Keiko Shinomiya - Married, Paipan, and Shamed

Published November 11, 2020

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Shaved may be pushing it as Keiko Shinomiya is almost naturally hairless—not that her husband seems to care.

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Keiko Shinomiya - Married, Paipan, and Shamed
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

MARRIED, PAIPAN, AND SHAMED is almost like a tale of two titles.  You've the first two scenes that are relatively quiet affairs shot mostly via a single actor/director (who overall does a pretty good job) and a final scene with two cameramen and an actor plus director who just can't stop saying stupid things.  On one hand, I enjoyed the visuals, but on the other, even as someone who subtitles, there was just something about that final scene that really ground my gears.

Flow in dialog is the problem, really.  Talking in movies does not bother us; we wouldn't run a subtitled JAV site like ZENRA if it did.  What we don't like is unnecessary talking that only gets worse when it's done under poor audio conditions.  The last scene in today's update had both.  I've always believed actors and staff need to shut up once sexy play starts unless what's being said pertains to what's going on and is necessary to say it.

Ugh, starting a review with a major grumble is far from appropriate, but I had to get that off my chest.  The actress, KEIKO SHINOMIYA is a babe.  Some may prefer younger, but there's something about her lithe and naturally hairless body I found really attractive.  She's a fantastic MILF, a wonderful performer, and a major fan of pronebone sex (filmed surprisingly well in the final scene).  What's more, the mosaic in this GUTS release is as thin as it gets.  Definitely approaching danger levels that you rarely see nowadays, we get some decently shot footage that hides nearly nothing.  Sure, it's filmed entirely in a hotel, but I have to salute the staff for making good use of it!

According to KEIKO, she's never had much hair down south and only shaved it every so often.  True?  Your call there.  As someone who really isn't too concerned about pubic hair sculpting, I could care less.  It's her performance switching from mildly masochistic early on to a full on vixen that lovely blowjob interlude that sold me.  She's one of those JAV stars who sadly appeared in way too few movies given her natural abilities.  MARRIED, PAIPAN, AND SHAMED is by far a simple affair production-wise, but it does a good job in showing off what this proven Japanese MILF is capable of.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Very pretty, very amorous, (slightly) older actress.
-Really nice body if you're into women with her proportions.


-Director in last scene needed to talk way less.

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