JAV Sales Report - December 2023

Published : January 15th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Top Actresses

Mitsuri Nagahama is a debut I wrote about in my debut review post, which I encourage people to go look at. It's a post I'm going to do covering debuts each month since we no longer have sales data for debuts (aside from when they top the charts like this). She's starting off in 7th place, one spot below Mitsuki Momota who I reviewed last year and two below Koiki Nagisa. It's not quite the top of the chart but it's still a pretty respectable start and hopefully we will see her turn out to be as good as the hype indicates. She looks pretty and is slim with big tits, so hopefully the cover isn't too much of a bamboozle.

Keeping up the trend of new debuts we've got Miyu Kiyohara and Haru Minato in top spots, two of S1's newly minted busty debuts. I can say with confidence both are great and if you want my opinions of them you can go look at my debut posts on them. Only time will tell exactly how popular they end up being but for the start they are on the fast track to success. We see with the rankings that the pair are fluctuating, Haru down a few spots and Miyu up a few spots this month, but I think that's just natural fluctuation. If we start seeing them outside the top 100 that would be cause for concern but dropping within the top 25 or even the top 50 isn't all that surprising in a given month. Even perennial all-star Yua Mikami only made it in the top 25 8/12 times and in fact only three actresses made it every single month with another two in the top 50 every single month. All in all though I see the two of them continuing to excel and we'll definitely be following them in many a report in the new year.

Erika Ichigo is another debut I reviewed and is now cracking our top 25. I think people realized what I did during my review: she's nice. She's quite pretty and has great physical qualities and I think she will do well. She reminds me of the kind of vibe they had from Mio Ishikawa when she debuted except she's got much bigger boobs. I'll let people decide on how facially attractive each is themselves but I do personally think Erika looks prettier. All that is to say that where Mio Ishikawa is in our top 25 and rather consistently at the top, I think that Erika has that potential, even if it takes a few months for her to reach it.

Just like last month where DMM had some issues updating the data we saw the same this time around once again. This time I've included the top 100 list so we can see exactly who I'm talking about

I don't know what it is with female directors and signature series in vehicles but somehow Rena Aoi has been pulling a Liz with this one. Ichika Matsumoto, Kanako Iioka (Kana Morisawa), and now Hibiki Otsuki. I am still very impressed by how well Rena's career as a director has been going. I do feel like female directors are underrepresented and I have nothing but good experiences between Liz and Nao Masaki. To me Rena feels like a bit of a cross between the two and that's what this series feels like. Take a Liz concept, add a Nao Masaki flair, and create something really great. I think especially with the actual friendships she's had with these actresses you can get something great, I know for sure she's starred alongside Hibiki before since I've seen the video where they were involved in Aika Yamagishi's lesbian unbanning. Either way I'm glad to see Rena produce lots of stuff and I hope at some point she'll pull a true Nao Masaki and actually do something sexual on camera just because.

Mako Oda is someone way down on the list in 95th spot and someone who continues to somehow make it work. We saw earlier this year she was away from the game for a bit but I'm glad to see her back in action. She isn't really the quality some of the other actresses are but I always find myself coming back to her. She's one of those rare combinations of attractive and longevity that keeps you interested far after her prime. She ain't Julia but honestly she still does it for me. She's pretty miserable in bed and I've been saying that for years but hot damn does she look great even at 40 years old now. Mako in glasses in VR is something I could totally get behind even if I know it's going to be a bore. There's just something about her that amid a sea of very mediocre videos she still manages to shine and as mediocre as she is she will always be one of my all-time favourite actresses.

Yuma Asami is a surprising name to say the least. Who would have expected a blast from the past like that to show up on the list? She's way down in 96th but let's face it, for someone that's been retired for a decade that's just a straight W, as pure as they come. It's almost for sure a sale that put her up on the list like this and I don't blame people for it. Would you rather pick Yua or Yuma now that they're both retired? I feel like a lot of people would say Yua but oldies know just how great Yuma was. Hopefully we see a few more blasts from the past on the list in the future.

Top Videos

I am most curious to see how Saika will compete against the new batch of S1 debuts now that Yua is gone. For years and years we all knew Yua was their flagship actress, probably since Kirara Asuka retired way back in 2018. We've seen them have plenty of big names like Rara Anzai over the years but I think all of us knew deep down their flagship was Yua. Saika posed an interesting challenge at the end of Yua's career because depending on where you looked you saw Saika outperforming Yua. Now that Yua's gone the question remains if Saika is going to be their flagship. Something tells me the fans are deciding that for themselves based on the only S1 video in our top 10 being a Saika release on top of her IV for Air Control being first. At the same time though if you look on all the other charts you do see challengers rising up. Saika's clearly in 1st on the physical sales but there's, count it with me, eight other S1 actresses in the top 25 (not including the retired Yua Mikami) and five on the Bookmate top 25 that aren't Saika. I feel like as a fan of what's been going on there we need a bit of time to see where the dust settles but it's shaping up to be a lot of fun.

Madonna has really stepped their game up with their 20th anniversary stuff. We've all been seeing it for weeks and months now but holy hell have these two videos really elevated the playing field. I can't remember the last time a studio did content like this off my head because studios seem to abhor doing it. It's expensive and it is never going to be worth the cost unless you can convince some fans to watch more of Madonna. Honestly though I think this is the exact way you do it. When you put this many people in a film and make it 4 or 5 hours long, people will question if that's worthwhile. "Hmm, I only watch a couple of actresses here but who knows, maybe I'll find a new gem in it" and then you're sold. Especially since they crafted a pretty respectable cast from their roster there's so much to pick from. I've seen all the actresses in each of the videos outside of it (and the second has 21 different actresses) and I can assure you there's a little something for everyone. I have a feeling that despite how exorbitant the price tag must have been, they'll get more sales on a bunch of these actresses and make back their money. The first is out and is worth watching and the second will be out in a few days and I'll be reviewing it next month.

Ren Gojo's debut film was in second place way back when and I feel like fans are starting to get annoyed and stop caring about her. She released more than two months ago with no new release in sight, and what's painful is that she just keeps saying to hold tight. Girl we've been holding tight and when coupled with how much of a tease your debut film was we're just upset, frustrated, and have no more patience. Why should we even bother when S1 already has Haru Minato and Momoka Kagura and Miyu Kiyohara and Hikaru Nagi and Mei Washio... I could do this all day. I don't need excuses I need results and I feel like if she doesn't have a release soon she won't have a career in S1. We'll have to see what happens but my patience is wearing thin. You can check out my review of her debut but honestly I'll tell you right now that the video ain't worth it and it's probably worth ignoring her until her career is more than nothing.

MINAMO is an actress I don't talk a ton about because honestly I'm not the biggest fan. She is quite popular though and on a great roster, so naturally seeing her on the charts isn't surprising at all. I must admit that I do appreciate when SOD creates more interesting scenarios. Seeing her be a mover and then do all these things is my kind of film. I don't know that I've specifically seen mover as the theme before, I've definitely seen delivery driver and it was great. I think it's interesting enough that MINAMO fans should have a blast with this one.

Bookmate Rankings

Sayaka Nito (仁藤さや香) is in first place this month after being 18th place last month eclipsing out Saika (河北彩花). It's crazy to see just how deep S1's roster is because honestly I wouldn't have expected Sayaka to be the one in first. I reviewed her in my debut posts last month and she's just alright. She's no Ai Hongo (本郷愛) (9th), she's no Konan Koyoi (小宵こなん) (13th), she's no Haru Minato (みなと羽琉) (18th), and yet she's the one in first. I will say that she has an incredible body and I can see why people like her but it's still crazy to see. What's honestly even crazier is to see that despite her being first on Bookmate's rankings, the DMM rankings have 10 S1 actresses in the top 25 and no Sayaka. Absolutely wild.

I feel like all I do is talk about S1 actresses but if they sell then they sell. Ai Hongo (9th) & Konan Koyoi (13th) are similarly doing very well this month, both showing big increases. Both of them are the more spunky upbeat type actresses and with pretty face and big boobs it's a winner of a combination. Ai Hongo's in particular looks great with the Maso man theme combined with director Nao Masaki. Konan herself has starred in that series and done it justice and hopefully Ai is as good of a performer as Konan is and can do it justice. I was pretty close to putting Ai's in my watchlist for this month and it wouldn't be surprised if I did watch it at some point this year.

Non Ohana (小花のん) finally has her first full drama since joining Madonna. I feel like Madonna is going to be a pretty mediocre home for her as I feel like she has different acting strengths than Madonna will offer her. Case an point this video doesn't seem like one I would want to watch as a fan of hers. That being said, I can understand the desire to slow down and Madonna has been killing it lately with some of their pickups, and I'll just have to hope Non gets few decent releases in the not too distant future.

In 32nd and 33rd place we have Rei Kimura (木村玲衣) and Nami Okimiya (沖宮那美) respectively. I'm always stoked to see new Madonna debuts doing well, especially Rei Kimura. I feel like Madonna put a lot of eggs in the Nami basket with the way they've been calling her this once in a century debut (it literally says once every 100 years on her debut cover, 100年に1度) and I'm excited to see someone competing with her. Rei might not technically be a debut as she filmed many years ago but who really cares at the end of the day. I really liked Rei, one of my favourite debuts, and I'm excited to see her still doing well at Madonna. Considering just how many Madonna debuts fizzle out by this time she's on her fifth release now. Only time will tell if we can get more stuff from her with the rest of the Madonna cast but I'm willing to take some copium here. The only one I've seen her alongside is Haruka Rukawa (流川はる香) on social media at the end of the year party and Haruka is from the same agency S Flirt. She also happens to be the only other one on Madonna's roster at S Flirt. I wouldn't have picked Haruka as my choice to star alongside Rei if I could pick but I'd sooner take Haruka than nobody, so here's hoping that S Flirt can convince Madonna to do something fun.

Mei Itsukaichi (五日市芽依) is a debut I didn't wind up watching but had on my short list for a while. Like many I spent a while looking for good videos and this one above was it for me. Then I found out she had fake tits and that was that. Was it a petty reason to remove her off the list? Sure. Do I regret it? Not really. Smaller fake tits like hers don't really do it for me and considering how many names I was eying and didn't ultimately watch I'm not the least bit upset about it. Maybe someone can convince me to watch her at a later time when I watch a few more debuts later this year, but for now Mei can just be a name on my radar. Maybe if she gets a video that truly speaks to me, like Oppai's Girlfriend's Elder Sister series she might have a chance.

Another debut I didn't talk about during debut season was Mitsuha Ashitaba (明日葉みつは). She's clearly doing well for herself over at S1 but she just didn't end up someone I watched. I'll be honest and tell you something you probably didn't notice in my advent calendar post: I did a week straight of S1 actresses and intentionally limited myself to seven just to make sure I had a bit more variety. Turns out Mitsuha was not in the top seven debuts there this year (in my opinion), who would have guessed? She seems fine but at some point, like Mei, I have to use certain qualities to remove a few names from the list. When she has to compete with all the other S1 debuts I've already spoken about, well, I could have seen it coming for sure.

In one ranking post we can see something really interesting with how deep and varied Madonna's roster is and how successful they are. We've got Maki Hojo (北条麻妃) in 80th place, Momoko Isshiki (一色桃子) in 76th place, and Karen Yanagi (柳かれん) in 84th place (among a few others in the image as well). I think the three of them represent the huge mix of actresses you have at Madonna. You've got Maki Hojo the near 20 year veteran, Momoko who is in her 8th year, and Karen who debuted just last year. Or you've got Maki Hojo at D cup, Momoko Isshiki at F cup, or Karen at J cup. Or you've got Maki who is slim, Momoko who is average, or Karen who is a bit on the heavy side. No matter how you slice it you can see the sheer depth of their roster, and once again we're at the bottom of the actresses from Bookmate here. I counted 20 different actresses from them in the rankings at Bookmate (but don't trust me it's hard when the names are all in Japanese and there's so many) but it's crazy to think that Madonna is literally rivaling S1 right now. Maybe they've somehow found the fountain of youth and have all these hot older women staying beautiful for forever but hot damn I'm excited either way to see more of them all.

Erena (絵麗奈) will probably forever be an interesting actress to me. It's not often you see actresses like her in mainstream JAV seeing this level of success. As a reminder, if you aren't aware, Erena is actually a Hong Kong native, and you can read more about her in my debut review of her. She was honestly really great and videos like this just give her more of an opportunity to be herself and show off her charm. I have a feeling we're headed to much more of this with her given her Japanese skills are somewhat limited but I'm glad she seems enthusiastic about the opportunity and that the industry is responding positively to her.

And with that we have our final sales report for 2023 done. I hope you've all enjoyed all the reports this year. If you haven't looked at my debut reviews for 2023 please go take a look now that it's finished. I have quite a few adjacent things going out this year, the debut preview most prominently where I will give previews of promising upcoming reviews. With that I hope you have a great 2024 and I look forward to more sales reports with you. Until next time!


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