20 Girls Micro Bikini Perverted Swim Meet First Half

Published February 3, 2020

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ROCKET goes all out with a massive extra perverted swim meet starring almost two dozen voluptuous JAV stars in the tiniest of micro bikinis.

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20 Girls Micro Bikini Perverted Swim Meet First Half
Timing by PKinoko and ZENRA
Translation by ZENRA
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Once in a blue moon JAV makers will go all out with a massive release.  This usually coincides with 'award season', but some studios still will just go big when the time feels right regardless of whether extra industry recognition is on the line.   ROCKET is one such studio that has thankfully been regularly producing big group affairs since its inception.  They are known for being the biggest 'weird JAV' mainstream maker and it shows:  game shows, bizarrely taboo comedies, and a lot more.  But did you know they're also big on catfighting and swim meets?

The former is a genre that out of all big JAV makers, they've been the only one to consistently release titles for (though if you're big on catfighting, there exists a few smaller studios that release a lot of them as well).  Even for ROCKET, these movies are quite hard and may simply be too aggressive for stricter western billing rules.  So let's put those aside to talk about swim meets, their other slightly abnormal creation.

Back when the original ROCKET directors worked at V&R, they released two swim meet titles (first and second).  These were huge.  Even back then they were gargantuan affairs.  30+ JAV stars in revealing bikinis gathered for pool events?  Who would film that?  How much would it cost?  Where's the sex??!!  Questions abounded about their conception and release, but from what I can tell, they sold rather well.

However, the current climate has many more risks and going back to release another mainly softcore pool meet title would be corporate suicide.  Thus, to the elation of many fans of sex, groups, games, voluptuous women, and all-out weirdness, ROCKET has returned with truly hardcore pool games in the form of today and Friday's double update:  20 GIRLS MICRO BIKINI PERVERTED SWIM MEET!

Technically, ROCKET released a few other swim meet titles before this one (two or three I believe), but this is not only the first that was shot in FHD, it also is the first that pushes the sex angle quite hard.  Their previous titles were closer to V&R in that they had little to no sex and just consisted of beautiful eye candy doing zany things in a certain 25 meter pool near Tokyo.

20 GIRLS MICRO BIKINI PERVERTED SWIM MEET stars 20 actresses.  20 thick, busty JAV stars in the tiniest of micro bikinis.  20 who are the who's who of top-heavy freelance JAV stars.  From the top, there are the two team captains, KAHO SHIBUYA and MAO HAMASAKI.  After that, from this author's ken of popular actresses, we're treated to ASAHI MIZUNO (who has appeared now on ZENRA three times in the last three months!), YUU SHINODA, and of course superb solo hosting duties by RIRI KOUDA.

RIRI does a fantastic job here, by the way.  The only issue I found was being the host all on her own saw a few instances where even she ran out of things to say.  Sometimes the silence would extend longer than what's considered ideal and she would repeat comments.  Mind you, her usual gig as THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME host is a much more compressed affair.  PERVERTED SWIM MEET, on the other hand, was a big open pool event with a bit less structure.

Due to the massive task of subtitling this wonderful beast of a movie, we split it into two updates that will be shown back-to-back.  You can consider the first half slightly tamer (though still considerably harder than the V&R swim meet titles) with the real hardcore action including an insane messy lesbian shiofuki showdown rounding out the release in the second half.  ROCKET has filmed at least one or two more movies in this series as of writing this though the most recent affair sadly was shot in a much smaller location.  I'm not sure if the big pool they've used for years was shut down, but that newer swim meet's "pool" is more of an over-sized jacuzzi.  We still plan to show it, but well..."swim meet' may be pushing it with that one.

Score:  5/5

Pro's:  Gigantic group of well-endowed JAV stars wearing nearly nothing and taking part in sex-fueled pool games.

Con's:  (This space left intentionally blank)

Cast list:
Kaho Shibuya, Mao Hamasaki, Jun Naramiya (Shiho Egami), Haruna Ayane, Miina Wakatsuki, Yuu Shinoda, Asahi Mizuno., Mei Matsumoto. Sara Saijou, Yuri Honma, Shiori Tsukada, Yuuka Aoba, Ruru Aizawa. Ren Fukusaki. Mika Konishi, Mayu Kawai. Megumi Kashiwagi (Mako Ayanami). Natsuki Yokoyama, Meiko Nakao (NOA), Kyoko Maki, and Riri Kouda

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1045

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