2023 Debut Review - Ren Gojo

Published : December 24th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Ren Gojo

Birthday (Age at debut): 1997-11-18 (25 years old)

Height: 153cm

Measurements: B105 - W63 - H83

Cup Size: J Cup

Debuted: For S1 on 2023-10-24

Social Media: Twitter


Ren is a former gravure idol by the name Chika Yuuki. She was fairly popular and people were very excited to finally see her take the plunge into mainstream JAV. I wouldn't say she was at the top of the industry or I probably would have known about her, but gravure with big tits transitioning to JAV is always a good sign, especially when there are plenty of fans.


Facially she was kind of whatever to me. Her face looks a bit heavy in some places that make her a bit less attractive than she otherwise would be. I didn't think she was the prettiest either, not unattractive but certainly up against a lot of stiff competition that makes her seem so underwhelming. She uses a lot of filters on her social media to cover for it and you can tell, especially when you compare to the JAV production stills and especially the clips below themselves.

Ren's tits were, like many other S1 debuts this year, quite incredible. She had very large, light pepperoni areola that were larger on her left boob (which seemed notably larger than her right). I don't really mind those the way some might, especially when they are much lighter like hers were. They were certainly hangers but again, sometime I don't mind. What I noticed most was just how big they were, which is something I definitely enjoy as a whole. They bounced and jiggled very nicely and I really did enjoy them quite a lot.

Ren's ass was actually not half bad. Her body was a bit meatier in general so it came off as a big butt rather than a curvy one, but it still wasn't half bad.


Ren's performing was rather weak. She moaned quite a lot and fairly loudly. I did like that she could sometimes hold in her moaning so it was sporadic but in general it seemed to be on the weaker side. Ren also didn't really maintain a lot of eye contact either. She tried but she just couldn't really hold it together for long periods and it similarly contributed to me feeling like she was a weak performer.

Ren's paizuri was great, she knew what she was doing. She could mix up the technique and keep the cock in between her tits (which was easy with her bra holding up her tits not to mention they're humongous. You do sometimes have to worry they will be pretty bad at it but hers were at a size where it would be next to impossible for it to be mediocre.

Ren's highlight during the video was the time they spent having fun with the things she could hold up with them. It was a fun bit that made her seem a bit more human and down to earth, which I think was kind of necessary in a video where she had very little else going for it. Instead of describing it I'll let you watch the clips and see for yourself what she's capable of.

Video Review

Ren Gojo, former gravure idol, stars in her debut film.

Ren's tits being covered almost the entire film was just not pleasant at all. Who the hell was ever going to enjoy those puppies being covered until the final sex scene? Debut videos need to sell the first impression and it felt like they were doing us all a disservice. Maybe they were hedging that because she was former gravure people wouldn't mind more of the same, but I think they forgot a bunch of us don't watch gravure in the first place. It was just so underwhelming the entire time and you couldn't really enjoy it. After the first scene the rest of it was terrible and by the end you were more relieved there was anything, and the fact you could finally see her tits didn't really help your sour mood. Highly recommend skipping this one and waiting for her next one.


Her career is tainted a bit by the fact she has missed two cycles after her debut release. Fans like myself are sitting here wondering what exactly is going on. All the evidence from her social media seems to suggest that it's AV law related and that she's still signed with S1 and she has actually already filmed her next video. This also lines up with earlier posts from her indicating she was happy to make the transition to JAV. Not everyone appreciates people moving from gravure to JAV, both in and out of the scene, and there's always that bit of hesitation. Ren pointed that out and said she made up her mind, was happy with her decision, and was going to give it her all. It gives me faith that there will be more videos to come and I see no cause for concern about her career just yet but this gap is unusual nonetheless.

As mentioned before, Ren Gojo has been in gravure for many years so for anyone wanting to check out that content, it's all out there. I don't pay attention to gravure to comment on it more than it's non-nude and it's up to you to decide if you're interested in that.


Rating - B

I plan to watch them again eventually.

I think I will watch Ren again but who knows exactly when. Part of me wants to watch a video where she's nude all the time just to get a better opinion and part of me says we should just wait until something interesting comes. I would say Ren strikes me as one of the weakest debuts from S1 among their big titty crowd. I didn't watch the debut videos of others though so it's a bit hard to tell, especially when this video really cucked us with not showing her tits very much. I don't think her physical qualities are any better than others, and some of the other debuts do strike me as being better. I really would rather watch Miyu or Momoka or Haru to be honest, and their scores all reflect that. I've said it before but S1 has so much in the booba department now that they kind of lose some of their appeal, and they might be better served elsewhere. I legitimately think Ren moving to a studio like Oppai would be better for everyone, and maybe six months from now that might be a possibility. Either way, I'll hope for more Ren videos and I'll be interested in taking a look at her again before I do my first year roundup of 2023 debuts in just under a year's time.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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