Pan Takes - October 2022

Published : November 14th, 2022 Written by Panking

In this month's edition of Pan Takes I've got lots of juicy asses and titties to seek your teeth into. You'll see the usual suspects such as Alice Otsu, Maria Nagai, and Karen Yuzuriha. But I've also checked out a new actress in Sora Amakawa who seems to boast a bountiful booty. Interestingly of note is that there are no collaboration films this time around. While I did check a few of them out, none of them stood out enough to warrant an entry here. With that said, as usual, I'll review each film and cap it off with an overall score at the end. Now without further ado, let's jump in.


Starring Alice Otsu

"She Gives Up Her Ass To A Guidance Counselor In Order To Go On To Higher Education... She Doesn't Want To, But Secretly Applies A Love Potion To Her Anus And Pussy, And Gets Double Penetrated!"

Alice Otsu has become the new anal queen of JAV. Feels like every month she's got a new film where she gets DP'd. Well, that's exactly what we got here. And don't mind the cover and its awful mosaic choice. The plot is pretty wild casting Alice as a nympho schoolgirl who openly invites some guidance counselors to fuck her so she can get a recommendation for college. This leads to lots of anal and of course, DP. It's a nice setup overall and one that certainly caters to Alice's strengths in many ways. She can tank anal like no one else and also nails her performance wonderfully. She exudes so much energy here and is super over the top. Not to mention she takes it up the ass very well with little whining. She's just a perfect fit for this role.

The action overall features four scenes ranging from two sex scenes, an assjob scene, and a masturbation/facesitting type scene. My one complaint would be that the middle of the film is a bit light as it's just those two last scenes I mentioned. However, Alice's dynamic performance and squirting help to liven it up. The sex scenes are fantastic with a high intensity to them and satisfying anal/DP action. Although I could do without the closeups of her wrecked asshole. And lastly, the production values are all good with no real glaring problems except for some minor repetitiveness in the school setting. All in all an enjoyable watch especially for anyone that loves anal. You don't wanna miss this one.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Amateur Participant J-cup Tittyfuck Endurance Project: Do You Want To Have Sex With A Reward For Enduring Cumming? Or Do You Want To Have Another Cumshot With A Tittyfuck?

Starring Aka Asuka/Shiose

It's been a while since I've last checked out a new film from Shiose but the title of this one caught my attention. It features a fun premise that tasks a handful of amateur actors with trying to endure her paizuri technique. If they last then they can choose whether to just cum from a continued tittyfuck or just fuck her(easy decision there). Even though this is all likely staged, it's still a terrific setup that will keep you engaged throughout. A strong performance is vital for this type of theme and Shiose delivers what may be one of her best performances to date. Her paizuri technique is excellent and she boasts superb enthusiasm on top of some wonderful facial expressions. She's still not perfect but I was very impressed overall by her.

Just as impressive is the production values. S1 is usually reliable in this department and they do a fine job here. With a few minor exceptions, all the scenes are well-lit and highlight her busty figure very well. The set designs are decent and her wardrobe is quite nice too with quite a few sexy outfits. And lastly, the action is pretty enjoyable albeit a bit narrow in scope. It features two sex scenes with the rest all being paizuri scenes. Tittyfucking is a major focus here so if you don't enjoy it then you may wanna pass on it. But as a big fan of it, I was satisfied. Plus, all the cumshots are real too. My expectations were mild going into this but I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely give it a watch if you enjoy Shiose and paizuri.

Overall Rating - 9/10


Starring Yayoi Mizuki

"During Overtime Work, A Married Woman Boss In A Tight-Fitting Suit Provokes Her Big Ass"

What a great cover. Just put Yayoi Mizuki's ass on it and I'm sold. This one features a brilliantly simple but effective setup that casts Yayoi as a seductive female boss in an office. She uses her big ass to lure him in and fuck him silly throughout the film. It's nothing too groundbreaking but as someone who loves OL plots, I enjoyed it. A huge reason for that is no doubt the juicy eyecandy courtesy of Yayoi. She looks stunning here in her OL attire which highlights her glorious ass quite well with some nice thongs and skirts. The other production values are decent at best though. The lighting can be kinda flat at times and the camerawork is hit-or-miss as always with Lunatics studio. Some of the static shots are a bit annoying.

I do think Yayoi does a solid job at playing a flirtatious office boss though. She controls the scenes pretty well and boasts good enthusiasm. While she's not perfect as she can be a little whiny and submissive, she's still more than serviceable. Lastly, we have the action which is mostly enjoyable. It consists of three assjob scenes and two sex scenes. The assjobs, while great, can get a bit repetitive after a while. And the pacing is a little slow at times. But overall the sex scenes are terrific and there's plenty of nice facesitting to boot. And if you're an ass lover, the views here can be amazing making for some top-notch booty eyecandy. While the production values can be mixed at times, the rest of the film is still excellent and is worth a watch for any big booty lover.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


I Had A Girlfriend For The First Time! But I Was Seduced By My Slutty Female Boss

Starring Karen Yuzuriha

That's a damn fine cover if I do say so myself. And besides a few issues, the video delivers. Here we see Karen play the role of an alluring female office boss who seduces one of her employees after discovering he has a girlfriend. Then they proceed to have sneaky sex inside the office as you'd expect. I'm a huge fan of OL themes so I definitely enjoyed this setup. Complimenting this is her great performance. She appropriately takes the lead in every scene and is quite insatiable. I will say her facial expressions can occasionally leave something to be desired. Plus, she can be a bit stiff at times too. She's still satisfying in this role but not quite perfect. Up next is the action which is fantastic with one small exception.

It consists of three sex scenes, a blowjob scene with her sucking him off at dinner while out with a co-worker, and a handjob/paizuri. That scene is rather forgettable and a waste of time honestly. The sex scenes are excellent though especially the last two as they feature an element of risk. One example is when they fuck inside a hotel room while he's on the phone with his girlfriend. The production values are mostly on-point too. My only gripe is the lighting in the first sex scene is too drab and washed out. Doesn't really flatter her at all. But the rest of the lighting is solid and varied on top of boasting a surprisingly nice range of settings. Overall it's a very satisfying OL film that besides a few minor problems, makes for a fantastic watch.

Overall Rating - 8.8/10


Starring Maria Nagai

I Couldn't Stand The Unintentional Provocation Of The Wife Next Door Who Wears A One-Piece Dress And Made A Move... She Changed Unexpectedly!

Maria Nagai and Madonna is a collaboration I never saw coming. I was skeptical about this one at first but after watching it, I'm happy to report it's one of her best films to date. The premise centers around her playing a voluptuous housewife who inadvertently catches the attention of a guy next door. He can't help himself and ends up fucking her. Afterward, she realizes how good it feels and proceeds to have her way with him over and over. It's a nice setup that is executed very well with excellent pacing. The film succeeds on all fronts but perhaps best of all is the production values. Madonna always delivers in this area and here is no different as both the lighting and camerawork are absolutely flawless. Some of their shots here are breathtaking.

There's such a nice range of angles and her wardrobe is on point too showcasing her ridiculous figure quite well. The sex is superb too consisting of three sex scenes, an outercourse scene, and a masturbation/facesitting scene. My only real complaint is that the second and third sex scenes feel a bit repetitive with some angles on top of the same setting. And there are plenty of fake creampies but I wasn't too bothered by them. Other than that the action is top-notch which is also due in part to Maria's super solid performance. She's a bit weak in the submissive first scene but after that, she takes control and displays great energy throughout. If you're a big Maria Nagai fan like myself, you won't be disappointed. This is a must-watch for sure.

Overall Rating - 9.1/10


Starring Ai Sayama

"I Turned My Tutor Into A Reverse Bunny For 3 Days"

Ai Sayama has finally jumped onto the reverse bunnysuit trend but is it worth the wait? The premise here(I believe) centers around a man who is receiving tutoring from Ai Sayama. As a reward for doing well, she agrees to don a bunnysuit and have sex with him. Sounds pretty tantalizing to me. It's a simple enough setup that I think many of us would love to be a part of. Who wouldn't want her as a sexy tutor? All this is enhanced by the POV camerawork that further bolsters the experience. The other technical aspects are superb as well such as the excellent lighting that accentuates her body quite well and of course a stunning reverse bunnysuit wardrobe for Ai. This all makes for some juicy and voluptuous eyecandy.

When it comes to Ai Sayama's performance, she does a good job overall. She takes a mostly apprehensive stance throughout and doesn't really exude the enthusiasm that you'd expect from her. Although she does let loose little by little as the film progresses. She's far from terrible but just not quite meeting the high standards I have for her. Now thankfully, the action is fantastic boasting three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. Best of all there are no fake cumshots or creampies here. The position variety is great too and Ai keep the bunnygirl outfits on at all times which is always a plus. In the end, I say this is one of the better reverse bunnysuit films out there thanks to its wonderful plot, POV camerawork, and top-notch action. A definite must watch.

Overall Rating - 9.2/10


Halloween Party With A College Student Who Is A Big Butt Slut

Starring Sora Amakawa

Just in time for the spooky season, we have a Halloween-themed video. It's pretty light on plot as it basically just focuses on Sora playing a slutty college student at a Halloween party who ends up having sex with a bunch of guys there. That's really all there is to it. While the plot itself isn't anything too great I did appreciate the Halloween aesthetic at least. Now I've never really watched Sora before but I can definitely say she's got an amazing ass for sure. It's easily her best asset. She sports a couple sexy outfits too that highlight her terrific figure quite well. Now as a performer she seemed fine with some good energy. Beyond that nothing really caught my eye but honestly, I think you'll be more focused on other asspects...

The action overall is pretty solid with two sex scenes, an assjob scene, and a blowjob scene all with a heavy attention devoted to her ass. All the scenes are enjoyable for the most part but the pacing early on can be a little too slow as the first scene takes a while to truly get going. Now regarding the rest of the production values, they're mostly on point. The lighting is great, the camerawork is brilliant always capturing the best angles of her booty, and her wardrobe is stunning. However, the settings are a bit repetitive, especially with two scenes taking place in the exact same room back-to-back. So besides a couple of gripes, I really had a great time here. This is absolutely worth your time if you're a booty lover. You won't be disappointed.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


A Big Ass Housekeeper! A Married Woman Who Was Captivated By A Big Dick Came Over To Me The Next Day and I Repeatedly Fucked Her Until She Was Satisfied

Starring Yayoi Mizuki

Yayoi has been pumping out plenty of quality films lately and this one is no different I assure you. Much like the rest of the series, this film centers around Yayoi playing a big booty housemaid who is hired to clean up this guy's place. He can't help himself to her booty and begins to fuck her. She's resistant at first but slowly begins to enjoy herself as we see her flip the roles and take charge. It's an effective setup that gives us tons of juicy eyecandy. Every scene is chock full of wonderful ass shots. Her booty has never looked better. Her performance is also pretty good as she boasts great energy and lovely facial expressions. She can be quite lively here.

The action is terrific as well consisting of several full sex scenes alongside an assjob scene. Now I do have a few minor gripes. The pacing can be a bit slow but it's so bad as we're treated to some insane ass eyecandy. The other issue is that most(if not all) of the cumshots are fake. It's not a dealbreaker but it's a bummer for sure. Thankfully the sex scenes are still excellent and feature a nice range of positions showcasing her ass in stunning fashion. The technical aspects bolster that aspect too with solid camerawork, wardrobe variety, and lighting. There is some static camera usage but it's not too egregious at least. Overall this is easily one of Yayoi's best films of the year and a sure crowd pleaser for any ass lover out there.

Overall Rating - 9.2/10


Drunkenly Sharing A Room With A Busty Female Boss

Starring Konan Koyoi

The past few Konan releases have been painfully bland so I was eager to watch something with an actual plot to it. And thankfully, it was pretty enjoyable. It centers on a man and his female boss(Konan) going out on a business trip together. In typical JAV fashion, they end up sharing a room with each other. She gets drunk and finds out he's still a virgin. So of course, she decides to fuck him and the rest is history It's pretty standard as they have sex throughout the night and into the morning. It's a fine enough setup but doesn't really do anything unique. This unfortunately leads me to my biggest gripe which is the severe lack of setting variety as three of the sex scenes take place in the exact same room on the same exact bed.

But the other technical aspects are terrific such as the fantastic lighting. It accents her body very well and sets the mood nicely, although a little more variation would've been appreciated. Regarding her performance, I think she does a fine job. She plays her role adequately enough with solid energy. Lastly, we have the action which is pretty good overall. It consists of three full sex scenes and a brief shower sex scene. As far as I can tell the cumshots all appear to be real and the position variety is excellent. I will say that the pacing is a little slow at times and the film's runtime could've been cut down a bit. SSIS-561 stands as one of her better films of the year. A little more variety would've been appreciated but overall still an enjoyable watch.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


The Story Of How I Turned My Neighbor's Busty Housewife Into A Sex Pet

Starring Nina Nishimura

Nina Nishimura continues her run with Madonna with this new release. The setup revolves around a man who conveniently captures a picture of his married next-door neighbor(Nina) having an affair with another man. He uses this to convince her to have sex with him and turn her into his own sexual pet pretty much. They end up having sex throughout as she slowly begins to enjoy herself culminating in the end where she's a fully willing participant. I'm not quite a huge fan of NTR/drama plots but this one was alright. It's not my favorite type of setup but it's decent enough. While I'm lukewarm about the plot, the production values are amazing as always.

By far the best aspect has to be her wardrobe. She sports several sexy outfits that showcase her huge assets extremely well. The eye-candy factor is off the charts here. The camerawork is on point too as always with Madonna. Next up we have her performance which is solid all around as she does quite well starting out submissive before succumbing to the lust and enjoying herself by the end. And the action is great too consisting of two sex scenes, a blowjob scene, and a paizuri scene. There are the usual fake creampies but it is what it is, not a massive deal. I will say that the blowjob scene drags on a bit too much and it's rather forgettable. But overall, this is a good watch for any huge oppai lover or Nina fan.

Overall Rating - 8.4/10

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