Interview with Uraraka Urara, the beauty who is both dominant and submissive: a super-mysterious newcomer JAV actress

Published : July 24th, 2020 Written by Baskerville

This is Uraraka-chan, who made a grandiose debut on March 13th through popular AV makers Moodyz. While keeping an air of wisdom acquired from abroad around her, she also exudes a certain wildness. When you gaze upon her, she looks soft to the touch while she is covered in countless gorgeous tattoos. Her extravagant desires become apparent in her debut title, as it features situations such as male squirting and anal play with no holds barred. Furthermore, following her debut numerous titles have been released that keep raising the stakes, with many people proclaiming Uraraka as one of this year’s most promising girls. We sat down with Uraraka to discuss her experience as a former foreign exchange student, her sexual awakening, losing her virginity and her best scenes, and we didn’t hold back!

From ”Beautiful And Rebellious Mixed Race Girl From A Good Family Gets Tattoos And Becomes A Porn Star Because She Loves Dominating Men! Urara Uraraka” (by Moodyz)

■ Uraraka Uraraka-chan’s official Twitter can be found HERE

-- This might be a bit direct, but your tattoos immediately catch one’s eye.

Uraraka: Tattoos aren’t a big deal to me, so when people ask ”Did that hurt?”, I often go ”What? What do you mean?” (Laughs). ”Is that question necessary? If it still hurt I wouldn’t be able to do anything, right” is a thought that crosses my mind. It makes me wonder if it’s really necessary to ask about tattoos that much. However, there is a meaning to the motifs I choose, so I’m happy when I get asked about that aspect of them. The question ”Why did you get tattoos?” is also a tough one. I can’t reply with anything but ”Because I like them.” It’s not a very interesting subject! (Laughs)

-- I see. Tattoos are not rare in this world, after all. You’ve spent time abroad. Around what age was that?

Uraraka: From my first year of high school until my third, roughly.

-- Where did you go?

Uraraka: I went to a rural part of the Canada where they speak both French and English. It was an area with a lot of french-speaking kids. About half of them were French. There were lessons in French, but I don’t speak any. Hahaha (Laughs). I lived in a laid-back and calm town.

-- Was studying abroad something that you wanted to do?

Uraraka: No need to read too hard into this, but… When I was in middle school, I went through a rough time and was quite different from everyone else. I wanted to get away from Japan and study abroad when I’d become a high-schooler.

-- Did you enjoy Canada?

Uraraka: It was the most fun I’ve had all my life. I had more friends than ever. It seems I got along with the kids over there. We were partying it up every day (Laughs). It’s an unbelievably backwater place. Kids don’t have anywhere to hang or play, so they all have parties in their homes. That’s the norm. There are no game centers, maybe only 2 bars, and only a single club. However, high schoolers can’t get in so they have home parties. The ones you see in movies from overseas (Laughs). As expected, everyone gets pregnant fast (Laughs).

-- It’s not that different from the Japanese countryside, I see.

Uraraka: They get pregnant fast, but unlike Japan, there are no rules around pregnancy, so they don’t get married. It’s a tiny community, you’ll have situations where the father of your child is your best friend’s ex-boyfriend, or, your friend’s ex-boyfriend is now your boyfriend. Stuff like that is completely expected. It feels like a village.

-- Why did you return to Japan?

Uraraka: I fooled around so much my grades went down the drain. I wanted to go abroad again, but I ended up doing nothing at all at home instead. Nowadays, my parents regret not having sent me off to another country.


Uraraka Urara-chan!

-- Did you get your tattoos during your stay abroad?

Uraraka: No, I did not get my tattoos in Canada. Back then, when I told my parents I wanted to get one they said ”No way”. They are more understanding nowadays, though. I figured I should listen to my parents a little bit at least. But in the end, when I came back home to Japan, at the age of 19, I did it anyway.

-- What's that tattoo on your left upper arm?

Uraraka: I wanted to get The Eye of Horus (An ancient Egyptian symbol), but it felt like something was lacking, so while adding more to it, it ended up becoming a symbol from Yu-Gi-Oh! (Laughs). I'm just kidding. It's just a “a star and an eye”.

-- What about on your left wrist?

Uraraka: For that one I wanted to get a keyhole, but it turned out way worse than I thought it would. A lot of people think it's a turtle or an alien.

-- In how many places have you gotten tattoos?

Uraraka: In 7 places. There's the bunnies on my back. A rabbit and the skeleton of one. In the middle, they're both holding watches. I think the meaning behind it is that any animal will end up as bones, but I got it because I thought it was cute.

-- You also have stars, right?

Uraraka: I actually wanted to get five stars at first. But my dad said that was lame, so I settled for four stars instead.

-- And on your upper arm you've got something from Ghost In the Shell, right?

Uraraka: It's “Innocence” from Ghost In the Shell.

-- You've got a tattoo on your thigh too?

Uraraka: It's my cat.

-- It's got some color, I see.

Uraraka: I figured it would be cute if it had a jewel on its forehead. I brought in a photo of my cat and had it tattooed in. It looks just like this. It's a photo from the later half of its life. I like cats more than humans.

-- I believe all of our readers are curious about what kind of tattoos you have, so thank you for letting us know. I would like to proceed by asking you questions in the style of a new actress interview. For example, how old were you when you lost your virginity?

Uraraka: I was 14. It was with a classmate, but we weren't close or anything like that. We just happened to start talking about sexual stuff. We were both virgins so we kind of just went “Let's try it out!”. We did it in the girls' toilet of our school's gymnasium.

-- How did that feel?

Uraraka: Well... Like nothing special.

-- Could you elaborate?

Uraraka: It didn't feel especially good, and he didn't cum either. It really was a regular “first experience”. It was like “We're doing it”, I guess. Maybe I was nervous? It was cold and he wasn't very hard. But I think that made it more “real”! (Laughs)

-- Do you have an interest for sexual things?

Uraraka: I got into it quite early. Even before losing my virginity I was masturbating. I'm the type who would get fond of a boy in kindergarten and then fantasize about making out with him in my bed.

I was in second or third grade of elementary school when I read my first porno magazine. I grew up in a very restrictive household so I think that was my way of rebelling. I think it was Maria Ozawa-chan Sora Aoi-chan who made a real impact on me with their oily and moody shots in those porno mags.

-- Did you go “That's sexy!” ?

Uraraka: I didn't understand sexy. I just felt like “That's so nice! I want to be like this too!”. That's when my exhibitionistic habits awoke. I'd cut my skirts short and wear skimpy G-strings, or I'd have nothing on at all except a big hoodie. Then I'd go around my house on my bike, come back inside and change before I had to go to cram school! (Laughs)

I think I got excited from being watched, and I also believe I felt happy that everyone was looking at me. It was probably some warped sense of acknowledgement. To me, being looked at in that way was a good thing. (Laughs)

-- From what age did you start masturbating?

Uraraka: When my dad did a job transfer that had him away from home, you could watch AV's on the satellite channels. Naturally, I'd end up watching those when I was channel surfing. I'd see a guy with his finger up a girl's private's as she moaned, and I'd think to myself, “This is awesome!”.

I tried it on myself while watching that and I came instantly. That's when I learned what cumming was, found it amazing, and just went crazy with masturbation. Hahahaha (Laughs).

-- Around what time was that?

Uraraka: My fifth year in elementary school. I had my first period the same year. I'm quite the masturbator even now. At that time I didn't have any toys so from the age of 9 up to 18 I masturbated with my fingers.

-- Do you get off on the inside or the outside?

Uraraka: I'm probably more of the outside type. However, lately either is fine.

-- Do you squirt when you cum?

Uraraka: I think I “flow” rather than “squirt”. I keep going even though I cum. It feels very good and your body starts twitching while your head goes into the clouds. It's great. When I hit that point, I either keep going or let it out. During a shoot I'm free to let out as much as I want, you see. (Laughs)

-- You were squirting lots when I saw your debut title.

Uraraka: Male actors are amazing. There's a clear line between what feels good and what doesn't. They're athletes. But it's boring when it feels like work. I don't like sex that feels mechanical. Shoots are fun. I'm sorry for shouting “Don't stop! More!”. (Laughs)

-- What kind of sexual experiences did you have as a transfer student in Canada?

Uraraka: I had a Canadian boyfriend.

-- Was it mostly conventional?

Uraraka: Anal sex is a given overseas. I don't really like it, but we did it several times.

-- Did it feel that bad?

Uraraka: I love anal masturbation so, so much. I even use buttplugs while having sex. But having anal sex is scary if the timing doesn't feel right for me. It's something I would like to change. I want to improve my game going forward.

However, I don't have a boyfriend nor a fuck buddy right now. So I don't have any means of exploring anal play further. (Laughs)
I have a hard time caring about people, so I can't stay with the same person for too long.

-- We've also heard you used to be a dominatrix in private.

Uraraka: That's right. I haven't done it lately, though.

-- Did you have an interest in being a dominatrix?

Uraraka: I'm a so called “switch”, so I can be both submissive and dominant. I'm mostly dominant, however. I like sex play that's free from norms and ethics like that. It's on the level that if I were to go all the way in my titles you probably wouldn't be able to sell them. It's like I go completely insane.

I just relieve the guy of all kinds of privilege. In AV shoots, even masochists get their desires fulfilled. But in private SM play, that's not a thing for me. Even if someone says “Please touch me here”, I'm like “Shut up, you piece of shit!”. (Laughs)

However, in this title (“The First Advent of the Nipple-torture-ejaculation Training Cowgirl Queen, Uraraka Urara!”) I was allowed to do what I wanted, but I still kept it light. There's no whipping, and no slapping. Oh wait, there might have been some slapping. A bit like Fist of the North Star, maybe. (Laughs) I do wish I could shoot a title that is a bit on the deeper end, though.

From "A Real Queen Descends Among Us For The First Time For A Nipple-Tweaking Cowgirl Breaking In Session Urara Uraraka" (Chijo Heaven)

-- Are the guys who appear in this title (“A Real Queen Descends Among Us For The First Time For A Nipple-Tweaking Cowgirl Breaking In Session Urara Uraraka!”) real submissives?

Uraraka: One of them was. There was an ejaculation actor who was amazing. Submissives have demon-like mental fortitude. I see it as kind of a competition, but so did this actor. It's considered abnormal to get horny from being told to die, being called disgusting or a piece of shit, so for your brain to turn that into pleasure is quite crazy! (Laughs)

We talked about me being a switch earlier, and when it comes to my submissive side, I don't enjoy the sensation of pain. And contrary to masochists I don't get turned on by being called things either. But if I tell someone, “do this to me”, I let them into my own world. I'm an egoistic masochist.

I'm not sure, but I think that you can't make me submissive unless you're a masochist yourself. Either that, or you need the type of person who is really, really nice, and I'm very fond of, who is also great in bed. The kind of person whose dominant side really only shines through during sex. That makes me really excited. I also strive to be the type of person who is very nice in real life, and then goes ballistic when I enter my role as a dominatrix.

-- You've released 4 titles so far. Which one is your favorite?

Uraraka: Maybe this one. (“I went to get laid, but I got messed up by a succubus instead! My balls got emptied so hard there was no sperm left... Uraraka Urara!”) I'm a succubus in this one. I think it fits me perfectly. After shooting I often feel like “I should've done this a bit more”, but... Not with this one. With this title, there was never a dull moment.

From "I Went To A Brothel And Got Serviced By A Succubus! - She Plays With My Cock And Makes Me Cum Again And Again Until My Balls Run Dry - Urara Uraraka" (Fitch)

-- Do you like playing the slutty type?

Uraraka: It's easy for me to do, so it's lots of fun.

-- Does it resemble your own sexuality?

Uraraka: I prefer not being told what to do. People have different prejudices. And when it comes to S&M, people always say “That kind of play hurts, right?”... But there's lots of S&M play that is painless. It's all about mental control.

Playing the slutty type also requires a level of sexiness. Just getting a setting and then being told do what I want is the easiest for me. The director Dragon Nishikawa was my favorite to work with.

The setting of a succubus brothel was good too, I think. The theme of the shoot was to squeeze every single drop of semen out, to the point of the guy's exhaustion. In the end, the guy cums so much he dies. (Laughs) I got very into it. The shoot for the box cover art took a long time too. I'm very happy the shoot could take the time it needed.

-- Succubi have a very sensual crest beneath their bellybutton.

Uraraka: That's right. It was freshly painted on! (Laughs)

-- Your “I Couldn't Resist Her Whispered Seduction - My Tattooed Classmate Lets Me Creampie Her All Night While My Wife Sleeps Nearby - Urara Uraraka” Title is a drama title, right?

Uraraka: This was fun too. It's a story where I sleep with my best friend's husband. It's like the worst yet most erotic story possible. I loved this title too. It was a brand new challenge for me, and I've put out four titles in a row like, “bang, bang, bang!”, but having a title like this among them is quite interesting, don't you think? A title like “Her first creampie” or something would be more standard fare. But I tried something new.

Even though it's a debut title I'm glad I went hard on it. I did some intense male ejaculation and even a hardcore threesome. This might have been on the slightly lighter side, but at least I'm strong in it! (Laughs) I even bought and watched it myself and all of the pairings were so good I even thought “Wow, I'm good at this!” myself. I even got told that it has great scenes when I asked my viewers and friends. I was happy about that.

From "I Couldn't Resist Her Whispered Seduction - My Tattooed Classmate Lets Me Creampie Her All Night While My Wife Sleeps Nearby - Urara Uraraka" (Das)

-- Do the directors tell you what they want you to do?

Uraraka: Since I'm an adult video nerd, I don't move like an amateur. The directors also expect a lot from me, so there are a lot of requests. “Do this”, “can you do that?”, “what about this?”... I get that a lot.

But I'm perfectly fine with that. I just end up going “Let's do it!” (Laughs) That's why I enjoy the shoots for real. I also get a lot of offers to do shoots. I want to be in a title where I'm the submissive one as soon as possible. I want to become an actress who can do both submissive and dominant titles.

-- Right now you're getting requests for titles where you play the slutty type. It seems like you're very good at teasing men.

Uraraka: Rather than just playing the slutty type, I prefer when there's a vision. There are adult video makers out there that make titles like that, and I mostly do things where I get to ad-lib nowadays. It is total ad-lib, so even the things I say are totally real. I even say stuff like “For real, that's like, totally whack!” (Laughs)

-- Actresses who want to play the slutty type write down filthy words in their notebooks.

Uraraka: You can't do S&M if you're not smart. I've never met a dominatrix who was dumb. You have to give off an air that you won't tell your partner what they want to hear. You also don't keep using the same words. There are some who say “dick” and “pussy” for example, but I don't feel like there's any dignity to that, and you come off as kind of stupid, so I don't use those words. But I guess I'm the slutty type more than I am a dominatrix after all.

-- We want you to hit peak levels of sluttiness, indeed. By the way, what is your favorite type of guy?

Uraraka: A person with dead eyes. They can be fat, they can be ugly. Age doesn't matter either. I hate intense people. I also hate people who keep asking if you're okay, or what to do about things. I want to feel a distance.

I think a director is a good example, actually. Adult videos are made so that people have something to get off to, but directors see it every single day. It just goes on and on for them, and their eyes end up looking dead. It's like their artistry has peaked. Directors, they're artists, you know. When I see their eyes in that moment, I think to myself, “How nice...”

-- They look disinterested even though they're shooting erotic things, indeed.

Uraraka: Yes, yes, yes! I can't get enough of that. I don't really have a preferred type but people with dead eyes and people who aren't self-assertive are what I'm into. I believe I'm very self-assertive myself so we'd probably fight, and I don't want to fight. I just want someone to listen and agree to what I say. I'm the worst. Hahaha (Laughs). You totally get that I am from this. I have a bad personality. Hahaha (Laughs).

-- That's not true. Do you have any plans to get more tattoos?

Uraraka: I want to, but right now I'm in a period where my hormones have me agitated. That's why I really want to get tattoos, but I have to consult with my agency. I want to get a tattoo of a hand beneath my nipple. I want it to look like a hand is grabbing my tit, but it might be hard considering my work...

Getting something on the front of my body is not good for my work, indeed. Well, it can't be helped so maybe I'll get something on my legs next time. But... There are people with leg and foot fetishes, I get that... So maybe it's better not to get anything there either.

-- Nowadays there are tattoos that glow too.

Uraraka: I want to get one of those. Maybe I'll get something on my face too? You can't see those glow tattoos in normal lighting... What would you think if I got a tear motif on my face?

-- That would indeed be cute, but really can't recommend it. (Laughs)

Uraraka: I think I'd personally like to get a tattoo in a place you can't see. A place that makes it easy to hide when you're wearing clothes. I like myself covered in tattoos, but for example, imagine a foreign lawyer who is really good at his job. He wears a well-fitted suit. However, when he takes that suit off, he is completely covered in tattoos. That kind of fantasy makes me melt! I want to be like that.


-- That's the kind of image you have, Uraraka-san. Is there a type of title you'd like to be in next?

Uraraka: My manager and other directors keep recommending the director Masaki Minamitomo. When I hear about Mr. Masaki's works, it seems like he's very dominant. Two dominant forces don't really mix well, I think. If he hires me as a dominant part in a title, I'm afraid I might come on too strong and not meet the expectations he has.

It might be nice if I got hired as a submissive part though. There are people who want to use me for a part like that, but I don't feel I'm ready yet. I really like people who stir up my sexual emotions, you see. I want to meet Mr. Masaki with full confidence. Generally, I'd like to do a lesbian S&M title.

I want to do a super-domestic title. Where I start off dominant, but along the way I hit the switch. I want to be both dominant and submissive. A crazy real love store of two lesbians kind of setting. It would definitely sell!

-- You should really find an actress who would fit the part against your own.

Uraraka: Indeed.

-- Is there anyone you like?

Uraraka: My favorite actresses are pretty much all retired.

From "I Went To A Brothel And Got Serviced By A Succubus! - She Plays With My Cock And Makes Me Cum Again And Again Until My Balls Run Dry - Urara Uraraka" (Fitch)

-- Like who?

Uraraka: Yua Nanami-chan. I found out about her recently. Lately I've been digging around for her stuff on the DOGMA label and couldn't find anything. However when I found some on the Hiyoko label it was too awesome. I love actresses with that much ferocity. She's both cool and cute.

There's also Yuu Kawakami who I really adore and look up to. I'm not in the position, as an amateur to be going “Please let me do lesbian scenes with you”, so forgive me. Yuu Kawakami were the dominant one in that scene I would love to do it. On the other hand, if I was to be the dominant part I wouldn't be able to do it. If there's anyone I want to appear together with it's Yuu Kawakami.

In one of Yuu Kawakami's cuckolding titles, there's a really intense scene. There's a scene where she's cumming and loudly proclaims “I'm cumming!” while standing up. I was so moved by it I cried. I was seriously so impressed I sat there clapping my hands by myself. It was amazing.

After seeing that title I always look to Yuu Kawakami for inspiration. She's a great source for study. I talked about this with a director during an interview and cried like a baby once. Yuu Kawakami is incredible. She's so cool. She's a good person, right?

-- She's a very good person.

Uraraka: I'm in awe of her. I strive to be like her. Just talking about this is going to make me cry. I also watched Mr. Masaki's titles. Also, Akari Niimura is my friend from before I got into doing adult videos. She calls me by my real name, but I call her Niimura-san. We call each other with the -san suffix. It's a weird relationship. Someday I want to do a title together with her.

Her titles are also really good. She sent me a LINE message saying “Congratulations!” when I debuted. I replied with a “Thank you”. However, I want to do a title where the two of us tease a guy. Rather than the two of us playing with each other, I want to do a title where we play with a guy. I want Niimura-san to know that too. She's a wonderful person, like an older sister.

Since I love adult videos, I don't think work will stop for me going forward. That's why I think people can be at ease while watching me. If you consider what consumers gravitate towards nowadays, I think that's the best way to go. I think Apple Music is amazing. Easy to understand subscription services are really nice indeed.

There are different ways to measure it all. I had a lot of followers on Twitter who didn't really care for my adult video debut title. But now I've worked on increasing my followers, and I'm even getting popular overseas.

-- Does that mean you want to do porn abroad too?

Uraraka: That's what I wanted to do at first. But I was told that “Starting off in Japan is better”.

-- Since it's overseas, it surely has troubles of its' own.

Uraraka: Maybe so, but I think it's all about whether you can speak English or not. If I'm able to think like they do over there, there's no reason for me to lose. I can probably pull that off. I don't think I fit in Japan, so... But, there are people who tell me that's fine too, so I feel really blessed.

-- It would be nice if you could go to the US too.

Uraraka: I have big hopes for the future!

■ Uraraka Urara
Three sizes: Bust 87 (F-cup), Waist 58, Hips 82 (cm)
Hobbies: Listening to music, camping
Skills: Cooking, writing articles

Originally published in Japanese at Men's Cyzo
Photos and interview by Zakubunji Kagura / Twitter
Interview coordinated by Aloha Promotion / Twitter
On-site photography by MOODYZ / Twitter
Translation by Patonyan

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Tino5Wu 3 years ago
I got her style of AV shooting quite well, i enjoy from her dominatrix side. But i know sometimes that i like its way because of porn-over-dose, whether i am curious not gonna try to enjoy this side. Maybe she will be better after get opportunity cooperating with some famous JAV directors to film some dramas. I love you, Miss Uraraka Urara.
WoodOfTheRisingSun 3 years ago
What a fantastic review, I've never noticed her before but I am a fan now. It's great JAV now accepting a slut positive altitude. She's the antithesis of girlfriend/waifu experience. She cares about her own pleasures and desires and never mind what men think of her. But I do worry a bit if her range is too narrow if JAV fandom will still support her after 6 more months? Hope she can balance her own desires with a open mind to ideas from directors and studios.
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