2023 Debut Review - Erika Ichigo

Published : December 28th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Erika Ichigo

Birthday (Age at debut): 2003-05-30 (20 years old)

Height: 165cm

Measurements: B93 - W55 - H91

Cup Size: H Cup

Debuted: For Moodyz on 2023-11-07

Social Media: Twitter


Erika Ichigo was the final debut that I watched this year. I had a hard time trying to decide the final one as there were a lot of choices. I'm definitely biased toward ones that seem like they've got a career ahead of them, and a few without any social media presence for example got cut out during my final scanning.Erika looked great from where I was standing and beat out a few names other friends have told me to watch.


Facially I thought Erika was very pretty. She had very pretty eyes even with the giant bags she had under her eyes and the extended eyelashes. I found myself liking that she looked fairly natural, especially with her slightly crooked front teeth that just oozed natural. A lot of actresses have a lot of work done and even if Erika has she still comes across looking natural enough to be quite enjoyable, like a girlfriend next door type. I found myself still enjoying herself even in photos where she had a bit less makeup on which can sometimes be rare.

I found myself enjoying Erika's boobs. They had a nice size and shape to them that was easily to look at and enjoy. They were quite firm and held up well but also had enough jiggle and spill to them to make them still come across as real. While I certainly do enjoy a bit bigger and a bit saggier I can't really say bad things about Erika's boobs.

Erika's ass was also quite nice, even nicer than her boobs I think. It wasn't the widest butt out there but it still looked like it had a decent curve to it and the way it subtly jiggled when she was having sex was quite nice. I think coupled with her awesome, smooth skin, it looked very nice.


Erika did a pretty good job throughout the film of keeping her moaning in check and maintaining eye contact. I always look for someone who looks like they can hold it together and Erika certainly could. Sometimes you saw her staring around in different places, perhaps trying to look for cues from the director, which was a decent sign as well.

Erika also deepthroated a bit during the video. It wasn't anything amazing or crazy and they definitely didn't try to push her into anything crazy given it was just her second film, but I think she showed a bit of hope. I don't know if I expect Moodyz to go in that direction on their main roster but there's always a bit of hope Erika could do something in the future.

One thing I liked was seeing Erika smile with a thick load on her face. So many actresses would probably shy away from things in that situation but Erika seemed like she was happy and able to have a good time there. She had that kind of energy during a lot of the plot and it felt like just the right amount to make her seem fun and upbeat without going overboard. Especially as it happened from time to time during the action itself, it created the right level of personality from her that I think they were going for.

Video Review

Erika stars in her second release.

As boring as debut films are the second film of an actress is more or less the same without an interview. They aren't going to have improved significantly and their endearing shyness typically drops enough that they become less entertaining. The video really didn't do much having a bunch of fairly generic sex scenes. One scene was a mutual masturbation scene and another was a threesome where her hands were tied. While that's something it's not really enough to make her or the video seem interesting or compelling. Like sure it's something but you can do so much more. If you're going to watch her for her looks then there are better things to do, like watching her in her upcoming IV, but otherwise you'd maybe want to wait until she's gotten some experience and gets dramas to do.


Erika's career has been going well. Three videos plus an IV is good three months in. Even if Fair & Way is brand new to the IV game they've been getting a lot of heavy hitters and Erika is in good company alongside the actresses they've worked with.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

I actually quite liked Erika. The kind of actress Erika is should feel familiar to fans of Moodyz as she strikes me as the same type as Mio Ishikawa. I think Erika is better than Mio all around physically so to me she looks like an all around winner. She does also remind me a bit of fellow year debut Erena having a fairly similar body to her. I like Erika and I think once they get past the couple of mediocre debut films we'll get some nice content from her. Seeing her on a date as your lover, your stepsister, or a schoolgirl are all things I can easily get behind and would be willing to watch. The fact that she has a Twitter is a good sign though if I'm being honest it doesn't seem particularly satisfying when you get posts like "I'm excited to have pancakes today with my friends" kind of content, it's probably all from her agency and just generic stuff.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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