Hotel Massages Gone Wrong 6 First Half

Published December 17, 2021

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It could happen, but certainly do not attempt in real life! Is it really possible to request hotel massages that lead to full service?

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Hotel Massages Gone Wrong 6 First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Every time we try to schedule updates from everyone's favorite JAV hotel massage series closer together, things get in the way.  Fortunately this time around, we beat our previous goal by many months and it's only been a little under half a year since the last one, but danger is on the horizon:  as of writing this, HOT ENTERTAINMENT has not released any more from this series.  I don't know how they have sold in Japan nor have knowledge of the ease (or lack of it) to cast older women, but what I can say is at least when it comes to older masseuses, this may be the last update for awhile.  What I also can say is they have on-and-off been shooting a sister series with the same exact theme, but starring younger (and at times somewhat recognizable if you know your free agent JAV stars) masseuses.  Thus, if it's less age and more the theme itself that fits your fancy, A LOT more is on the way...dozens of hours of it!

HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG 6 does not really build upon a tried-and-true theme.  In fact, this one errs too much on modern JAV with (almost certainly fake) creampie after (fake?) creampie.  The real cum and at times raw sex of prior entries was one of the things that I--a huge fan of realism--enjoyed.  We still get the same semi-believable themes starring women who really look the part, but the whole "I can't hold it back, I have to cum inside you!" trope needs to be placed back in the vault.

Some more dedicated fans of JAV often wonder why we give updates like this one the time of day.  Sure, they don't star familiar faces.  Sure, they're very, very low-budget.  Sure, they don't have much of a plot (#6 in particular seems to repeat the "lemme show the masseuse my dick and see what happens" scenario in all scenes).  However, don't let all these potential minuses subtract from the enjoyment of watching something that Actually Could Happen.  And that is why fans keep coming back.  Absolutely keep your privates tucked in if you ever are in Japan and request a hotel massage.  In real life, this type of exposure can quickly lead to you being escorted out by management--or worse.

If you're short on time and want to see a scene with exceptionally good build-up dialog, check out the final one in the second half.  Otherwise, we get great action with some well-formed older Japanese women in all encounters.  It also needs to be noted that while the cover says 12 scenes, we already showed four in a previous update thus they are skipped here bringing this to a grand total of eight what-if scenarios.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 928

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Realistic encounters but certainly don't try in real life!
+Believable older women casting.
+Some masseuses in particular have amazing bodies if you're into voluptuous (tags/voluptuous).


-Pretty much identical to previous installments.
-Creampie after creampie and all most likely staged.  Let actors cum!
-A few scenes feature sex toys.  Who brings sex toys on a solo business trip?

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