not as attracted to her facially and seeing her performing being worse than a fair chunk of other debuts, including some others at S1. She's not a terrible performer but she has a long way to go even to compete with some of her fellow classmates. Again though, there were a lot of parts to like out of her and I really hope that I'm wrong, which almost signals to me that she's better than I put her at.

PS. Anyone who loves DQ is a-okay in my books!

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.


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