2021 Debut Review - Konan Koyoi

Published : November 15th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Konan Koyoi

Birthday (Age at debut): 1994-04-02 (26 years old)

Height: 164cm

Measurements: B96 - W59 - H94

Cup Size: H Cup

Debuted: For S1 on May 14th, 2021


Facially speaking Konan was exactly like what she looks like on her covers. I wouldn't say I think she's amazing but she's certainly not terrible. I find so many covers Photoshop the actress to look nicer so at least with Konan there wasn't any bamboozle going on. I feel like a little bit of work could go a long way, like she's close to actually looking very nice. I still found myself enjoying her face a decent amount, definitely more than I anticipated.

Konan's boobs were definitely the highlight of her. 96cm H Cup boobs are the real deal for sure. They were nice and large, they had a nice shape, they jiggled around quite nicely - what more could I ask for? I don't think they're quite as nice as Rara's (who is the obvious comparison) but peak Rara is about as good as you can get. I certainly would categorize Konan in the group at S1 with Rara Anzai and Aka Asuka so any fans of big tits can rejoice.

Similar to Rara and Aka, I felt like Konan's ass wasn't that great. I can't say that I expected much, S1 doesn't tend to have actresses with nice asses, especially those who are on the bustier side. With her body being a bit on the thicker side like Rara and Aka, her ass wasn't awful. I suppose I generally find that if an ass isn't going to be the greatest, at least being a bit on the bigger side with some bigger thighs is nicer. I doubt anyone will remember her ass, and to be honest, I think people are mostly looking elsewhere anyway.

As I alluded to above, her body isn't bad but it is a little bit bigger. You can certainly see a bit of a bigger frame and a bit of the fat there. I never found myself off put by it, I tend to personally find that as long as everything else is proportionate then I'm not too concerned. So with Konan, her boobs were definitely big enough to offset that size and I never worried. I think especially as other parts like her arms and legs were proportional as well, it felt like her body came together nicely enough.



I thought Konan was an okay performer. Obviously expectations from debuts are limited, so I tend not to be as annoyed, and instead focus on small highlights that can be predictive of future success. I thought Konan actually had a couple of things she did better than I had anticipated. Firstly, she was actually engaged in the video when she wasn't thrilled about having sex. Actually trying to push back against the guy or cower are things that more of her studio coworkers simply won't do. I wouldn't say her expressions during it were particularly great though, which was certainly another limiting factor. She also managed to move her hips in doggy, which can be seen in the clip in physical section highlighting her ass.

I think overall as a performer Konan wasn't really any better than the average debut. She did moan a lot, even when she was supposed to be enjoying herself. She did cut through that with some dialogue at times so I found it wasn't the worst, but I don't think it was really any special. She also had a lot of mediocre expressions where she was looking at the guy with her mouth wide open. If anything, take a look at the clip above to see what I mean. I've definitely seen worse from debuts but I've also definitely seen better.

Video Review

Konan plays the hot office lady whose boss is always harassing her, including sexually. She puts up with it for the job but after one night of drinking things get a little out of hand and they end up having sex. Despite her not being all that comfortable with the situation, she can't help but enjoy the pleasures of sex.

Konan's performance was actually not half bad. I think that's more on the little things she did to make it better than the general tone of her performance. I felt like a lot of the time she did just do your typical moaning, which I think is fairly natural for this kind of a video. I found even some of her expressions were questionable at times, something some newer actresses can really have trouble with when they're not used to these types of videos. Honestly though, even something as simple as looking up at a guy while giving him a titty fuck is pretty good for debuts, and Konan's titty fucking was certainly enjoyable.

I felt like the content was just so-so. These sort of hotel sex videos focus way too much on having sex on the bed. Granted it's the most obvious thing to do but I tend to prefer hotel videos that have a bit more than that. You do see them having sex in the shower (which is hot as hell), but it's also a shorter scene and doesn't quite get the attention it deserves (side note: I don't know why studios don't have longer shower scenes, they're always freaking amazing). I also found myself preferring when she was fully nude so I could enjoy all of her body, which I guess is a good thing for her. The fact that I wanted to just watch her body meant I could enjoy the sex much more than I might have otherwise.


Konan is continuing on her career as an S1 debut. Exclusive debuts like her can go one of two ways, either moving to freelance after or staying at S1 for a long time to come. I suspect Konan will stay there for some time to come, she's kind of following in the shadows of Aka and Rara. She's been showing up on the physical sales charts toward the bottom of the list, so popular enough that people are taking notice (which really isn't surprising for S1 actresses) but not popular enough to compete with Rara or Aka. Again, really not surprising when Rara is one of the most beloved actresses around (at least if the sales charts are any indication). I do like that S1 is opening up a little more to these super busty actresses, especially if we get some that will stay there for years like Rara. We've had some in the past but there's been a bit of a void recently, especially when Rara was on hiatus, so it's good to see them there now to cover up that hole. Konan having an IV is also a pretty good sign that the industry is hedging on her.


Rating - B

I plan to watch them again eventually.

Overall I actually kind of liked Konan. I suppose I have a bias for actresses with this body type; big tits, especially ones as nice as Konan's, are definitely a great asset. She shows a bit of promise in some areas that make me think there's some potential for her. I think my assessment is also somewhat based on the premise that I know I'm willing to watch actresses like Rara, Aka, and all the other busty S1 actresses despite some mediocrity, and I feel like I'll be the same with Konan. I keep feeling like each one is progressively worse though, which is to say I like Rara more than Aka and Aka more than Konan, and I wonder just how far down things can go. That being said, I find they often have awful videos so the more actresses I can toss into that mix to watch (S1 + busty) the better. Chances are that I will jump on an opportunity to see her in a more suitable video (maybe one where she's the assertive one). I also kind of hate saying this but I think a slight bit of work on her face might go a really long way for her, it's just shy of actually being very nice.

To keep up to date with Konan, check her out on her Twitter.

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AznThirstTraps 2 years ago
She's quickly made my list of actresses I check out whenever I see a new release.Her body is great (boobs doing most of the work of course) and while I didn't really like her face at first, I've come to see her as quite pretty. The kicker for me is she seems to get fucked pretty hard and get pretty big loads (some are probably fake, but not the obvious lotion squirt). Tbh that's pretty much the only performance metric I care about.
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