2023 Debut Review - Erena

Published : December 2nd, 2023 Written by Oppaira


Birthday (Age at debut): 1997-02-09 (26 years old)

Height: 163cm

Measurements: B82 - W62 - H94

Cup Size: E Cup

Debuted: For Faleno on 2023-04-20

Social Media: Twitter


Erena is an actress I was immediately interested in from the unique perspective of her being from Hong Kong. You can see from her socials she can communicate in Chinese and my beginner knowledge of Japanese makes me think she's not fluent, hence my belief this isn't some gimmick. It's so rare to see stuff like that and with her being reasonably attractive and working at a decent enough studio, figured it was an easy choice.


Facially I thought she was nice. Cute, pretty, certainly enough going for her. She actually seems really cute on social media when she doesn't have too much makeup on, and the difference is noticeable but she still honestly looks quite nice. It's a really great sign to see she just always looks great.

Erena's tits were alright. They were a respectable E cup but that's smaller than what you need for the holy trinity of tits. There were certainly some parts where they looked quite nice but equally some parts where they didn't quite cut it for me. This is one of those "they are nicer than Oppaira says" because of how much stock I put in sheer size. The shape was pretty solid as was the colour, and seeing the guy play with them (or even Erena), they were nice.

Erena's ass was whatever in my opinion. It wasn't that curvy and it wasn't that wide either. It's an ass, you can have some fun, but I'm pretty confident it will be in the bottom half or even bottom quarter of asses from debuts this year. I feel like maybe with some proper exercise it could look good, better get on the squats.


Erena's performing was all over the place. I think just about every type of performing you can think of she mustered at some point, whether the moans were good or not, whether the expressions were good or not. I actually quite liked the variety as it made her feel like someone with a lot more going for her. I went into scenes not really sure which part would come out and I found myself looking forward to seeing what we would get. Even the "bad" stuff was not really that bad.

Erena also got into it at times in a way I could appreciate. She'd gaze into your eyes, tell you it was okay to cum, and stick out her tongue to receive your load. When you actually did cum there she would stare into your eyes as she licked you clean in some incredible fashion. It's a lot more than most debuts are capable of (hell more than a lot of veterans do) and it kind of surprised me to see it. I guess I came in expecting her to be more of a novelty than to muster some actually good performing.

Erena's Japanese was very limited in use in the video. For a plot video they had about as little actual dialogue as you could muster. Plenty of moments where her speaking was slow and deliberate or the dialogue was kind of skipped over where it normally wouldn't. It wasn't like it bothered me as someone who can only understand bits and pieces, and it honestly seems fine, but it was still interesting how they approached nonetheless. It was also interesting to see them hardcode Chinese subtitles in the video, obviously an attempt to attract some fans from there.

Video Review

Erena plays a tutor who finds herself in an illicit relationship with her student.

I found the plot a little underwhelming with how much the expected it to be carried without dialogue. Erena's clearly not fluent in Japanese, far from it, and while she does her best (and I can commiserate with her) it still felt like a piece of it was missing. Tutor videos really need time to let the tutoring aspect sink in and for you to feel things come about organically which never felt like they happened. That being said, Erena was really into it in ways most actresses simply aren't, and for someone with her experience level and lack of Japanese, it was surprisingly good. If Erena's performance had been bad I would have probably told people to avoid it like the plague, but her performance really allows you to ignore that it doesn't feel like a tutor video at all.


So far Erena's career has been a bit hit or miss. She had a large gap in her career where it's not really clear to me what she was doing. She seems to be into it now but I'm always a bit weary of actresses that leave for a brief period in the early days of their career. We tend to see a lot of actresses like that skip out early on. To me it's not really clear what the marketing strategy around Erena is. I mean sure, she's attractive, but there's also the very clear aspect of her being from Hong Kong that they're trying to make the narrative. Is that a thing that can actually last? We don't tend to have a lot of pure foreigner talent in JAV and those actresses tend to get very limited opportunities. June Lovejoy is the one exception that comes to mind and she's fluent in Japanese compared to Erena who clearly is not. However, Erena being asian compared to June, not to mention her being a lot more well rounded physically, probably suits a wider range of people, but then also begs the question if she's unique enough to consistently sell. The thing that stands out to me is how much people in HK are promoting her. She has a lot of interviews where she's vocal about what her plans are in a way that honestly gives me some amount of heightened belief she'll stick around for a while. She seems to be really proud of the fact she's the first HK actress in mainstream JAV and getting a lot of support, and she's pretty vocal on social media.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

I will caveat this rating with a note that this is all dependent on Erena staying in the industry. She had a large gap between release two and three so it makes me question if her heart is really in it but I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. It's not clear to me if part of that time was her studying Japanese or not because her socials seem to indicate she's studying (most likely to do better in videos). If Erena can get some decent dramas at Faleno, like maybe cheating with her sister's boyfriend like we saw from Maaya Irita, or a school fair theme like what we saw from Rion Hiiragi, I could easily be persuaded. Those videos feel like they're somewhat unlikely due to her limited Japanese though and it will be tricky to get her into the kind of releases I enjoy. Her performing was really quite good and I have high expectations for her down the road.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.


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