Kei Sugiyama - The Triple Threat

Published August 1, 2018

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Pale and busty JAV hopeful Kei Sugiyama shows off her blessedly curvy figure in this documentary release by GUTS.

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Kei Sugiyama - The Triple Threat
with English Subtitles


I for one love Japanese women with curves.  Curvy up top, curvy down below--and why not?--curvy on the sides too (whatever that means!).  Pale with an hourglass figure.  Oozing eroticism, but embarrassed and demure at the same time.  *Many* a fan of adult video loves the unfathomable combination of an innocent face and a bona fide dynamite body.  KEI SUGIYAMA fits the bill.  Totally and without prejudice.  She's got a body that does not quit (unless you prefer 'em flat!).  At the time this was filmed at least, she also was new to JAV.  While THE TRIPLE THREAT may not be credited as her debut, it's definitely one of her first releases and she's certainly rough around the edges.

Don't go into this GUTS release expecting a JAV star playing the part perfectly.  KEI at this point in her career was closer to an amateur and it shows:  while THE TRIPLE THREAT consists of some role-play, you can tell acting ain't her thing.  She tries--she really does--but at the end of the day it's more of her going through the ropes of sexuality while being carried by actors who do know a wee bit more about how to act when the camera's rolling.

I can't be totally critical about her.  It's not possible with a body *that* desirable!  What's more, the masturbation show-and-tell scene deserves much praise.  It's really unique the way it was filmed and in spite of this being an unabashedly 'ClassicJAV' title, the lighting and image quality of that encounter is stellar.  Those overhead lights really did wonders capturing the never-ending jiggles her breasts made as she quivered orgasm after orgasm.  It was also a nice touch to see the actor come right out of the blue and finish on her pantyhose followed by her rubbing it in to a glistening sheen.

While THE TRIPLE THREAT with KEI SUGIYAMA is far from a new release, this is the first time it's being shown anywhere with English subtitles.  And while the bulk of the title doesn't feature too much talking, it does begin with a pretty solid interview where you learn a lot about her past.  Some may opt to skip past this just to ogle the goods (something we're fine with), but it may be a good idea to take some time out and hear about her creepy first sexual encounter.  Then there's also the busty idol audition scene that serves as a book-end to this nice update.  Don't miss that one either.

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