Real Life Wife Swapping 2

Published August 14, 2020

#Subtitled #Exclusive

Real Japanese couples apply to swap and be filmed while doing it.

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Real Life Wife Swapping 2
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

In another example of waiting an extremely long time between updates, after close to two years, we finally return with the follow-up to the first REAL LIFE WIFE SWAPPING.  Is the second one better or do we get more of the same?  Was that gosh awful camera finally upgraded?  Does the director decide to join in on the fun in a way to stretch the authenticity of this movie even more?  So many things to find out so let's start digging in!

GOGOS has always been the JAV studio leader of hyper-realistic movies.  While we've stuck mainly to showing their AOYAMA lesbian massage titles, that's always been almost a side project for them.  Most domestic fans of their content associate them for their numerous 'cheating wife onsen adventure' movies which is their bread and butter.  Beyond onsen dalliances, they also show various other movies that push the unfaithful/NTR theme and once in a blue moon we see them go above and beyond to release something very special.

What we get in REAL LIFE WIFE SWAPPING 2 is indeed special.  This one is better than the first.  This time we get two actresses who may be drastically different in terms of ages (early 30's versus 50's), but both are very attractive in ways that compliment each other:  young and cherubic versus mature and beautiful.  I'll say that last time with both women being about the same age and one being...well...a bit more of a contrast would have been warranted and I'm glad GOGOS got the memo.

The format remains pretty much the same as the previous REAL LIFE SWAPPING movie which is fine by me.  We still get that timid first meeting followed by both couples splitting up for 'private' sex done in rooms next to each other.  That, of course, is followed by a short breather before they all do it again in the same room for prime erotic embarrassment.  The way both wives reacted is priceless:  the younger, while something of a dead fish, had a look of shock that soon segued to heavy arousal whereas the older was so nervous the director had to come in and give her a pep talk before she finally went through with having sex with another person's husband (while listening to her own going all the way with his wife!).

The only real issue with REAL LIFE WIFE SWAPPING 2 is the picture quality.  I believe now GOGOS only films in FHD, but even for a movie that's less than two years old as of writing this, shooting in SD was a bad decision.  I've honestly seen JAV movies released over a decade prior that look better.  Tiny handheld SD cameras have no place in any modern production.  I hope after filming this they finally recycled those relics.  Thus, our apologies for the picture quality.  While we got the production masters which are a bit larger than normal SD, it's still not amazing.  But hey, the plot at least makes up for it and then some.


Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Extremely realistic.  Dare I say this is the real deal?  Actual wife swapping shot by a JAV studio?

Con's:  Picture quality, director joining in at the end.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 811

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