Exclusive - Interview with JAV Director Usuba Shisui

Published : December 15th, 2020 Written by Mangochin

We stumbled into an amazing opportunity to interview the AV director, Shisui Usuba, famous for his BDSM, Shibari, and Training videos. As an industry veteran, he's worked with a wide array of actresses, including Tsubasa Hachino, Yui Hatano, and Yumi Kazama, as well as up and coming talent, including Sachiko and June Lovejoy.

What exactly is it like directing AV actresses? Read on to find out!

■ Name: Shisui Usuba
■ Filmography: Fanza
■ Twitter: Twitter






How did you get involved in the industry? Did you have an interest in movie-making when you were younger?

I started off as a typical office worker. After I got married, I decided I needed a change of scenery. I thought about what might be an interesting field to work in. I ended up in the AV industry, which I always had an interest in.
I’ve enjoyed watching movies my whole life, but it's only recently that I've had any interest in making my own. I always saw film production as existing in a world far from my own.

Do you have a lot of friends within the AV industry? Are you friends with any actresses?

I definitely have a lot of industry friends, but all of them are guys. I'm not really friends with any actresses.
My friend group include some male actors, as well as producers and other directors. We typically go out to restaurants or go out drinking together.

Within your filmography, are there films you're especially proud of?

When I can work with a bigger studio with an equally bigger budget, it's easier for me to produce better content.
Bigger budget translates to top tier actors, more staff, quality equipment, and high-end recording studios.

Is there someone you look up to in AV or mainstream media?

There isn't a specific director I look up to. There are people who have qualities and traits I admire and respect, but those same people also have qualities and traits that aren't the best.

Do you write your own scripts? If yes, are they more detailed, or not so much?

I always write the script. They tend to be more general, but include plenty of acting direction.

What is a day in the life of an AV director like? How often do you shoot films? What do you do when you have some time off?

Writing a script takes about 2-4 days. Prep takes 1 day. Shooting takes 1 day. Editing takes about 2-4 days. With that in mind, we can usually film about 6-8 movies in a month.
When I have some time off, I go drinking with friends, go for a drive, or go camping. I enjoy watching movies, too.


The Life Of A Director



Do studios generally have an idea of what they want? Or do they leave it up to you?

It differs from studio to studio. There are some studios that prefer when I take charge of everything, from budget planning to post-production. I've directed a lot of films where that's the case, actually.

Have you ever pitched an idea to a studio before?

Yes, I have. I've also recommended quite a few actresses as well.

When creating a series of videos, how do you change up the script? (Example: Pleasure of Exposure)

I change the protagonist or the group, sometimes the protagonist's personality. For Exposure, I changed the sequence of events, as well as the ending.

Have you worked with VR?

I have not.

Are there studios you prefer working with? Are there studios you'll work with no matter what they ask for?

There are certainly directors and studios I like working with.
I became especially attached to the first studio I worked with. I also like working with studios that tend to produce genres I personally like.

Do you tend to give the actresses a lot of direction? Or do you leave it mostly up to them? Do you talk with the actresses before the scene? What do you talk to them about?

I try to give as much direction as I can.
I always try to talk with them before shooting starts to help make them feel comfortable.
I generally talk about what'll happen in the scene, especially if there’s anything that I think might be difficult for them. I also try to joke around with them and make them laugh.

How do you create S&M scenes that keep the actress engaged but also appeal to viewers?

As a director, I try to create scenarios that help brings out their masochistic personalities. Next, I select the male actors and shibari specialists I feel would work well with the main actress. Finally, I figure out the best way to get the actress to switch on their masochistic personalities in front of the cameras.

Do you prefer working with industry veterans, such as Yui Hatano, or relatively new actresses, such as June Lovejoy?

I honestly enjoy working with both veterans and newcomers.
For women who’ve worked in the industry for years, I admire their competency and their ability to stay relevant and popular.
I'm also inspired by women fresh on the scene who exude eroticism and are naturally talented.

Are there any actresses you prefer working with? Can you request certain actresses, or are you made to work with whoever the studio provides?

There are several actresses I've worked together with multiple times, such as Yui Hatano, Karina Nishida, Akari Nimura, and Miki Sunohara.
There have been times where I've requested specific actresses, as well as times where I wasn't given that option. If the studio hasn't yet decided on talent for the film, they're generally open to suggestions.

Sometimes actresses are typecast into specific roles. For example, someone more mature looking might be cast for mostly MILF roles. Do you feel typecast as a director?

Yeah. I’m always the bad guy.



Behind The Scenes



Do you currently work freelance? Do studios typically approach you with work, or do you reach out to studios?

I work as a freelancer. I typically come to an agreement with a studio where I'll promise to make about 1 or 2 videos per month. The budget I'm provided is planned out depending on that agreement. There are also times where '’ll come up with a proposed budget and pitch it to a studio.
I usually reach out to studios I've worked with in the past. We figure out the schedule and about how much money we need for production costs. We also hash out the shooting schedule.
Lately, it seems like I only work with new studios about once or twice a year.

There are a countless number of talent agencies for actresses. Is there a similar agency for directors?

There isn’t an equivalent.

It goes without saying that some actresses are more popular than others, and having a popular actress in a film can boost the rating. Does the same hold true for creating films for big name studio vs lesser known ones?

Since the budget differs quite a lot between big and small studios, it can certainly have an affect on the quality of the end product.
With that said, you can spend a lot of money on something and still have it bomb.

Can you tell us the difference between a Tier 1 and Tier 2 acting agency?

I honestly couldn't tell you.

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Indojavfan74 3 years ago
This is an excellent interview appreciate the non run of the mill questions.
ZENRA 3 years ago

Thank you. When we start interviewing actresses soon (already sent some questions out to their agents), we did the same: aim for questions that are a bit less the norm, but still polite enough that we expect them to answer.

Indojavfan74 3 years ago
Sounds great,, can't wait for the interview to come out
ordyskans 3 years ago
Always interesting to be able to read interviews with JAV industry people in english, thanks.
ZENRA 3 years ago

Glad you like it. More's on the way.

Spaten78 3 years ago
Very cool to get an opportunity to interview someone in the industry. Congrats! Appreciate the article.
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