Yuna Shiina - The Disgraced Bride

Published September 27, 2019

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A bad debt, the yakuza, and a marriage all intersect in this insane humiliation JAV release by ROCKET.

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Yuna Shiina - The Disgraced Bride
Translation and Timing by ZENRA


I feel like we can just write that for the this review and call it a day.  I mean there's pretty much no other JAV studio that can push out something as insane as THE DISGRACED BRIDE with such top-notch production values.  This truly is pure hysteria, but done with a professional's touch.  TEMPLE SUWA, one of their longest-serving directors (who retired recently to--and yes this really is true--work at his family's Buddhist temple), helmed this one and also was in charge of other highly bizarre hazing titles like that MIORI HARA release from earlier in the year.  What this means is we're getting another super dose of quality weirdness and thankfully this time, there's a decent amount of sex thrown in.

The gist of THE DISGRACED BRIDE is a sordid tale of debt payback gone wrong.  A wedding is suggested to tie family finances together and the dutiful daughter of the owner of a real estate conglomerate decides to accept the proposal to keep her father's company afloat.  Little does she know she'll be marrying someone who may in fact be part of Japan's most "chivalrous" organization and the wedding in question will be the most shameful and perverted affair of her life.

ROCKET did well in casting YUNA SHIINA for the role of Mika Adachi.  I knew of her name, but not much else until I subtitled this release.  I'm sad I only found about her now several years after her retirement.  Not only is she beautiful, in spite of being only 27 when this was shot, she looked quite older but NOT in an undesirable way.  Rather, as a classical beauty.  Sure, she's kind of flat back there, but her chest makes up for it and then some.  She also nailed the mannerisms needed for such a complicated production.  If she was too distraught, this wouldn't work and if she half-assed it, that would of hurt as well.  She walked a fine line between being an upstanding daughter doing what's best and a real woman realizing her life will never be the same.

THE DISGRACED BRIDE bears a lot of similarities with the previously mentioned MIORI HARA announcer title.  This time I think TEMPLE SUWA handled the pacing a lot better and the sex--both the obviously fake five minute raw affair after bingo and the *real* extended encounter at the end were fantastic additions.  Pure embarrassment performances can only go so far and even I was growing a wee bit tired during the latter portions of lewd phrase bingo.

Most people will probably see the wedding scene as the highlight of this title and I don't blame them.  Seeing a 95% naked YUNA SHIINA being walked down the aisle while a clothed audience (including highly distraught parents!) watch and leer is one of those things you only get to see once in awhile and really only in JAV land.

Like STARK NAKED TAG, this title was released during one of ROCKET's yearly fan request months.  Once a year they will dedicate an entire month of titles to actual fan requests.  "Crazy Ono" submitted this one and it proved so popular a few months later they shot a sequel starring MAO HAMASAKI.  Will we show it?  Possibly.  MAO is still active and may have even more popularity among foreigners than YUNA, but the reviews to her title were somewhat harsh (the final scene has no sex--?!?!) so even if this one does well, it's debatable if we'll license it.

ROCKET does what other JAV studios don't.  I've a feeling I lifted that line from some early 90's video game ad campaign, but can't place my finger on it.  Pro-tip for those getting married:  don't show this to your wives NOR the wedding planner.  It probably will not work in your favor.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1183

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