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Oppaira's JAV Debut Preview - May 2024

How likely I am to watch the actress but essentially yes. As I've pointed out, I should have just shy of 13 picked out if I'm assuming equal amounts of debuts will be worthwhile each month, so I'm right on track to watch the top two tiers and skip the entire third. In reality a couple likely will turn out to be bad or retire early, maybe a bad month or two, we'll see how it goes.

First Impressions - Ren Gojo

I don't know if I share your enthusiasm that she can cut it against the state of tits at S1. Haru might be MIA but we've still got Momoka Kagura and Miyu Kiyohara from last year, they had Rea Maruishi this year and Yu Tano (110L) next month, not to mention the crowd from before like Hikaru Nagi, Konan Koyoi, and Mei Washio. I can't watch all this generic stuff like you do and I tend to flop between them as a result, just watching the more interesting stuff. It's just so hard that you really do need to stand out like Momoka to cut it.

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Oppaira's May 2024 JAV Watchlist

How could I not? You know I've been a fan of hers for years and you know how awful the video was the last time she came back. Give me something in a series that I actually like? Hell yeah! I haven't seen it yet but it wouldn't surprise me if it was mediocre. I'll just have to hope you're wrong.

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S1: Tits Across Time

Maybe if some of them start leaving but for now I'm happy with what S1 got. I really hope none of them are a stop-gap because some of them already seem more enthralling than Saki.

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Oppaira's Top JAV Tits - Active Actresses - Part 4

She'll be on a list at some point, I have many more names to include.

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