Maki Tomoda - Immoral Flight From the Shaken City

Published September 27, 2017

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Legendary JAV star Maki Tomoda in one of her earlier releases by GUTS where she plays a sexually frustrated wife looking for physical companionship.

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Maki Tomoda - Immoral Flight From the Shaken City
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I have a lot to say about this movie--an admittedly shorter release by GUTS that squarely fits within our Unfaithful Wives section and I'm not entirely sure where to begin.

Well, to get it out of the way:  MAKI TOMODA in IMMORAL FLIGHT FROM THE SHAKEN CITY is another perfect example of a time capsule release from way back done right.  Yes, today's update is NOT a new release.  We're not going to beat around the bush regarding this.  As many of you already know, a good deal of our Wednesday updates can be considered 'Classic JAV' and we're not ashamed to admit this at all.  Since the early 2000's there have been hundreds of thousands of titles released (conservative estimate) and just because a title may be considered 'old', we still feel many from that ever-increasing treasure trove should see the light of day with English subtitles.

MAKI TOMODA is absolutely gorgeous--both then and now.  It's crazy to think she debuted at around 29 and not only is she still somewhat active in Japan's adult industry today in her mid-forties, she looks *unchanged*!  She must have a Dorian Gray-type portrait hidden somewhere as she still looks as picture-perfect as she did during her debut.  I've a feeling she was a late bloomer looks-wise though who knows--she could've been one of the super lucky ones who've been hot fire attractive since day one.

Titles like IMMORAL FLIGHT are filmed under the premise of being a 'documentary' about Japanese wives who decide for some reason or another (though it's almost always related to a lack of sex) to secretly do AV.  MAKI's release isn't the first in the series nor the first we've shown.  There's *many* more on the way and we've already put many online so if the 'married woman cheating via JAV' is your masturbatory fantasy numero uno, then you're really going to love what happens here.

The only thing I found a bit odd was how the title at first centered on MAKI TOMODA and the director taking a day-trip to an onsen (that began with a train ride) yet their time at the actual ryokan felt rather brief; it was quick body check foreplay in their room before they went down to the actual onsen for no-condom sex in the water (Not recommended!  Water is a terrible lubricant!).

The last scene paired her with a very early appearance by everybody's favorite (har har...) JAV actor GENJIN MORIBAYASHI.  Their time together was fine and I don't have much issue with it (aside from GENJIN's suspiciously tiny dribble of ejaculate), though given the 'flight to the onsen' theme, it was a bit odd to see this title conclude with relatively straight-forward sex in a love hotel.

This last scene also featured tons of close-ups of MAKI's face during the interview portion.  Usually when a camera zooms this close, it can be kind of off-putting and somewhat amateurish, but MAKI TOMODA is such a beauty that this author at least couldn't get enough of her and this questionable camera angle.  There's just something about her face that's almost deliriously attractive...perfect symmetry perhaps?

Mosaic in IMMORAL FLIGHT was not very form-fitting as we've seen in later releases, but it was incredibly thin.  That's one of the great things about titles released back in the early 2000's:  mosaic that may cover a lot due to the person behind the screen having less skill, but you could get away with 'showing' a lot more via lighter pixelation.  A lose-win?  A win-win?  I'm not totally sure, but since you could clearly see the frills of MAKI's excessively soaked womanhood (by her own admission she gets wet extremely easily), I can't complain much about it.

I can't say for sure if MAKI TOMODA will be returning to ZENRA.  At the present moment, I don't believe we've any more titles with her licensed and ready though it's possible we could surprise ourselves.  After all, today's update was somewhat randomly chosen from our GUTS stockpile and that it starred MAKI TOMODA came to a surprise to us as well as the title's original Japanese name was only attributed to 'MAKI'.

MAKI TOMODA may or may not be back, but we know there's a huge demand for Japanese AV movies with English subtitles that feature slightly older and married women (though the last part sometimes isn't always the truth).  We've a lot more to show and we'll keep on showing them until the sun goes nova.

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