Risqué Business: Japan - JAV Interview Summary

Published : May 16th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

There’s a new Netflix series that explores the adult world in Japan. From adult entertainment like sex shops, club hostess, and the AV. While also having a wider discussion about sex and dating in Japan. A Korean show hosted by Shin Dong-youp and Sung Si-kyung a comedian and a singer. A comedic duo with one of them acting as translator. He even spoke about watching JAV to pick up some language. Our focus will be on their episodes on the AV side of things. Where they interview actresses Minami Aizawa, Yuna Ogura, and Mao Hamasaki. They also get the male side of things from Shimiken, Ittetsu, and SOD CEO Yoshiaki Nomoto.

The AV Actresses Intro

credit user suuuuuuuuu

First is Yuna Ogura a six year actress. She introduces herself as “The Girl from the Convenience Store” because of how it went viral in Korea. Likely STARS-147 but she’s starred in a few convenience type videos since. Specializes in comedic AV which all tracks. She also knows a bit of Korean having studied at Kyung Hee University.

STARS 147 Possession Yuna Ogura Erotic Foolish Acts in a Rage of 20 Rows - A Big Blaze of Fire SP

A standout title for Yuna

Then we have Minami Aizawa a seven year actress and award winner. She introduces herself as “The Queen” a nickname I’ve never seen before. Due to her recent roles as more slutty and aggressive characters. Has a slender figure and isn’t busty, her biggest strength is her butt. Spot on. Finally there’s Mao Hamasaki an 11 year with over 1,000 titles. An “erotic genius” that Korean viewers may know from the movie High Society. I’ve seen that movie and she has a very explicit scene in it.

How much do they make

The question I’m most interested in. AV earnings are hard to find out because of the variable scale. They really dance around the question. Minami puts it like this, she can buy any designer handbag she would want. No sweating the cost. Mao says she could buy a Porsche but would have to starve to pay for it.

Their AV Start

Yuna decided to do AV after going to a school job fair. She wanted to live a more exciting life and saw AV before. She was totally excited for her first time and did it with Shimiken.  Minami’s start was the opposite. She was a university student studying English Literature. Scouted for a year before finally relenting. She cried after her first time because it felt wrong to have sex with someone she didn’t love. Eventually got over that feeling and separate her personal feelings with work. As for Mao she never saw AV before and took the job on as a lark. She was very unserious about it at the start and surprised as the professionalism by the employees. She would party the night before shoots.

A VR shoot demo

Actors – Have you ever been disappointed filming with an actor

Mao with a blunt yes. Yuna says she would be lying if she said no. Minami says that she doesn’t care about their looks all that much and is professional about it. They go on to talk about good chemistry with actors or liking a guy who wasn’t their type. Yuna talks about when the chemistry is right they can make her squirt (shiofuki) really well which the other two agree. This puzzles the interpreter because shio means salt then Yuna mimes what she means.

Weirdest AV

Yuna talks about a title based around a game of sex tag. While Mao talks about a wild zombie title where she turned into a mindless zombie when she get ejaculated on and can only turn human when someone would cum inside her.

Physical demands

The job can be quite physically demanding. Yuna still gets sore the day after every time. Minami gets so tired and drained she treats herself to any meal afterwards to regain some energy. Meanwhile Mao talks about liking to masturbate after shooting especially if she feels unsatisfied which Yuna does too.

Do you practice or study to improve your skills?

Mao researched squirting (shiofuki). She wanted to squirt hard for the camera and practiced in her bathtub. Took her a couple of years to get it down. She also asked a relative to see her squirt because she needed an audience to do it in front of. In fact her relative has seen Mao’s videos while with a guy in a love hotel. Mao has the wildest stories.

Friends and Folks reaction

Minami signed on for 6 videos at the start and was planning to retire afterwards. A friend found out and told her parents. Not a good friend but now her folks are supportive of her. Yuna said she told everyone and that they all cried. Her parents even called the studio and tried to get them to not film with her. She still stuck with it and continues to do so to support her parents.

Misc. Tidbits

They talk about the sets used in JAV and how they are used in regular TV shows too. “I had sex there” Yuna says about some sets she sees on TV. They talk about how tough VR is for the male talent. Camera on a crane in front of their faces. When asked about what would you want to film if you were a director. Minami says she would make a series called Truly Pleasant Sex. Porn about real, slow, intimate sex. How most of porn shouldn’t be textbooks for real sex and how that should change. They talk about the Pros and Cons for AV as whole. Yuna talks about how she likes hearing the positive feedback from fans. Like hearing how they cum hard to her works. For Mao one downside is getting propositioned for sex all the time. People who think of us as sexual objects only.

The Other Side

The next episode gives us the other side of things. First up with Shimiken. AV actor with 11,000 titles under his belt (seems low) with 25 years of experience. Specializes in working with debuts. Known in Korea as Shim Ik-hyeon. Well known in Korea as the hosts proclaim. Then there is Ittetsu aka Chi-hun. An actor who specializes in Porn for Women like studio Silk Labo. 3000 titles to his name. I’ve never heard of him but apparently he’s very popular among the female fans. Korean nicknamed for a viral video of his about a handsome Dentist. Shimiken was mentor for him. Surprisingly is married as was Shimiken. While he’s a popular actor he keeps his job a secret. The social stigma for it being very strong. When pressed for an occupation he will say he’s a camera man.

Finally we get a behind the scenes look with the CEO of Soft on Demand Yoshiaki Nomoto. A 20 year employee he was directing porn before joining with them. A fan of Milfs. He is quite ambitious and once had a title that took place while in the air. He wanted an actor to skydive after coming but couldn’t do it.

AVGL 001 Private 7 FUCK Of Shimiken

A special Shimiken themed title

Actors of JAV

There are about 70 career actors in JAV, a number all three generally agree to. A very small number considering the number of female talent. Because they are so in demand they actually book actors first for films. About 300 new actors come into the industry every year but only a small number last. Jobs a lot harder than it seems. It’s hard cumming on command or keeping it erect. Which in the industry is called “erection standby” when the male talent needs time to get hard. As for actors and actresses. The two note that they aren’t really close to many of their female colleagues. The male and female talent are discouraged from talk outside of scenes and work because the agencies don’t want for them to be getting too close. However that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Shimiken actually met his first wife while filming with her. Despite the risk he still pursued her. Sneaking in his number to her after a scene.

How they joined JAV

Shimiken was used very sexually curious when younger and sheltered to sex and porn. He would rent an AV later on and became fascinated with it. At 18 he sent his resume to about 30 companies. As for Ittetsu he majored in law at Chuo University while studying to become an accounted. After failing an exam and watching an AV he saw an advertisement for a job as a Shirudanryu (jizz man). Someone who contributes with their spunk only. A poorly paid job. He was paid about 1000 yen ($7 USD) and his commute costed 1500 yen. Competition between Shirudanryu exists too. The older ones will sometimes block the newer guys from cumming in a scene. If you fail to cum on the actress it’s called dead semen.

As for Yoshiaki Nomoto he had just failed his college exam and was reading a story about AV production behind the scenes. He was intrigued to hear about the inner workings and applied for the job. Which required a signature from his folks. That took him about a half a year and he even got the neighbors to support his career choice to convince them. Even now years later and with all his success they still disapprove it.

How to fuck like an AV Actor

Shimiken points to rest, exercise, and diet. He takes very much care into his body especially his penis. He says for example he uses cheap lotion for the rest of his body but for his dick he uses the most expensive stuff. He may have joking but the point in clear, that’s his moneymaker and he has to care for it. He says he doesn’t drink or smoke and that he eats the same nutritious lunch every day for stamina. They also talk about every exercises to strengthen the pelvic area. Learning how to better control your ejaculations and erections. Ittetsu jokes that Shimiken is good at the Adidas Technique. The ability to cum on an actresses face a lot and without hitting their eyes. Given that nickname because it should look like their logo.

Actors and Actresses

Actors and actresses are discourages allowed to talk outside of scenes because the agencies don’t want for them to be getting too close. However that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Shimiken actually met his first wife while filming with her. Despite the risk he still pursued her.

Porn for Women Pays

In normal porn the women are at the top of the food chain. They even get to choose the lunches they like to joke. However it’s a different case for Ittetsu now that he does porn for women videos. The power balance is more even and the pay is a lot better. Shimiken estimates that he makes around 50,000 yen per title (about $360 USD).  For Ittetsu he dances around that question. He says “I could eat about 10 years’ worth of gyudon (chicken and rice bowl) with my pay”.

SILK 050 Touch The Heart Ittetsu

If gyudon costs about 400 yen at 30 meals a month that comes out to about around $10,000 USD a month. In my very rough calculations, the panel gets into too estimating the gyudon metric. He is a quite popular actor within that genre as Yoshiaki says. He also says that the genre only puts out a much smaller number a titles a year as a whole. Porn for women titles come out in the 100s a year while regular porn is in the 10,000s of titles a year.

The Ladies on Shimiken

They’ve all met or worked with him before. Yuna calls him a total pervert. Minami says that he is an NG for her which means a No Go as in he’s on her blacklist (juicy). Mao says that he was the first guy to cum inside her.

credit user suuuuuuuuu


A pretty standard interview. It had its moments and some juicy tidbits. From the more canned answers were some genuine bits of insight and interesting stories. It’s a nice little variety talk show from Korea. Not as overly produced and loud as some shows I’ve seen. It covers more than JAV and covers some adult subcultures too. The last episode about regular people and their attitudes on sex and life were pretty interesting. Consider giving the show a look. On Netflix now.

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Double egg 1 year ago
"For Mao one downside is getting propositioned for sex all the time. People who think of us as sexual objects only."
Come on, this is of course.
Of course that doesn't mean we will harass carelessly holding and touching at will. Most just to vent dirty words. however they act about sex, it's normal for other people to approach sex too, it's normal to be a sexual object if that's the case.
Oppaira 1 year ago

Seems like a good interview and a few interesting points to take under consideration.

It sucks they're always so reserved about discussing pay. It's pretty hard to gauge since Porsche prices vary a lot. It's pretty clear Minami is making a lot more per film but Mao is a workhorse since she's among the top 10 actresses in terms of total releases. Does seem like they make pretty solid pay though. Shimiken's pay is probably over $100K USD given how much actors work, which I suppose sounds good on paper but also very tiring, not to mention that Shimiken is probably at the top of the totem pole for actors. I suppose we always knew actors didn't make that much and that they get around it by working their asses off. He's also well known for keeping himself in shape, always posting on Twitter about things to eat or exercise or whatever it is that you should do to be in that good shape.

The English lit major makes a lot of sense for Minami, explains why her English is good when she gets a chance to use it. Just wish she got more opportunities for it. Or honestly for some of them to get some other languages too, like Yuna speaking Korean (even if I wouldn't understand it myself).

Mao's wild answers honestly explain so much, she's always been pretty wild in her career. That's probably also why she's had such a prolific career, putting herself out there like that. It probably also explains why she gets propositioned by people a lot, the type of work she does probably gives people a much different opinion about her. Just gonna say, if she drinks a gallon of cum that people can't really look at her the same.

I think the juiciest part was Shimiken being on Minami's NG list. Considering the guy is rarely doing drama videos and shoots a lot with debuts, I wonder if there's a lot more than meets the eye here. I could see Shimiken being a little too into it that it turns some people away. I've wondered if he just couldn't act but maybe there's a lot of people that NG him.

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